Thriller in Houston: Jay, I wanted to kill you!

June 4th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,


My friends, these past several days in the Houston area have been spiritually thrilling. Each meeting was filled with the wonders of the Holy Spirit. Each night; it got better. Tonight was stunning! First off, we had a packed meeting hall. I do not think we can fit anymore people in this large meeting hall. I think in the coming months we will many hundreds coming to these public deliverance meetings. A couple nights ago, in the Woodlands, we had a jammed packed audience; same with tonight. Precious individuals and families traveled from all over the area to receive deliverance and healing in Jeuss name!


After teaching for several hours from the WORD, I led everyone in Holy Communion and then I began to pray for the people who were demonized. Dozens were delivered from evil spirits and miraculously healed. We also encountered extraordinary miracles of God in our midst as I called forth the holy angels of God during our service while we ministered to the demonized. They quickly arrived and assisted me in battling the demons.


It would take hours to report to you all of the miracles that took place on this night of ministry. There were that many miracles of deliverance and healing. I’ll share one with you. Mind you it’s well after 4am here and I’m somewhat tired; so please bear with me.


For 8+ hours we ministered. In fact, while leaving the meeting hall, souls were still being ministered to. Our ministry team of 8 or so ministers were all busy ministering to the afflicted–each of them were casting out demons throughout the entire night. It was incredible and edifying to see.


One young man I ministered to was John. He attended a previous service but wasn’t ready. However things changed. His heart softened to the ministry and the Holy Spirit directed me to him at the beginning. While speaking with John, he said, “Jay, I want to kill you.” We also found out he wanted to kill one of our other pastors –Tony. He could feel this desire to want to kill me. It was, obviously, demons!


As I began to pray over him demons of sex surfaced.


“We have been here a very long time because his ancestors participated in immorality and worshipped false gods,” the demons of sex reported to me, “We cause all kinds of problems within his body. We torment him.”


We also discovered that these sex spirits were not alone. There was Jezebel. There was spirits of Legion and many others.


As these demonic spirits surfaced they fiercely battled me. I stood my ground in Jesus name and I fought back. They twisted his body. They contorted his face and looked at me with rage and murder. They had been in him a very long time and told me they would battle me.


So, I used the fire of the Holy Spirit, the power of the sacred cross and other spiritual weapons. It greatly weakened these violent demons that desired to kill me. At one point the demons collapsed to the ground in utter defeat.


Jesus prevailed. It was also discovered that he had a number of dissociative identities whom I spoke with. They were hurting. That had been terribly abused and hurt. I was able to comfort them and guide them to Jesus for healing. They were able to spend time with the ascended Lord and was supernaturally healed.


All of these vicious spirits within John were commanded out of him and were sent to the pit! They quickly flew out of him and he was powerfully delivered by the Lord Jesus! Not only was he freed from evil; he was also miraculously healed of various pains and torments and John testified inasmuch. He was stunned! That was an understatement for sure. He was pleasantly surprised and was shocked to hear what transpired.


He was so HAPPY; my friends! It was incredible to see. The church participated with great passion and assisted me in driving out these evil spirits. So much transpired.


After John’s deliverance guess what he was doing; assisting me in casting out demons from many others. Immediate discipleship. Can it get any better?


That was truly only the beginning….dozens more were miraculously freed from evil spirits and deeply healed by Jesus.

Legion, Death, Murderous Demons Expelled in Jesus Name!

June 4th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,


It was another beautiful night of Jesus ministry here in the Woodlands (Houston area), Texas, where we witnessed, once again, the power of God being manifested, in setting the captives free. Many thousands upon thousands of evil spirits were driven out and sent to the pit! A number of spirits named Legion even surfaced; they were also defeated by Jesus.


For more than 7+ hours we taught from the Holy Scriptures, took part of the Holy communion and conducted healing and deliverance ministry to those interested. It was a jammed packed meeting hall; we had to keep on adding more chairs into the hall to accommodate all of those arriving for spiritual assistance and intervention. Precious souls arrived from all over the area and God freed many souls from deep demonic bondage.


