Awe in California: Caught Up Into the Third Heaven & Meeting Abba!

I feel like I’m one of the most blessed disciples on earth. God has given me His love, presence, eternal life, tender mercies, strength and supernatural health. Moreover, He has placed me into His service, where I have been given the high honor, to travel the world, on six continents, proclaiming His good news. One of the most thrilling aspects of His work I get to witness and participate in, is the guiding of the broken hearts to the heavenly realms –thousands, as a result, are being “caught up” (verbiage that the apostle Paul utilized in 2 Corinthians 12). The last few nights, here in California, more souls were caught into the Third Heaven! I’m in awe.

Last night, Pastor Johnny and I traveled along the beautiful coastline of Central California to the seaside village of Cambria. Before a packed home, filled with family and friends, I taught from the WORD, led in Holy Communion and ministered to those troubled by demonic powers. What we encountered was stunning:

  • A woman, in her 50’s, who had been afflicted with pains for more than 50 years was miraculously healed and cured. She exclaimed: I have no more pain!
  • A 16 year old young lady, was powerfully set free from demons named Death and Lucifer. The pains, the torments and the their hideous presence was expelled in Jesus name.
  • A 12 year old who had been struck with pain by evil spirits was supernaturally healed of the neck pain in Jesus name.

All three, also, had a powerful encounter with the love of God during the meeting. In fact, the 16 year old and the other lady, were not only delivered from demonic powers but were also caught up into the Third Heaven and encountered some of the most astounding wonders a person can experience. They encountered holy angels, the Son of God and were able to travel into the Throne Room of Abba.

One lady, after entering into Paradise, met the Savior, then passed through a mass number of saints that were wearing white robes, who were happy and joyful, then walked, into a holy room, that led to the Heavenly Father’s Throne Room. She was able to sit with Abba and receive His healing and love.

The night before, more souls, were caught up into the heavenly realms and were able to pass the threshold of the glorious Throne Room and met Abba, who was on His Throne, who loved on them. The high honor of sitting with Him on His Throne Room is hard to describe. But, everyone, experiences the deepest of loves one can encountered. They share how they have never encountered such love and peace before. Would you like to go? We would love to pray with you and minister to you in Jesus name.

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