Battling Jezebel, Islamic & Witchcraft Demons in New Jersey

June 15th, 2014

Dear Friends of Jesus,

For nearly two hours I taught from the Scriptures and then ministered to those bound by evil forces. For the past 5+ hours we have been battling very strong demons within those attending our public meeting here in Newark, New Jersey. Our small meeting hall filled up as the night went on and precious souls came in from various cities to be delivered from evil spirits. In fact, one precious lady from Moscow, Russia, flew in to meet us for prayer. Incredible! This is not uncommon though. People are desperate for freedom and are willing to make great sacrifices to obtain their victory. We have traveled the world and the world has traveled to us. 

Just a few minutes ago I walked out of the meeting hall and noticed one wastebasket filled with blood-soaked tissues as one Nigerian man, who attended our meeting, literally spent the night vomiting out demons. The vomiting sounds were intense and vicious. So many evil spirits lifted off of him as the night went on. For many hours, I dealt with generational Islamic, witchcraft and idol-worshipping demons from within him (his mother and her ancestors were Muslims). There were hordes of them. The waste basket was filled with strange substances that exited his body and much blood. They were commanded to enter into the pit in Jesus name! He was testifying at the end of the public meeting that he was feeling much better too.

That was just one case. Many others in our small hall experienced freedom and healing. One Korean lady that attended with her husband and daughter experienced physical healing from a terrible pain that had been afflicting her body. She testified of feeling no more pain. However, I’m very concerned as she struggles with doubt and is weak in faith. Others also experienced the removal of various pains and afflictions. Moreover, many hearts experienced healing too; in fact in one case one lady actually saw a vision of her heart being repaired and whole. While ministering to those broken in heart we encountered many broken heart parts that actually testified of seeing Jesus. What an honor to serve those broken in heart and seeing Jesus liberated hearts. 

One Puerto Rican woman we ministered to in the meeting had absolutely no idea she had dissociation or numerous demons until I started to place some spiritual pressure on them. Then Jezebel finally surfaced and admitted to causing numerous problems such as torment, fear and rejection. 

“Nobody has come along to battle us until now. You have been the first one who dared to confront us in the 200 years we have been in this family,” the demons informed me, “We have been hiding; she didn’t even know we have been here all along. But she does fight us; but we want to stay!”

Again another startling admission –no one has dared to stop the demonic attacks. By God’s grace, we will not shrink back in the midst of demonic adversity, we will press forward in victory. There were a few others in the meeting who had demons that boasted how they had never been exposed before and were willing to fight us. So as the night went on we battled many demonic spirits that were hell bent on fighting us. 

Another lady we ministered to also had no idea she had demons until we started battling them in Jesus name and immediately they surfaced and revealed they had been gaining access through her life by a variety of ways: submitting to unholy laying upon of hands of a pastor, unholy soul ties, taking the name of the Lord in vain (all it took was uttering one blasphemy resulting in demonic invasion), and receiving word curses. Some of the demons explained that they were also holding her gifts, her calling and her dreams. No wonder she was rendered ineffective; the demons had essentially neutralized her. 

Some of the demons revealed they had been keeping her from getting married and having children (she’s 40 years of age and wanting a family). The demons boasted– that nobody in decades of church attendance– ever took the time to minister to this woman. This is a spiritual crime. This precious lady whom I’ll refer to as Cindy was shocked and also dismayed that nobody ever took the time to conduct a spiritual test to determine if there were demons within her life. My heart hurts when I saw Cindy cry as she was baffled to why no one within the church ever took the time to intervene. She knew she had problems but nobody would take the time to assist her. Within a few decades of church attendance you would think at some point some minister would have intervened. Not so.  

Within a few minutes I conducted the test and there were more than 15 Jezebel spirits that surfaced. They were forced out in Jesus name and were told to release the broken heart parts that needed deep healing. Jesus was faithful to heal! After her deliverance Cindy was granted an opportunity to get a glimpse of the Lord Jesus. She was finally free after YEARS of demonic interference. 

Another precious saint was delivered from powerful spirits of death that had her literally in a choke hold. Some of the demons were even causing her to growl. They were driven out in Jesus name and she experienced a deep healing and freedom. There were others in the meeting hall that experienced deliverance and healing. Especially many witchcraft demons were expelled. Unfortunately, we ran out of time and was getting tired thereby having to dismiss everyone; even then souls pleaded with more deliverance ministry and intervention. 

Miraculously Healed of Blindness in Tennessee, Many Set Free in Houston

June 15th, 2014

Dear Friends of Jesus,

Life is a blur at times for me. As many of you know I keep a very hectic mission schedule that keeps me wondering how do I do this? But by the grace of God, I say to myself. It’s staggering. Since January I have been on the road for nearly 90 days conducting more than 80 meetings. In fact, this week alone, while traveling and ministering in multiple cities, we must have conducted close to 20 public and private meetings seeing many dozens healed and freed from demon powers. 

Some of you might recall I was last ministering in Tennessee where I was conducting some ministry meetings for the Mennonite community. Our many ministry sessions were filled with the power of God setting the captives free. I would teach in the early afternoons and then conduct mass deliverance services in the evening. In each session precious Mennonites were liberated from evil spirits. We also held some private sessions resulting in more miracles including seeing a young 20 something year old lady healed of blindness.

This young lady whom I’ll refer to as Julie was terribly vexed by demons and was desperate to be cured of her demonization. Her life was mess:

  • Called upon demons starting from childhood
  • Offered toys to demons
  • Bowed before demons
  • Communicated with demons
  • Killed a little kitten
  • Drank her own blood as a result of her self mutilation
  • Worshipped a demon that possessed a buffalo head and duck feet

This was only the beginning. Her life was shattered. Much of her demonic issues were generational but not all; as many demons revealed they had entered because she actually committed the spiritual offense of idolatry. The first 6 verses of Exodus 20 is quite clear about worshipping other so-called gods (in other words; demons). We are forbidden to. These kinds of sins open doorways to demons. 