One of those whom we ministered to was this young man, pictured above (when we took the picture; he was STILL stunned at what transpired), whom I’ll refer to as Dave. He was joined by a few friends of his who were deeply committed to seeing him liberated. It was shared that they just recently discovered the ministry recently and made plans on attending our services. God did not disappoint as Dave was impacted by the love and power of Jesus.


He was sitting in the very front row, to the right of me. Dave looked troubled and tormented. As I began to pray for him I discovered why he was so vexed by evil. Numerous evil spirits surfaced. They surfaced and growled at me with great fury. They twisted his body and contorted his face.


“We have been here for a very long time; more than 80 generations,” the spirits of murder revealed to me, “His ancestors killed, murdered.”


Dave had no idea he had these lengthly generational curses. He had never attended a public deliverance service before; so he had no idea what to expect.


I sprinkled the blood of Jesus upon the demons and they groaned in agony and were greatly weakened. In fact, throughout the night, numerous demons were weakened and defeated with the power of the practical applying of the blood of Christ.


We were also blessed with the ministry of God’s holy angels who greatly assisted us also. There were a number of times, I called upon them and they swiftly arrived and helped me battle the invading demons. They drew out their swords and struck the many demons; causing the demons to scream. The holy angels, for many hours, assisted me.


Not only did Dave have these killing spirits; he also had a number of spirits named insanity who were also trying their hardest to make him go insane. All of these demons were defeated on this night and were commanded into the pit in Jesus name! We also ministered to a number of heart parts that were there due to some childhood abuse he had endured through. I spoke to them and guided them to Jesus for inner healing.


When Dave came back to full consciousness; he was utterly shocked. He had no idea he had demons. Sure, he knew he had problems but not demons! Well, Jesus set him free and he was extremely thankful to God for his mighty deliverance.


A very fascinating aspect to this entire miracle was that Dave shared with me, after his deliverance, that he had a dream, YEARS AGO, about someone (who looked like me) who would come along into his life to help him find freedom. WOW!


Others encountered Jesus freedom and healing. Many heart parts, within many in the meeting hall, were communicated with and were guided to King Jesus for healing. Many other demonic spirits were cast out in Jesus name!

Houston: Jezebel & Voodoo to the Pit

June 4th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,


I’m currently in Houston, Texas (America’s 4th largest city) conducting another Church of the Cross meeting where souls gathered to receive teaching and deliverance from demons. After teaching from the WORD, I led everyone in Holy Communion, then proceeded to pray over those terribly afflicted by evil spirits.


Significant deliverance took place as I led everyone in mass deliverance prayers. Precious souls were getting liberated. As the service went along; the Holy Spirit prompted me to pray for this dear lady (pictured with me above, with her husband, post deliverance smile and all). Within seconds of praying over her a group of Jezebel spirits –numbering 20– surfaced and spoke to me.


“We have been here a very long time,” Jezebel revealed to me, “We entered her Mom’s ancestors. We married this woman. We are not letting her go.”


I battled these demons with the power of the cross of Jesus, with the power of the blood of Jesus. In fact, at one point, the invading demons became very concerned when I placed some anointing oil upon my hands.


“NOOOOOOOO,” the demons begged me, “Do not place the blood on us.”


They were referring to the holy oil I placed upon my hands –in the spiritual realm they saw it being the blood of Christ and they didn’t want anything to do with it. I greatly weakened them as I sprinkled some of the blood upon them. They groaned and moaned in agony.


There were many other demonic spirits within this woman –spirits of death, suicide and the spirits of voodoo. It was stunning to hear what the demons of voodoo revealed.


“We were sent to her,” the spirits of voodoo confessed, “A witch sent us; to destroy her. We got into her body as she consumed a meal at her friends who were witches.”


