Epic Night in Pasadena, CA: Packed Hall Witness Dazzling Display of God’s Glory!

I really enjoyed the ministry time, at the Jesus Church, here in Pasadena, California, as we were able to witness the dazzling display of God’s glory. Before a jammed-packed meeting hall, we witnessed some unusual signs and wonders. Namely, heavenly smells. I would estimate, perhaps, 80% of those in the crowded hall, were able to smell some heavenly realities. It was stunning. I must have smelt, at least, 3 different, distinct, challenging to describe, glorious smells.

As a dedicated disciple (pictured above) was freed from demons, she was wonderfully caught up into the Third Heaven and was able to smell Jesus, as He appeared to her. Nearly everyone in the hall, could smell this too. It’s difficult to describe. Some describe it as like a trident misty wintergreen gum smell. However, that lame description doesn’t do justice what many of us smelt during the service. It refreshing, clean and otherworldly. It heavenly for sure. It excited my senses and wanted more. But, as God’s Word reminds us, we are only to “taste of the powers of the age to come” (see Hebrews 6:5).

God’s dazzled all of us with His heavenly, glorious smells and power. He loved on us and demonstrated that He was Lord over all. Including, numerous demons that surfaced from within this lady. They twisted her body, they tried to get physical with me and tried to strike me initially. God’s holy angels and prayers of the saints restrained the vicious demons and inner witches that were within her.

A number of witches, within her, boasted how they sent destructive curses and spells to her. One, witch, resorted to killing a cat. Another witch, turned to killing a chicken. The animal blood sacrifices empowered the demons and they warred against us. However, our powers in Christ were too much for the enemies of the cross. They bowed to King Jesus and were expelled. Moreover, she was caught up into the glorious realms of the Godhead and met the loving Savior. What transpired in the Third Heaven was astounding.

Be sure to check out her video testimony by clicking here.
She also reported, after her deliverance, that long-standing pains and afflictions vanished. God miraculously healed her. She testified of feeling zero back pain. Something that she was battling for more than 15 years! Praise God for this. She was so happy afterwards.

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