Julie spent a few days intently listening to our teachings and opened up her life to receiving ministry. It didn’t take long to discover the many demons had invaded her life. They spoke to me and battled me. There were spirits of insanity, madness, depression, suicide, Jezebel, Baal and many others. One spirit that surfaced was named, “I don’t know.” I faced this kind of demonic spirit before. A few years, while ministering at a Catholic retreat in Florida, I encountered a spirit by this name, that had invaded a precious 9 year old girl. In both cases, both young ladies had often used this phrase during their daily lives. It is a word-curse if you think about. Anyway, all of these evil spirits were removed in the name of Jesus. At the end of the exorcism, I discovered there was a group of Native American demons and they confessed to being behind the blindness that kept her bound to her glasses. 

“We began to afflict her eyes at the age of 3,” the spirits revealed. 

While ministering to Julie I took off her glasses and expelled these spirits behind the blindness. When Julie resurfaced she discovered she could SEE! Without her glasses. Mind you, she was incapable of seeing distinct images from a distance without her glasses. She revealed that could only see some color but that’s all. However, after the blindness departed she could SEE clearly and I tested her healing by asking her to read the front of a book that I had lifted up for her to read as I walked over to the other side of this small meeting room. She read the book without hesitation. What a beautiful healing! Not only was she very happy obviously but so was her mother who was present and witnessed this incredible miracle. As many of you know we have seen quite a few people healed of varying degrees of blindness in the past few years. It’s been remarkable recalling all of the miracles we have seen in this area. Oh, by the way, she left the glasses behind and the rest of my time there I noticed she no longer resorted to her glasses; Jesus healed her eyes and now she could SEE! 

There were so many ministry encounters so it’s difficult to recall all of the stories but I do recall ministering to a young couple that were being terribly vexed by demonic spirits at the meetings. The man, whom I’ll refer to as Ken, couldn’t figure out where the physical attacks were coming from as he was committed to Christ and couldn’t recall anything that could have led to the demonic afflictions. After spending some time counseling this couple I began to unravel the mystery. The demon attacks were rooted in his wife. Because of his oneness with his wife the demons were easily able to access him.

In particular Jezebel was hell bent on destroying Ken. She confessed to throwing numerous fiery darts that brought about the pains he had been enduring through. I had Jezebel remove the darts and all of the pain. Instantly, Ken was healed and testified of feeling no more pain. There was also a demon named Baal that entered through the ancestral bloodline many generations ago due to human and animal sacrifices that her ancestors participated in. These curses were broken in Jesus name and these demons were cast out in Jesus name! Though Ken had been following Jesus for some time, there were a number of animal spirits within him stemming from some bestiality that he had participated in as a young boy. These spirits were driven out in Jesus name. Speaking of bestiality during our series of meetings within this community we discovered quite a few of them had participated in this grievous sin. We uncovered sodomy, sexual contact and intercourse with a variety of animals including pig, goat, dog, cow, and horse. We are discovering more souls enslaved to this kind of perversion in our ministry sessions. 

From Tennessee I traveled onward to Houston for our monthly Church of the Cross gathering where many souls had gathered to hear from God’s Word and to receive ministry. I landed into Houston, Texas, exhausted. I had been up basically all night ministering the previous night. God was gracious and allowed me to minister for nearly 6 hours. While leading everyone in mass deliverance prayers; many experienced some measure of freedom. We ministered to some young people who were freed from demons. We also ministered to some who never realized they had demons until attending the service; as their demons surfaced. Astonishing if you think about it. What a divine wake-up call. 

One lady we ministered to at the end of the service, perhaps in her late 50’s, was having a difficult time and I knew it. I started to pray for her and immediately very strong spirits surfaced named, Deceiver. There were thousands of them within this precious woman. They contorted her body and spoke in very strange tongues (they confessed they were cursing everyone in the meeting hall in their own language). I called forth the holy angels of God and they stood around me. I asked them to strike the invading demons and they did with great force causing the demons to weaken. I also called upon the holy fire of the Spirit of God to rest upon my hands; which it did. I then threw the fire into the demons and again they greatly weakened. I eventually brought out my holy cross and used the cross and they weakened to the point where I could fight them effectively and drive them out of her body in Jesus name. 

This lady was so happy and rejoicing in her new found freedom. We also discovered many broken heart parts. I communicated with a little 9 year old and was able to send this part to Jesus who appeared to her. Moreover, many other broken hearts parts were able to run to Jesus for deep healing. This lady not only testified of her deliverance from demons but also of a inner healing that brought joy to her face. 

This powerful demonstration of Jesus over demons touched many in the meeting hall including some of the young people that were attending the service with their parents. One young man attending this meeting just wrote me a email describing his thoughts on this powerful healing:

“Hello Jay, I attended your open door deliverance. It was such a great experience as I saw people being set free from demonic oppression. The lady on the front row who had a demon named the deceiver related to witchcraft was such a powerful experience. I have never been in the presence and witnessed powerful demons like that manifest. It brought me great joy to see her become set free. It brings me a lot of hope with my situation.”

See how this works? Someone gets free but then encourages and inspires others in the process –this is a key component to conducting public deliverance ministry. I want to reach not only the one I’m ministering to but also the ones watching as many of them need encouragement and inspiration.