AH! I have heard this a number of times. In fact, one time, while ministering in South India, I came under great demonic assault when I consumed some food that had been cursed by a witch. It’s a very serious means by which witches are able to attack disciples of the Lord. We need to be guard and watchful.


As I often tell everyone; you just never know who might be involved in some element of witchcraft and looking to attack through satanic cursing, spells and rituals. Nearly every night, Elizabeth (my wife) and I specifically come against all forms of witchcraft during our time of prayer. In fact, before conducting this service Elizabeth and I spent time in prayer against the powers of witchcraft.


We also discovered there were demons that were causing this couple to be childless. For 12 years they had been trying but they found it be problematic.


“We affect the sperm and the eggs. We prevent fertilization from taking place,” another group of witchcraft spirits revealed, “We torment her, cause her to pass out, give her fatigue and so much more.”


During this exorcism I had her husband participate and with great faith in Jesus; he assisted me greatly in getting his wife freed from these vicious spirits. Along with the many demons there were many dissociative identities –ranging from ages of 5 to 7. I spoke to several of them and they were swiftly guided to the Lord Jesus for supernatural healing. In fact, they were able, as they were guided to Jesus, to SEE the resurrected Jesus! It was beautiful to behold!


Towards the end of the exorcism; I called upon the mighty holy angels of God and they were quickly assisted me in warring against these demons. I had some the holy angels draw out their mighty swords and strike the invading demons.


“Please don’t do it; it hurts too much, please don’t,” the demons begged me.


Obviously, I didn’t offer mercy to these terrible beings who bought such torment and pain to this woman. I had the holy angels strike the demons and they quickly surrendered.


“We give up, we give up!” the demons finally confessed.


Jesus won!


The demons were commanded out –Jezebel, death, voodoo, witchcraft and so many others to the PIT! They left her body and mind and my dear sister in Jesus came back very happy. She jumped up and down and said she had NEVER FELT so good before! I AM FREE! It was an amazing transformation! Her face just lit up with the glory of God. Jesus truly healed and delivered this woman.


Many others encountered the deliverance power of JESUS! One lady was freed from spirits of blindness. She came to the meeting wearing glasses; she left without them. As I was about to leave the meeting hall; she came up to me shaking in AWE of the healing power of JESUS!


“Jay, since I was in 6th grade (Jay’s note: this woman, was perhaps, in her 50’s) I have not been able to see without the aid of glasses,” she shared with me, “But I can see you CLEARLY; without my glasses!”


She even tested her healing by reading God’s Word without glasses; previously she wasn’t able to. She was able to read the WORD. Amen.

Demonized Disciples Need Deliverance

June 4th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,


Jonathan’s story is fascinating. Unreal actually. He lives 5 minutes from us and has been helping Elizabeth and I with our property for many years. Moreover, he’s committed to Jesus Christ. He’s actually feeling a divine calling into the gospel ministry. He reads His Word, he evangelizes, he’s consistently serving the church and he maintains a pure life for Jesus. He was homeschooled and was brought up, with wonderful Christian parents, to love Jesus. However, he was terribly demonized! He knew he had some struggles but had no idea they were generational spirits that actually lurked within his body and soul. You might be wondering how is that possible?


Evil spirits hide; especially if they have been traveling down the bloodline for many generations undetected. They were able to invade at some point, in some previous generation and now they were simply waiting. This was the case with Jonathan. His ancestors opened up the door, many generations ago, which allowed some very powerful ancient spirits to enter his bloodline. They were waiting for their moment to strike. Thankfully, Jesus prevailed.


It all started, while Jonathan was riding with me in the car, while in the midst of a very long ministry road trip (more then 20 hours) recently. In the middle of the night, the Holy Spirit provoked me to inquire about his childhood. Something within Jonathan was triggered. Something deep within him was triggered. A evil spirit was behind a very dark memory. The light of Jesus brought out the darkness and Jonathan began to pour out some very dark secrets. As he shared; numerous demons surfaced.


