Tasting of the Powers of the Age to Come

Our most recent gospel video on TikTok has been explosive. The fire of God is resting upon it. Many hundreds are testifying of the FIRE of the Holy Spirit falling upon them as they watch the video. Thousands are testifying of salvation, healing and deliverance from demons. Many are having intense heavenly encounters as they watch this video:

I feel so much love watching the video. I have never felt this much in my life.”

“Yes, I am saved. Thank you Lord God Almighty. While my eyes were closed and you prayed there was this sudden bright light! Thank you Jesus! Amen and Amen!”

“I was in tears at the end (of you praying) because of His love.”

“Yes, I’m now saved. I’m so overwhelmed with joy. I’m crying tears of love in Jesus name I pray. I am free, finally free!”

“I felt it. He hugged me. Like the feeling you would have if your father would hug you. Peace over me.”

Best feeling over!”

“I felt warm all over, like a ton has been lifted off me. Thank you Lord

“I felt God’s presence when I prayed that prayer with you. I felt His love.”

“Yes, I’m saved now. I felt chills through my body and a warm feeling on my heart as I placed my right hand on my heart.

“As you prayed, sweet fragrance is what I smell.

“At first, I felt ill and was dry heaving (deliverance), my head hurt and then I felt warmth. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

“As you prayed, I’m thankful. I saw turtle doves (symbolic of the Holy Spirit.”

I can’t stop crying now from this video.”

“My entire body tingled. I have been set free!”

“WOW! I felt a very warm feeling in my heart. It got hot!

I just started crying while watching this video.”

“I immediately felt it. In Jesus mighty name I am delivered.”

“I’m going to have your video worn out. It’s an amazing feeling.”

Thousands of these testimonies….souls tasting of the powers of the age to come (see Hebrews 6:5). Hundreds upon hundreds testifying of feeling the fire of the Holy Spirit. Stunning supernaturalism and all praise to God for what He has done! Thank you Lord Jesus!

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