These past few weeks have been amazing –souls saved by Jesus, demons cast out, hearts healed, and bodies repaired. My vocals have largely held up but needing to rest them; so I’m here in Clearwater Beach, Florida, now resting and enjoying my family. 

In Tennessee: Teenagers Free from Demons in House Meeting

June 15th, 2014

Dear Friends of Jesus ~

What a day! Had an amazing time of teaching of God’s Word and ministering freedom to the captives earlier today. I’m currently in a small community nestled among the large hills outside of the city of Nashville here in Tennessee. I have been invited to conduct a series of teaching and ministry sessions for a large group of families from the Mennonite tradition. Our teaching and evening deliverance ministry sessions was jammed packed (with a good number of teenagers attending) and we witnessed incredible miracles; including the salvation of a handful of young people who were attending our meeting. However, there was some opposition at the very beginning. A man whom I’ll refer to as Dave constantly badgered me with questions that sought to undermine the deliverance and healing ministry –such as questioning the need to break generational curses to mocking my usage of the cross in our exorcisms. It was clear the enemy had a infiltrator that sought to undermine. Quickly the Holy Spirit was quenched and I wondered to myself if I could continue on with the ministry in this kind of unbelieving environment. 

The Holy Spirit swiftly revealed to me the need to remove Dave from our meeting. He agreed to leave but the spiritual damage had been done. As I look back at 2014 I see that this is becoming a more common occurrence whereby I’m having to remove individuals from our public meetings that seek to undermine and to disrupt. Throughout North America, in Europe and in Australia thus far this year I have had to remove many infiltrators. I truly believe the enemy sees our effectiveness and in response attempts to invade our meetings with hopes of hindering our work for the gospel. 

He disrupted. Yes. I pressed on with persistence and Jesus came out victorious but it required perseverance on my end to see this come to pass. While leading everyone in mass deliverance prayers a handful of souls experienced some measure of freedom and healing and testified of this reality. In fact, one 13 year old girl, with incredible joy bubbling from within, exclaimed, “Jay, I felt the demons leave as you prayed, they quickly left my body and I feel so much freedom and peace right now.” Others testified of feeling freedom also. 

Through the night, many broken heart parts surfaced and spoke to me ranging from a little newborn baby part to much older adult parts. All of them were taken to Jesus for healing. Some even testified of being able to see the risen Jesus! Great amount of deep inner healing took place. God has truly blessed our mission in this area of ministry. We literally take this work of healing to every continent of the world and have seen many thousands of broken people find hope and healing through Jesus! What an honor to serve the King!

Towards the end of the evening, a 15 year old girl whom I’ll refer to as Ashley manifested very strong Jezebel spirits that were hell bent on staying within this teenager. I quickly utilized my spiritual weapons and the spirits agonized as a result of the weapons. They were clearly being affected by the powerful weapons of the blood of Christ and holy oil. At one point I asked the Holy Spirit to fill my hand with fire and I literally thew the fire into the direction of the demonic spirits and it cowered in defeat as the fire descended upon the invading demons. They groaned and moaned. I also called upon the holy angels of God and they quickly assisted me binding up the demons and striking the demons with their swords thus weakening them greatly. 

It was discovered there were 7 Jezebel spirits within Ashely.

“There’s 7 of us. We came through the generations from the father’s side. We cause back pain and extreme migraines,” the demons boasted, “But we are here because she desires us. She likes the ability to control. We give her this ability.”

Obviously, I had to explain to Ashley the need for repentance of this desire to be in control. Eventually, she saw the need to let go and she finally let go which resulted in this war for her soul I waged on her behalf. I had the 7 Jezebels take upon themselves the pain and afflictions which they brought into the family and all of them were cast into the pit in the name of Jesus! Immediately, there was joy on her face and a sense of relief. Jesus truly set this young teenager free from evil spirits. 

There’s some extensive ministry that still needs to take place however I’m encouraged we have started on the right path and believe we will see even greater miracles later today. I’m grateful for your prayers for this 3 day mission here in Tennessee. 

As usual, I’m still receiving some incredible testimonies from throughout the earth. Including some more fascinating testimonies of people seeing me in their dreams. I just received one this week from a family (a couple that I married last year while ministering in the Middle East) that currently live in the Middle East. Allow me to share with you:

“Hi brother Jay! I love the way you are sharing all these testimonies via email with so many! I learn so much from them and they remind me to constantly stay alert. I had a strange dream last night. Me and my husband were walking in some park I have not been in before and a crowd started gathering. We went over to see what the commotion was about and found you in the middle of the crowd, teaching. My husband went closer to listen but I could not move an inch. I felt anxious and afraid and turned away and kept on walking. What is this about? Are the demons attached to me even threatened by you in a dream? This is how loud your (healed) voice travels proclaiming the love and freedom in Jesus our Savior!. Keep it up!”

WOW! I do not see this as any random accidental occurrence. I believe there is something to this. Too many throughout the earth see me in their dreams preaching the gospel and casting out demons. Many times casting out their own demons and bringing healing. The Holy Spirit is using this very small global mission in some extraordinary supernatural ways. What an honor to serve you my friends.

One aspect of this mission I enjoy is leading souls into the sacraments such as Holy Communion, Holy Matrimony, and Holy Orders (ordination). Every year we ordain many ministers into the gospel ministry. Just several weeks ago I ordained more than a dozen pastors in Haiti and I just love hearing praise reports from those who we have ordained. Well, I received a very touching email from a sister in the Lord whom I ordained in Baltimore, Maryland in 2013 that I would like to share with you:

 ”Dear Pastor Jay, just want to thank God for giving you such a unique gift in the area of deliverance I was so blessed to meet you in person and to be ordained by such a humble servant in Christ. I do appreciate all that you have taught me about the enemy. I still haven’t found someone so unique and humble as you are. I am in total support of your missions and I know it is God who is giving you that desire to serve his people.” 