They pinned his head into the back of his car seat and they groaned like a wild animal. They twisted his face and spoke to me. I was shocked to see this Godly man being controlled in such a manner by such hideous spiritual beings. Many demonic spirits were within Jonathan and many were holding captive various broken parts of his heart. The demons were forced to release him and his heart encountered the healing Jesus!


The very last demon I encountered, on this night, as I drove the car under the cover of darkness, in the middle of North America, was an ancient spirit of Masonry. AH! Though Jonathan never participated in Freemasonry but his ancestors had and that gave the spirits of Masonry spiritual rights to his family blood. Since the demon confessed that no disciple of Christ ever came along to confront him all of these generations; he remained hidden.


Think about it. None of Jonathan’s ancestors were able to obtain freedom. Nobody came along to intervene so the spirits remained. In fact, Jonathan shared, after the exorcism, that in all of his years of attending a very strong church no-one came along to suggest a need for deliverance.


Jonathan also revealed to me, after looking back over all of those years in the church, not once could he recall anyone in the church receiving deliverance from demons or even the pastor of the church suggesting this was something that was needed. So, essentially, in hundreds of services, not once did Jonathan witness a soul finding freedom from demons. Are we to believe no one in this 10,000 member church had demons? Are we to believe everyone, including the church staff, was cleared of demonic activity? HA! 


Since no-one dared to probe…the demons remained hidden. You better believe there are thousands there, at that large church, like Jonathan, who suffered internally, in some manner, but are in the dark on know how to receive healing and freedom. Thousands of disciples in the pews (of this very well known church) with demons and yet no one there to rescue these souls. This is a spiritual crime.


So, here I was confronting an ancient spirit of Masonry that boasted he had been there a very long time within Jonathan and was causing a host of physical and emotional ailments. The curse was broken and this demonic spirit was expelled out of his body in Jesus name! Jonathan was FREED and has been walking closely with Jesus. In fact, he met up with Elizabeth and I shared all of the wonderful things God has healed him of. He’s now enrolled into our Freedom Fighter International Training Center and has his sister listening into the teachings and lectures. Jesus has transformed his life (as the picture above reveal; post deliverance shine).


Another disciple (pictured with me above; post deliverance), whom I’ll refer to as Michelle, we ministered to, in a recent meeting in Australia, who was quite strong in her faith, had strong demons too. Just like Jonathan; she knew she had some problems but didn’t think it could be some ancient generational demons. While praying for her; demons manifested and boasted how they had been tormenting her and afflicting her with horrible thoughts.


“We are trying to wear her down! We are here to torment her!” the spirits of Jezebel boasted to me, “We entered her bloodline, many generations ago, because the doors were opened.”


Michelle had been going through a season of testing; especially with her thought life but had no idea she had generational demons within her soul. But she did! Powerful spirits of Jezebel were operating within her and trying their very hardest to get her enslaved. She resisted and we were able to intervene  to rescue her in Jesus name! All of the Jezebel spirits were forced out and expelled to the pit!


She was so happy afterwards! She thanked me and commented how she finally understood how she could be struggling so hard despite being a strong believer involved in ministry. Undetected generational demons were within her and they afflicted her. Jesus conquered these spirits and she was liberated!


The modern church is a mission field, my friends! As so many disciples (this includes all of the leaders of the church too; they are NOT exempt) of the Lord are bound and afflicted. You’d expect Satan to attack the Body of Christ for we are the ones that could do the most damage to his work on earth. We must help our brothers and sisters in the Lord. Jesus LOVES His Church! Since this is the case; we must love the church and act in love by rescuing souls from demonic bondage! Pastor, priest, seminary iprofessor, minister —have you been through an exorcism? You need to. Everyone who loves Jesus needs deliverance from demons. This is a must!

