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Lion of Judah Visits in Burnaby, British Columbia!

Tuesday, March 7th, 2023

For the past few years I have noticed our British Columbia meetings have been consistently strong. There is wonderful unity among the ministry team and we are seeing some truly astonishing signs, wonders and miracles. Moreover, our meetings have been well-attended. Last night in Burnaby (Vancouver area), our hall was packed with many first generation believers in Jesus Christ. Many new faces and souls were wonderfully set free from evil spirits, healed and caught up into the Third Heaven, including this young lady (pictured above).

Numerous spirits named Jezebel, death and witchcraft surfaced. They growled and were determined to stay within her. We called forth the holy angels of God and they greatly assisted us in moving her to the front of the meeting hall to effectively minister to her. Jezebel was furious with us as she was exposed to the light of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Along with the Jezebel were some soul invaders (witches and warlocks) that had cursed this young lady. Thankfully, we were there to intervene and expelled all of this evil, out of her, in the name of Jesus. They flew out of her into the abyss. Moreover, she was beautifully caught up into God’s Heavens and met the Lord Jesus and Abba. Furthermore, she journeyed into the Throne Room and met the LION of Judah. Her encounter with the glorious LION was extraordinary. Click here to hear more of her vivid heavenly experience with the loving and victorious LION.