I deeply encouraged in my heart of hearts. I always strive to humbly serve God and YOU! Thank you all of my brothers and sisters for your great love for this mission. It means so much to me. More than you realize.

8,ooo Baal Demonic Spirits to the Pit, Now in Nashville

June 15th, 2014

Dear Friends of Jesus,

The past several days have been filled with numerous flights, driving diversions, and ministry sessions. The other night we were back in Alabama ministering to those afflicted with demons. While we were praying, a multi-generational demon named Baal, surfaced from within a lady named Macy. 

“We have been hiding here for a very long time. Nobody has discovered us until now. We want to stay here and caused havoc,” the demon named Baal informed. 

In my mission journeys throughout the earth it appears the most common demons I encounter in exorcisms I conduct are the following: Death, Jezebel, Fear, Torment, and interestingly enough, Baal. In ancient manuscripts Baal is often being spoken of as a “king of the gods (demons).” Throughout ancient history the Middle Eastern communities honored this vile demon.  In 1 Kings 16:31, the evil King Ahab, after his marriage to Jezebel, began to serve and worship the demon-god Baal. Where ever there is Jezebel there is usually Baal. In Jeremiah 19:5 we see that even little children were given up as offerings to Baal, “They have built the high places of Baal to burn their children in the fire as offerings to Baal.” It’s been our observations that Baal tends to be a demonic strongman that is usually deeply rooted in those who he has invaded and often times is a generational spirit that holds on the spiritual legal rights of idol-worsip and blood sacrifices. 

I have expelled millions of these Baal spirits out of humans. For the One I serve is greater than this strongman. Baal falls down and bows to King Jesus. I have seen this on numerous occasions. I witnessed this once again while in a meeting, a few nights ago, when I encountered Baal in Macy. It was discovered that Baal had not only been hiding but was connected to many other thousands of evil spirits that were working in conjunction with one another to bring this woman great pain, harm, and torture. Having more than 8,ooo Baal demons within your body will cause some problems. Interestingly enough, these Baal spirits were able to access her life via rape. The one who raped her had these Baal spirits, through his generational bloodline, as they worshipped false gods and practiced voodoo. Through this sexual violation it was enough to access Macy and to invade her body and soul. 

During the exorcism I had Baal hold my holy cross and it greatly weakened him and he bowed before Jesus! As Macy renounced Baal and all of the other demons that had gained access to her life I then proceeded to drive Baal out in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ! Baal on this day flew into the prison of the pit. Immediately, Macy testified of feeling so much relief and was experiencing zero pain. Remember this coming from a woman that had been racked with pain constantly. Jesus healed her of many physical and emotional ills. We also discovered during this 8+ hours of this exorcism that some of the Baals were hold captive some parts of her heart. This is another dynamic that must be mentioned. Baal is often enslaving little dissociative identities. So, when you confront Baal, be sure to investigate this. As Baal enjoys torturing little broken heart parts. 

Baal was forced to let go of the heart parts and we were able to speak to them. They were swiftly taken to Jesus for supernaturally healing. I then prayed that the heart would be healed. Our small prayer team rejoiced in the miracle of healing and deliverance that has taken place in this lady. There is much more work needing to be accomplished in her life however victories are taking place.

Victory Mission Reports

June 15th, 2014

Some interesting emails continue to roll into our mission. Such as this one:

“I wanted to tell you that I had a dream that you delivered me from demons. What’s so powerful about that is that, even in my dream with them in my dream! When they saw you in my mind they shook with terror and screamed. And I woke up. I guess they didn’t want to see you anymore. I just thought that was a powerful thing you might want to hear about your ministry since all the threats. Praise Jesus’ name and his blood that saved us all.”

WOW! I want demons to scream! I want to destroy them in Jesus name. This isn’t the first time I have heard from people about seeing me in their dreams casting out demons. This has happened throughout the world. In Pakistan, I recall this taking place and people being healed. There are times when I sleep it’s as if I’m ministering even while dreaming….who knows what’s happening but I’m thankful to being used of God in any way possible.

Also, received this fascinating email:

“Jay, I am Kim from Atlanta.  I attended your meeting and stayed until it ended after 2:00am.  I could have stayed until6pm if you did.  I never felt tired or bored which is unusual. I know God led me to you for my  deliverance and healing.  I wanted to wait and see if I was healed before I email you.  Well, I was the lady who sat in your chair upfront and expressed my sadness about my mother lying to me about my father.   I have never experienced such compassionate and love from another human being.  Thank you.  I still have very large tumors in my abdomen but the pain is gone!! I also feel lighter and more bold and free.  You have opened my eyes to the wiles of the enemy.  I look forward to your next visit. Thank you Pastor Jay, Sharon and James!  I am overjoyed that believers are being set free.  Jesus is Lord!!!!!”

WOW again!!! Our public meetings are filled with power, love and compassion. I am deeply humbled that so many feel compassion and love in our meetings. This is my heart’s desire. Though in this case there is some healing still needing to take place however healing has started to take place; as all of the pain is gone. Furthermore, she has experienced significant deliverance from demons resulting in her feeling “lighter,” “bold,” and “free.”

Jesus to be praised!

In North Dakota: Jesus Conquered Evil Spirits!