Exorcism of Missionary to Muslims

June 4th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,


This past Thursday evening in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, at Saint Paul’s Lutheran Church, we held a series of public deliverance services aimed at getting souls freed from evil spirits in the name of Jesus. Many souls were indeed freed from demonic spirits including this precious saint pictured above. I’ll refer to her as Ann. I soon discovered Ann, originally from Reunion Island, had a call upon her life to be a missionary to the Islamic world but was being afflicted by demon powers.


Ann came with a group of ladies who were very interested in the deliverance and healing mission. While in the midst of praying for souls to be delivered from demons, Ann, manifested powerful spirits that violently shook her body and head. I battled these many demons in the power of the Spirit of God.


An ancient spirit named, Sultan, wildly surfaced. Interestingly, the word Sultan, in Arabic means, “authority,” or “power,” in other words it was a higher level demonic spirit. It claimed, along with the spirits of Jezebel and Idolatry, to have invaded thousands of years ago because Ann’s ancestors held slaves and violently assaulted them. The ancestors would rape and torture the slaves. These evils allowed the demons to enter the family bloodline.


“We are also here because her ancestors participated in human sacrifice and idol-worship,” the demons confessed to me, “We also enslave her heart and many ancestral heart parts.”


In the name of the Lord Jesus we commanded the demons to release her broken heart. They obeyed. Many heart parts surfaced in deep pain and grief. They desperately wanted to go Jesus for healing. All of them were guided to Jesus. Moreover, I spoke to the ancestral heart parts and they too wanted to be with God; so I guided them to the Healer.


The demonic spirits battled fiercely and we battled back with the blood of Jesus. The spirits bowed and were eventually expelled to the pit. They SCREAMED out of this woman very loudly and Ann was set FREE!


She was so happy to be FREED (take a glance at her post deliverance smile in the picture above). Some of her friends also received some powerful deliverance too. Not only was Ann liberated from the demons but her heart was also healed by Jesus. Furthermore, Ann is FREE to walk in her calling to be a missionary to the Islamic world. May God empower this precious saint for His service around the world!

Spectacular Wonders After the Service: I CAN SEE!

June 4th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,


I was drenched in sweat. The service had concluded. I said my good-byes and was ready to leave. I was ready to get back to the hotel to take a nice shower and get some rest however the Holy Spirit was still at work. A lady came up to me, with her husband, wanting some prayer. I briefly stopped and prayed for her before leaving for the night. That’s when an explosive spirit surfaced.


Her body shook and convulsed and glared at me with hatred.


“I’m paralysis,” the demon spirit told me, “I’m here because of her union with her husband. I was in him. I have been in his bloodline for many generations. I cause her blindness that is why she is wearing glasses! I do so much more; I cause her body to experience paralysis to torment her.”


While confronting this spirit I took off her glasses and commanded the demon to take off the blindness. It wanted to battle me so I called forth the holy angels of God. They swiftly arrived and stood ready to battle the invading demons. I had them draw out their swords and strike the demons. They did and the demons groaned in agony. They gave up. The power of God was too much. All of the demons were bound up quickly and sent directly to the pit. They came out and as my precious sister in the Lord resurfaced from her demonized state she SHINED with the light of Jesus!


She looked around and was SHOCKED! She looked utterly astonished! Amazed and the first words out of her mouth said it all:




No more glasses for her anymore! She came in wearing glasses; left without wearing them. Miraculously healed by the Lord Jesus of a form of blindness! She could see 100% clearly! She was so happy; she just laughed and laughed with the joy of the Lord resting upon her!


MY FRIENDS, I HAVE WITNESSED TENS OF THOUSANDS OF MIRACLES ON 6 CONTINENTS: I have raised the dead, removed objects and animals from bodies, seen every kind of sickness cured, millions of demons removed, millions of dissociative identities healed and yet when I see another wonder of God I feel like I just witnessed one for the very first time. I STILL get that excited! It’s still refreshing to see the hand of God move on precious souls.


Just when I thought I was done for the night; another extraordinary miracle take place. It was stunning to witness; so beautiful. As I often tell everyone; even when we are walking out we often see great wonders take place.


