London, UK: Murderous Threat & Astonishing Heavenly Experiences!

Recently in the city of London, I conducted another seminar, however, prior to the meeting, I received a disturbing email from someone here in the UK filled with demons. The evil spirits surfaced and wrote me a murderous threat. In part, it says:

“If I come I will kill you. I should have done the job a long time ago.”

The enemy was furious I was in London and wanted to stop me. However, Jesus prevailed and allowed to me to teach and minister last night before an attentive crowd. One of the highlights of the meeting, last night, was seeing these three individuals (pictured above) find deliverance and healing. Moreover, they each had a heavenly experience with the Savior!

One of those I ministered to was a woman with a Hindu background. She’s a first-generation disciple of Jesus and was dedicated to serving God. Yet, in the midst of walking with God, she had been suffering horribly by the hands of the enemy. Series of misfortunes, infirmities and sabotages left her weakened but not defeated. I’m glad she was able to attend the seminar last night. 

Numerous demons were confronted: spirits named 666, occult, astrology and witchcraft. They had entered her bloodline because her ancestors participated in various forms of sorcery. They boasted how they given her pain, sickness, and torment. Along with these demons were some soul invaders. All of these enemies were expelled in the mighty name of Jesus!
As the demons left, her brokenness surfaced. The little ones were desperate for healing and love. I gently guided them to the Savior. Within minutes, they were able to SEE the Savior and experience His love. Furthermore, they were able to gain access to the Heavenly Father in His Throne Room. She was so happy and spiritually satisfied. 

Along with being in the heavenly realms with the Father and Son, she was also able to encounter some astounding heavenly wonders. For example, while in the heavenly home of God, she met a beautiful parrot that was in a golden cage. As she approached the cage, she noticed, to her amazement, that the parrot was reading a book. She couldn’t tell at first what the bird was reading until she got closer to the cage. 

As she neared the cage she noticed the parrot was reading from the BIBLE –God’s Holy Word! Imagine this –a former Hindu, now serving Jesus, gets deliverance, then is supernaturally caught up into the Third Heaven and meets the Holy Trinity. Moreover, gets to experience the most astonishing heavenly wonders such as hearing a parrot, of all things, reading from the Scriptures.

Isaiah 40:8 reminds us, The grass withereth, the flower fadeth: but the word of our God shall stand for ever.”

God’s Word will stand for all eternity and even God’s creatures will speak of it for all eternity. What an awesome God we serve! Amen!

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