May 4th, 2014

I just absolutely love these extensive missions, watching miracles take place each and every night. What an honor to serve Jesus. This North American journey had us, first of all, conducting a powerful public meeting in Houston where many were liberated and supernaturally healed. From Houston we traveled onward to Pensacola, Florida. From Pensacola we drove onto Mobile, Alabama where we conducted private meetings. More miracles took place where thousands of demons were cast out. Then from Mobile we drove through Mississippi and through Louisiana where we drove into the city of New Orleans where we caught a flight to Las Vegas, Nevada where even more private meetings were conducted. From Las Vegas it was onward to Denver, Colorado then finally stopping into Fargo, North Dakota where we are currently holding meetings. While in North Dakota we stopped briefly into Minnesota and have marveled at the travel mercies we have experienced. 

It’s been truly remarkable thus far this year –even with my 6 week rest of my vocal cords earlier this year– by God’s grace we have:

  • Traveled already into 17 states here in America
  • Journeyed and ministered into 4 different Canadian provinces
  • Traveled into 3 different Australian states
  • Visiting 8 different nations on 4 different continents
  • Conducting nearly 70 private and public meetings
  • Reaching many thousands of souls for the gospel of Jesus; calling souls to repentance and renunciation of the devil
  • Hundreds have been supernaturally healed and freed from demonic spirits
  • More than 100 students, from 5 continents, are still enrolled in our Freedom Fighter International Training Center being equipped

I am also praising God for more healing that has taken place in my life. Not only is the pain no longer present in relation to my vocal cords; I also no longer feel the very strange vocal sensation that was thought of by the medical community as being a permanent condition I would have to live with us for the rest of my life! It was instantaneous healing but healing nevertheless by our great God. I have been thanking Him often for this. All of the proper rest and taking vocal precautions have been beneficial to me and will continue in this regard.

So, here I am in chilly North Dakota holding a private meeting where we witnessed once again the power of God releasing a 50 year old man, by the name of Max, from more than 100 demons. To better understand what an amazing miracle took place earlier today, allow me to explain Max’s background. Never married. No kids. Deeply hurt. Severe smoking addiction that turned into a sexual fetish. For 32 years he sought out pastors for a deliverance and no-one intervened! In anger, called upon Satan. He began to rip up his own Bibles. In fact, could not even own one for fear of it being ripped up. Cursed God and his own life. The result? Pain, torment and demons! 

As we began to pray for him many evil spirits surfaced including:

  • Torment via his smoking, fear, and anger
  • More than 37 Jezebel spirits that brought stress, isolation, immorality, fantasies, and perversion
  • 13 spirits of Perfectionism
  • A demon named Lies
  • More than 64 demons named Death that brought heart attacks, lung cancer, lung disease, liver problems
  • Many spirits of Mockery, Confusion, Mind-Control, and 47 spirits named Control 

Interestingly, enough, some of these control spirits invaded Max through his own pastor who was a very controlling figure. Because of his soul ties with his pastor, the spirit of control was able to gain access thereby furthering his torment. Moreover, it was discovered that many powerful spirits entered his life because he demeaned (mocking) the sacrament of marriage. Followers of Jesus need to be careful in this regard. The sacraments of the universal church should be safeguarded as holy events in the life of a saint. As a result of cursing the sacrament of marriage; demons invaded his life. Very serious. 

Many of the Death demons were able to gain entry into Max’s life as a result of his ancestors not being diligent in following Jesus. The demons actually stated, “We are here because his ancestors on his father’s and mother’s sides both were neglecting spiritual things.”

We need to be running the race before us. We need to honor Jesus and not neglect the spiritual things that are so very important, namely making sure we doing what Jesus did! Start there and you can’t go wrong my friends! 

All day we ministered to Max and drove out all 100+ evil spirits in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Furthermore, we ministered to his broken heart and prayed for supernatural healing took place. Now, due to his new found freedom he desires to reach out to family and friends who also need deliverance! What an amazing transformation. I’m glad that Max didn’t have to suffer anymore. It’s inexcusable that a disciple had to wait 32 years for deliverance. Thank God for these private intervention sessions that allows opportunities to minister to those who are unable, for one reason or another, to attend one of our public meetings. Max was extremely thankful we offer these home visits. These come at a great cost to us many times but it’s well worth seeing souls FREE!

Encountering Lucifer in Las Vegas, Witnessing Power of the Sacraments

May 4th, 2014

I’m currently in Las Vegas, Nevada, conducting some private meetings with those enslaved to the dark powers of Satan. Just getting to Las Vegas was difficult. First off, we experienced some intense storms while ministering in Mobile, Alabama which caused the cancellation of our flight from Pensacola, Florida to Las Vegas. We were then forced to drive through Mississippi and Louisiana to the city of New Orleans to catch a flight into Nevada. God was gracious and provided travel mercies.

Our mission in Mobile was incredible on multiple levels. We witnessed Jesus prevailing and rescuing a woman from deep demonic bondage. A survivor of a gruesome satanic ritual; Patricia struggled in life. However, she has fought and sought our assistance. Over a course of 12 hours we battled many thousands of demons. Some of the strange demonic beings we encountered and expelled included:


  • Dela via the sexual violation in the satanic ceremony
  • Vesta via the sexual violation in the satanic ceremony
  • Bilba brought neurological damage and torture
  • Duruth (numbering in the 100’s) brought death, caused lack of sleep
  • Feud (numbering in the 100’s) affected the various glands and body chemistry; also held 12 pieces of a spiritual lizard within her body
  • Villen via a generational curse as a result of ancestral idol-worship
  • Tiger & Lion spirits that literally roared like a tiger and a lion; very strange
  • Snake spirits
  • Beeza via a blood pact
  • Leva (numbering in the 1000’s) via an ancestral curse from mother’s side
  • Mind-Controlling spirits that implanted mind controlling devices including a helmet on the head 
  • Legion
  • Pain (numbering in the 1000’s) via an ancient ritual involving human and animal sacrifices
  • Lupus spirits that brought this terrible affliction in the cells and nerves via a blood sacrifice
  • Pills via an addiction to the prescription pills
  • Witchcraft via ancient voodoo rituals