It’s been wonderful to minister here in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia these past few days. I have been honored to serve the people of God and believe for mighty works in the days to come. I also look forward to sharing more of what transpired tonight as many others were powerfully set FREE from evil spirits and healed. There are some STUNNING reports to share in the days to come.

Teenager Set Free from Jezebel & Healed!

June 4th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,


Tonight we witnessed Jesus deliver precious souls from deep demonic bondage; including this young teenager, whom I’ll refer to as Mary, pictured with me above. Mary came with a few friends who had been ministering to her. After teaching briefly from the WORD and leading everyone in Holy Communion I began to pray over those assembled in the sanctuary here at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church here in Melbourne, Australia. I could sense something was wrong with Mary and began to pray for her.


As soon as I began praying over her; her body shook and convulsed. At one point the evil spirits made her collapse to the ground. Spirits of Jezebel, Kundalini and others spoke to me.


“We have been here for more than 20 generations. We are here to torment her,” the demons revealed to me, “We hold her heart too.”


I commanded the demons to release her heart. They obeyed and I spoke to a number of the parts including a 10 year old, a 14 year old and a much younger one. Moreover, I spoke to some ancestral generational parts including one who had been burned. Those ancestral parts were sent to Jesus and the other broken heart parts were sent to Jesus for deep healing. They were greatly comforted by the Holy Spirit.


Jezebel resurfaced along with the other demons. All of them were bound up and sent to the pit in Jesus name. Quickly they departed. She was so happy after her miraculous deliverance! She was smiling; light was shining off her face!


“I really feel light. I don’t feel any pain anymore. I am really happy,” Mary testified before all.


Mary also noted that she had been having some major back problems but now she felt no more pain. Jesus truly touched this young lady.


As the night progressed others were ministered to and experienced healing and deliverance. In fact, while leading everyone in prayer, a number of people could feel evil spirits exiting their bodies. Jesus was setting the captives free. Another lady, I ministered to manifested some powerful spirits of Jezebel.


“We make her lust after men and have impure thoughts,” Jezebel boasted to me.


Turns out this precious lady had been recently spiritually assaulted with all manner of lust and impurity and wondered where it was stemming from. Well, it was a demon bringing forth all of these horrible thoughts and compulsions. This demon was expelled in Jesus name and instantly the spirit left and she exclaimed how good she felt and FREE. Others encountered a swift deliverance from demons in Jesus name!


Even in the midst of the service a precious soul surrendered to the Lord Jesus Christ. Other heart parts were reached with the healing power of Jesus too. We hope you can join us today for our last Australian meeting tonight.

Jesus Smiled & Laughed

June 4th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,


Did you know Jesus wants to visit you in His joy? He wants YOU to laugh and enjoy His presence? Those with demonic afflictions need the joy of the Lord! This past Sunday, here in Perth, Australia, Jesus visited hurting people and offered His love, joy and laughter.


There are times when I’m so filled with the joy of Jesus that I am literally running around my home (my wife and kids think I’m crazy…HA! I can hear them now: “Daddy, what are you doing?”) and hotel room (I often wonder what my fellow travelers think of me on the bottom floor…oppps!) I am filled with the love and joy of Jesus and I want others to encounter this joyful Jesus!


One lady (pictured with me above; post deliverance) who was visited by Jesus in this last meeting was so oppressed at the beginning of the service. But not anymore (take a look at her smile as evidence). Jesus visited her.

I began to pray over her and her body convulsed. Many demons had invaded her including the spirit of Jezebel. He was determined to destroy her. 

“I’ve married her. I like her necklace and her earrings. I’m here to destroy her,” Jezebel shared with me, “I also hold captive her entire heart.”

No wonder this woman was terribly oppressed; these vile demons held captive her entire heart. They also directed her to purchase certain kinds of jewelry. Specifically, a necklace and a pair of earrings. These were cursed objects that allowed the demons access into this woman. They told me repeatedly how they liked her jewelry. Moreover, Jezebel placed on her spiritual rings.”

During the deliverance Mary agreed to destroy the jewelry and she dumped them into a bin. Furthermore, I forcefully took off the spiritual rings off her hand. Jezebel couldn’t hold her anymore. I commanded Jezebel out of her body and they threw her onto the ground violently and they departed. As the demons left a little 9 year old dissociative identity surfaced that was so sad, so broken. I held her hand and asked if she wanted to visit with Jesus and she was excited to do so. I guided little one to Jesus and she immediately could see Jesus!

She looked at Jesus and saw that He was so happy.

“Jesus is holding my hand; He loves me! He’s laughing,” as she giggled and giggled. 

She was encountering the joyful Jesus! She just laughed and laughed. I laughed and laughed too. Many others encountered the laugher of Jesus and experienced deep joy. It was healing to her bruised soul. The broken parts were ready, after encountering Jesus, to be united with her heart. Beautiful healing! 

Would you like to experience this joyful Jesus? He’s there with His joy and love. Go to Him even now and rest! Jesus touch them with your joy; release your people now!

Mass Deliverance at Aboriginal Church

June 4th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,


The miraculous work of the Holy Spirit was on full display this Sunday morning at a local Australian Aboriginal church where we had a jammed packed audience present to hear the gospel and participate in our public exorcisms. The pastor, an Aboriginal, was deeply impressed with the work of God we brought and he has already invited me back to minister. Other doors, to other Aboriginal churches, throughout the region, have been opened to us and I look forward to serving where I can.


I preached from the WORD and then proceeded to call souls to salvation in Jesus Christ. Many raised their hands indicating their desire to surrender to Christ. I was pleased to see souls brought into the Kingdom of God. Then after the preaching of the WORD and leading everyone in Holy Communion; we began carrying out the works of the WORD.


One of the first ladies we ministered to was this precious Aboriginal who had traveled in from a remote Northern town. She sat in the back of the sanctuary while I preached and prayed over those afflicted with demons. Within minutes of me praying demons began to convulse her. Her body shook and many demons surfaced including one named, Satan.


At one point the demons threw her onto the ground and she rolled around the carpet. I called forth the mighty angels of God and they quickly assisted me in picking her up from the ground (I directed no-one to touch this woman; as we would trust God to lift her up from the ground). The holy angels picked her up and brought her to the front of the hall. I began to battle the powers of Satan.


“We are here because her rebellion. She stopped going to church and stopped serving God this how we entered her,” the spirits informed me, “We go into her dreams too to torment her; to try to stop her from serving God.”


Even though this precious lady had been tormented; the Holy Spirit was still working within her heart. I commanded the demons to release her and they quickly departed from this woman. She was dramatically set free from these vicious demons named Satan.


After her deliverance; she was stunned of what transpired (I could tell she was an extremely shy individual) however was extremely happy. She testified of how good she felt after bring released from these terrible powers of evil. Though she was shy; God used her courage to set her free. After her deliverance a family member came up to us and shared with us an amazing occurrence that took place in this lady’s life.


It was recounted that a long time, this Aboriginal Australian had a vivid dream of a American coming to preach and helping her find freedom. God was faithful to bring this supernatural dream to pass. I am meant to be here in Western Australia and I rejoice in my God whom I serve! Amen!


There were other amazing miracles that took place during the service including other Aboriginals being set free from evil spirits in the name of Jesus! I look forward to sharing with you more of these miracles that took place.


Please continue to pray for me I’m not feeling well at all (It’s 4:30am and am still up). Though we are seeing powerful miracles; my health isn’t 100%. In fact, some of our other ministry team members are being attacked in very unusual ways, For example, a few nights ago, our Australian mission coordinator, pastor Joan, had some very strange incidents that could have been potentially deadly. Also, that same very night, while eating some late night dinner with my pastor friend Richard, outside a cafe, we were approached by two ladies dressed in all black (and emanating the powers of witchcraft) who asked if they could take a bite of our sandwiches. Obviously, we told them NO! Strange indeed. I believe witchcraft is being sent to assault me; to wear me down. I trust the Body of Christ to pray for me and rebuke these witchcraft spirits in Jesus name! 