As you can see we had some strong spirits to battle with. During this all day exorcism, we witnessed Jesus prevail over each and every demon power. Strangely, the animal spirits would surface and roared like the animals would in the fields. There were a number of them including a lion, tiger and a snake. There was one group of spirits named Alpha (common Illuminati demonic entity) that brought this dear lady horrible dizziness, pain, torment, and confusion. There were 52 of them. They had actually placed a spiritual helmet on her head to ensure these afflictions would be constant. Horrible. This lady suffered every day from these demonic afflictions however as we prayed and ministered ALL of these afflictions lifted up and were destroyed in Jesus nameAll of these demons were sent to the pit! You could tell a tangible difference as we drove all of these demons out of her. After her deliverance, she shared how she felt pain-free and was very happy. Years of torment and pain destroyed in one session. 

From Alabama we drove several hours into New Orleans and caught a flight to Las Vegas where a family was desperately needing deliverance and healing. As I began to pray; an evil spirit surfaced from within Robert named Death. 

“We are not leaving,” he informed me, “We are here to stay to kill him, to destroy him, to bring him cancer.”

It was discovered recently that Robert had a form of cancer in his gall bladder. Robert shared with me that he’s seen pictures of the cancer and he mentioned how it looked like some kind of sea creature. Ah! I have seen dozens of pictures that look like this. The cancer resembling some kind of alien, sea creature, monster, or some other kind of strange entity. These pictures are revealing the true nature of the cancer –demons! God does not give His children cancer, Satan does. We know that Satan likes taking upon the form of sea creatures, aliens, and monsters. These are evil forces afflicting people with sicknesses of all sorts. 

“There’s 63 of us,” the demons informed me, “We report to Lucifer.”

Turns out there were 60 demons named Death and 3 named Lucifer. The death spirits were hell-bent on killing Robert through the cancer. Robert recently married and just celebrated the birth of first little daughter. I was determined to see Robert free and healed. 

“Some of us entered because he had sex with a prostitute, at a brothel, in Mexico. Also because there’s incest. He also had sex with a dog as a kid,” the spirits informed me.

Well, turns out all three elements were true. The encounter with the prostitute, the incest and the sex with the dog, all created unholy sexual unions that allowed demons access. Interestingly, as a result of having sex with a dog, the animal experienced dissociation within it’s soul nature. The demons actually took a part of the soul of the animal and carried it into Robert. 

“Some of dog’s soul has been intermingled with the soul of Robert,” the demons informed me.

This is a means to dehumanize precious humans that have been created in the image of God. The intermingling of animals within humans is a demonic phenomena that we need to address and be aware of. Satan is desirous of demeaning human beings and lowering them to the level of the animal kingdom (does not the teaching of evolution in public schools accomplish this too?)

This is an element of the deliverance ministry I do not believe has been explored extensively. We might be one of the first ones in this area of ministry to discover how rampant this reality is. I recently wrote a small booklet, on this very subject, titled, “Encountering Animal Demons and Soul Parts,” that I recommend obtaining so you might learn more on this subject. 

So in this ministry session with Robert, we encountered a part of the dog and a spirit named Dog. Both were expelled from the body. We also encountered some spirits named Lucifer that admitted to holding in place the cancer in his body.

“We are NOT leaving! He will die! We do not want to see him doing what you are doing. He is a man of God and we must stop him,” the spirits informed me.

Ah! Jesus described Satan as a murderer. This is his desire for each of us especially disciples of Jesus. 

“We are the sea creature that Robert sees in those pictures of the cancer,” the demons boasted, “We must kill him.

Demons are ruthless and we must be ruthless with them in Jesus name. I utilized my Sword (the Bible), the blood of Jesus and so many other weapons. The demons especially hated my sacred cross and the blood of Holy Communion but not at first. Allow me to explain.

“Robert has taken Holy Communion, we know all about it. It doesn’t affect us,” the demons informed me.

I discovered that because Robert didn’t believe in transubstantiation (the miracle of transforming the juice into the blood of Christ, the bread into the body of Christ) the demons didn’t feel affected whenever he joined in partaking of the Holy Communion because the Communion was not done in faith and in belief in the miraculous. The demons picked up on that and thus not affected. Wow! Very interesting. This is something I have known for many years but yet another example how our faith must be activated in the sacraments for power to be released (the Scriptures state that the “just shall live by faith.”)

I believe in the miracle working power of Jesus, in the sacraments, so when I blessed the bread and juice, on this day, the demons looked stunned and surprised. They were utterly amazed at what just transpired. They never seen anything like it before. At first they merely stated that what was in the cup of the Communion was merely water. But after a prayer of consecration something transpired and demons knew it. The miraculous took place –the blood and the body of Jesus was suddenly present and was used to defeat (in disgust they stated, “This tastes like blood now”) and weaken the demons. In all of the years, these demons, never encountered the miraculous element of the sacraments thus didn’t feel that threatened however when faith was activated as taught in Mark 11:22-25 then suddenly Jesus is present in His power and demons were utterly defeated!

As Robert broke off the 400 year curse of incest, the unholy soul ties and renounced witchcraft that was rooted in his ancestors, the demons were expelled in Jesus name! We also discovered Robert had dissociation and parts of his broken heart surfaced including a 6 year old little boy that was very scared. He was released and was able to experience Jesus and His love. Robert experienced a deep healing of his shattered heart. It was beautiful to witness. Afterwards, Robert testified of feeling his heart come back together as whole. Not only was cancer driven out but he also experienced a tremendous healing of his heart. 