Satan Spirits Defeated, Thousands of Parts Healed!

June 4th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,


Thus far, in this Western Australian mission, we have seen many souls encounter miraculous deliverance and healing. We have also seen a number of souls experience salvation in Jesus Christ! It’s been a very fruitful mission and I praise God for this.


Earlier today I led a training seminar at the Concordia Lutheran Church, here in Perth, Australia, where the saints gathered to learn more about the deeper elements of the deliverance ministry. Throughout the afternoon I taught from the Scriptures and tried to equip the Body to carry on this work of the gospel. This afternoon, I spent considerable amount of time, exposing the church on the realities of battling deep demonic entities, dissociation, ancestral dissociation and human interjects. There seemed to be some great interest in the teaching. I noticed we had the best attendance during this Saturday seminar since we started the series of public meetings.


One lady that had been attending our meetings was the young lady pictured with me above named Jill. Her mother has been following this mission for sometime and invited her daughter to be a part. I’m glad she did as Jill needed some intervention.


In each meeting she attended, Jill experienced an measure of freedom from demons. Victory was being realized in her life however there were many more layers to her demonic bondage that needed to be dismantled. So, we made ourselves available to drive out the enemy in Jesus name.


During the training seminar while teaching on the deeper elements of the deliverance ministry Jill revealed to everyone that on Halloween night, last year, she felt like she had been transported to a satanic ritual site and witnessed a horrific blood sacrifice involving little children. The experience was vivid and life altering. She recalled how real it felt; being there at the sacrificial site but how was that possible?


While praying for Jill after the teaching session; numerous spirits surfaced. They shook her body and glared at me.


“We are trying to kill her!” the spirits boasted to me, “We were the ones that transported her to satanic ritual sites. We did it.”


Turns out the demonic spirit that was speaking to me was named, Satan. Obviously, it’s not the devil but a demon named Satan. He glared at me with utter hate and rage. Moreover, he was peering at me through her eyes with a desire to murder.


“We have been here a very long time causing her pain and torment,” the Satan spirits revealed, “We hold thousands of parts of her heart. We hold captive many ancestral parts that were buried alive and sacrificed. Her ancestors participated in blood sacrifices and we entered their blood.”


Horrible. In the name of Jesus I battled back and utilized the holy blood of Christ to greatly weaken the invading demons. The demons shrieked and bowed before King Jesus. We also discovered that many of these demons had inserted dozens upon dozens of fiery darts, spears and devices within her body and soul in an attempt to torment her and to emotionally injure her. Many of them were located in her mind and heart. All of these satanic devices were pulled out in the name of Jesus!


Many of us witnessed the demons taking out one by one the devices. Some were rather large and took many minutes to remove the spears and darts. They obeyed the living God.


Not only were the the demons of Satan driven out of this woman but her broken hearts parts (and thousands of the ancestral heart parts) were released to Jesus for healing. Many of them had endured satanic sacrifices through the generations and carrying an incredible amount of grief and deep pain. Jesus supernaturally healed them and restored this woman to peace, rest and the healing. She testified after her deliverance of feeling so much better and lighter. She was smiling and relieved. Jesus had set this woman FREE! She was restored and healed! We need to pray for this young lady as she desires to serve God.


My friends, as these meetings continue on, deeper demonic elements are being exposed from within those we are ministering to. Elements such as ancestral dissociation that have never been investigated before by those experiencing these realities. Many of these souls never knew of these other spiritual realities that exist. Thank God we were there to instruct and expose the Body of Christ to these other realities that have led people to encounter the mighty deliverance of Jesus.