I’m very thankful for the mercy and goodness of Jesus. He bestowed upon us His power to heal and to deliver. Moreover, He blessed us with His holy angels who assisted me in battling and striking the strong demons within Robert. Wonderful to see! Furthermore, we also ministered to his little 1 week old baby who was also demonized as a result of generational curses and his wife. Both were delivered too! 

Opposed in Alabama, Eye-Opener in Houston

May 4th, 2014

I’m currently in Mobile, Alabama, where I am being opposed viciously. I have been threatened, cursed, and hindered since making plans on being here to conduct some intensive ministry to those bound by the powers of Satan. It started several days ago. A small group of people hoping to stop me from ministering to those seeking spiritual help. I was given a warning: “Do not show your face in Mobile.” That warning was followed up with profanity. I was told people would be waiting for me upon my arrival (obviously a read between the signs threat). Then I was told I would be exposed and essentially destroyed. They threatened to turn us over to the IRS (this is a form of intimidation). No doubt they would make up some false claims; as our mission has never had a problem with the IRS. Though many Christian mission organizations, in recent years, have had some problems with the IRS, who have been unfairly targeting them such as Billy Graham’s association and Focus on the Family’s organization. Moreover, a small group of people have threatened me by attempting to enlist the media with the hopes of destroying me. 

My friends we are at war! This mission is being targeted for destruction. Since being here in Alabama I have been hindered however I will keep moving forward declaring Jesus is Lord! Interestingly, other saints are seeing the vicious war being waged against me. A dear friend of mine, a former combat veteran of the Iraqi war, who now considers himself as a solider of the cross, recently saw a vision of me. He emailed me to detail this vision:

“Good morning, Jay, I wanted to email you to tell you how happy I am to hear that God supernaturally healed you and your voice. What at testimony to the healing power of Christ. My friend I am encouraged each time I read your emails regarding your battles with the enemy. God is just getting started with you and your ministry. I had a vision of you the other day as you were arriving into heaven. You were dressed in your spiritual armor. Jay that armor was so beaten, dented, and scratched that it looked as though it would fall off any moment. I say this not as a bad thing, but as a good thing. You entered heaven as a warrior would returning from a life of battle. A warrior who fought hand to hand in the deepest of the battle! You encourage me each time I read your messages. I am continuously moving forward.”

I do feel beaten up. Well, I am beaten up. However, I’m thankful I will stand before my King, one day, in Heaven. To give you a sense of the war I have endure through up to this point. Allow me to share a few things I have had to survive through in over a quarter of a century of service to King Jesus:


  • Hundreds of death threats from demons, individuals, and groups
  • Actual assassination attempts
  • Numerous slanderous reports, verbal assaults, and fabrications
  • Strangled, beaten, spat upon, clawed, bitten, violent attacks of all sorts, stabbed with a knife
  • Chairs, tables, hammers, and other hard objects have been thrown in my direction
  • Threats of sexual torture
  • Spilling blood for the gospel
  • Was nearly stoned by a group in Africa
  • A prison riot
  • Interrogated, jailed and detained in Africa

As I recall the amount of times I have escaped death or serious injury; it’s staggering. There’s so much I could share –dozens of intense global incidents. Suffice to say, God has been good to me. I will continue, for many more decades to come, to serve Jesus. The enemy is simply angry that this past Sunday night we saw victory in Houston. In fact, I was just checking my toll-free voice mail messages and a man who attended our Church of the Cross gathering was stunned in what he witnessed. 

“Jay, I had no idea how much pain people have suffered through. It was an eye-opener,” he shared.

Our Houston meeting was an eye-opener; as is all of our public meetings. For more than 7 hours we taught from the Scriptures, battled demons, prayed for the sick and those broken in heart. The pain that was discovered deep within lives was shocking on many levels. 

A number of precious people were being delivered from demons as I led everyone in mass deliverance prayers. Moreover, we were encouraged to see that 90% of those who came to our service stayed for the entire 7 hours of ministry! This is not unusual either! In most of our meetings; the vast majority of people will stay until the very end. After the service a dear pastor friend came up to me and exclaimed: Jay, in most church services people are ready to leave within 1 hour and yet here people stay for 7 hours. It’s amazing!

It is incredible to think about it. As I shared before I believe the answer is because Jesus AND His miracle working power is welcomed. That second part is a key element; thus the interest. Our small meeting hall was nearly packed and so many souls were touched by Jesus! 

The first lady I ministered to was demon possessed as a result of her ancestors turning to witchcraft thousands of years earlier. These were violent spirits but they were defeated and cast out in Jesus name. Another lady in the crowd manifested demons. Those were also witchcraft demons. They too were violent. I called forth mighty holy angels and they came to assist me in warfare as they picked her off the chair and brought her to the front of the meeting hall to receive deliverance. After her deliverance the smile was ever present! She revealed to everyone that she had a vision earlier –prior to the meeting– that she would receive prayer and would be delivered on this night. It came to pass! Yet, another woman in the crowd manifested very strong demonic spirits. Again it’s name? Witchcraft. 

“We have been here for thousands of years,” the demons boasted to me, “Nobody ever discovered us.”

The demons laughed. This was repeated a number of times through the many hours of casting out demons. So many demons exist within people who have no idea they have been invaded by these unseen forces. It’s something I never get used to hearing. It troubles me deeply. Just think how people in this world have demonic spirits and they have no idea. We must expose the darkness and defeat the darkness. However expect resistance.

“We hate YOU, we hate YOU, we hate YOU,” the demons screamed at me during the night! These screams, mind you, were coming from demons that resided within a worship leader who was attending our meeting last night. A worship leader who was powerfully gifted. 

“We are here because her ancestors practiced idol-worship, witchcraft and offered blood sacrifices,” the demons informed me, “We also bring sicknesses and pains in her body.”

Not only was this worship leader healed physically from numerous ailments and pains. She was also healed of a broken heart. Many parts surfaced and spoke to me. They were taken to Jesus for deep healing. 

These hateful demons, that had tormented this minister, ended up in the pit where they belong! 

All night long –hour after hour after hour– we witnessed many parts of broken hearts surfacing and speaking. All of them were taken to Jesus for inner healing. This was definitely an eye opener to many. Especially some of the pastors and ministers that were present in our meeting. It was a holy education and many of them will be taking what they have learned to minister to their respective congregations. 

Another young lady who was sitting up front also manifested demons. They began to shake her terribly. So many demons convulsed and screamed on this night. 

“I’m Jezebel,” the residing demons revealed, “two of her friends placed witchcraft curses upon her, they were death curses.”

Ah! You never know, my friends, who just might be sending curses to you. In this case, two of this young lady’s friends sent powerful death curses with the hopes of destroying her. So much for these so-called friends. I know how curses can affect you. I have been victimized by witchcraft curses. In fact, I’m in the midst of battling them now here in Alabama from those who seek to destroy me. 

What was special about this public exorcism was that her missionary parents were sitting near the front watching her daughter manifest demons and being powerfully delivered. At one point I had the holy angels pull out a spear and I called upon the angels to strike the demons with the spear. You should have seen the reaction! The demons were greatly weakened and moaned in utter defeat. So many miracles to report. 

Strong demons named death, destruction and Jezebel surfaced and spoke to me and fought me. However, Jesus prevailed and the demons were cast into the pit. Many heart parts surfaced and were sent to Jesus for healing. 

One young man we ministered to had been invaded by the spirits of insanity and madness. They laughed and laughed. They had almost succeeded in making him believe that he was indeed crazy and insane. These powerful demons were cast out. 

So many others experienced measures of freedom and healing –physical and inner repairing. It was beautiful to see the smiles and hearts filled with joy. After 7 hours of intense ministry I was tired and my voice needs some rest. I was up early, to get a flight into Florida. Then drove into Alabama for this current mission. After this mission to Alabama I’ll be heading onward to Nevada for more private ministry. Then onward to North Dakota. We need your prayers. 

There are powerful demons conspiring against me (see Psalm 37 about the reality of evil conspiring against the righteous) in an attempt to destroy. I will forever be sustained by the blood of the cross of Jesus. This I know! By the way, the miracles of my sacred cross, were numerous last night. Just know there is power in the CROSS! Amen!

Demons Speak: “We know of you, We heard about you!”

May 4th, 2014

While during one of my power walks I was thinking how gracious God has been to me over the many years of service in the Kingdom of God. I am eternally thankful. As many of you know I was recently supernaturally healed by Jesus of a serious and severe vocal affliction that the doctors had said would perhaps be a permanent condition. Tonight, I feel as though my vocals are 100%. I have not felt this good in awhile. I have listened to the advise of the physicians (and vocal coaches) and it has helped greatly. I have been very cognizant of tempering my public speaking and have limited my vocal activity. All of this has brought tremendous restoration but I’m remain humble and still being cautious. I am looking at this long term. I desire to be a blessing for many more years; as God has promised me at least 92 years on this earth. 

Today was even the first time, in a very long time, I have actually picked up a phone to conduct some ministry. I had been with the kids. When I returned home I was checking my emails and noticed a call was coming through our toll free mission number. Normally, I would allow the calls to go through to the voicemail and then would forward the calls to one of our mission pastors, my dear sister Sharon, however this time around I picked up the phone and I’m glad I did!

On the other line was a distraught 32 young old lady named Michelle who was calling in from Pennsylvania. I’ll be honest I was thinking about preserving my voice and considered speaking just for a few minutes and getting off the line. However the Holy Spirit had other plans! HA! The Spirit of the Living God wanted me to minister. I’m thankful I obeyed as I was tremendously blessed as a result. 

Michelle began to share that she had been battling the demons that were tormenting her but felt like she was coming up against a spiritual brick wall. She couldn’t get them to leave. I could hear her soft heart and desperate plea for assistance. Some of you know me. I would much rather minister in person (while on one of my trips) then on a phone or on Skype while at home. I would just rather use my free time with my family and not on calls. But, what does one do when the pleas come not from a desire to manipulate but a genuine desire to obtain some assistance. I try to be sensitive and respond when I can. Her life had been troubled from the beginning. At age 3, was molested. At age 10, abandoned by her family. In her teens, raped. The devil finally led her into prostitution resulting in losing her children. As she shared how her heart had been shattered I called for the little girl to surface and the little girl surfaced almost immediately and spoke to me in a very soft but sad voice. 

“Bad man hurt me.”

I knew what that meant and simply asked Jesus to appear to the little one. Jesus did and took the little girl’s pain and trauma. Moreover, holy angels appeared to the little girl and she was experiencing some amazing healing as a result. Then suddenly, another part surfaced, only 10 years of age filled with deep sorrow. 

“Nobody ever told me they loved me. I feel so abandoned and rejected.”

This 10 year old was also sent to Jesus and again the loving Savior appeared and brought deep healing.

Mind you, Michelle, had never visited a deliverance or healing ministry before and had no idea about any dissociative elements within her life. Questions I asked at the beginning of our conservation. So, you can imagine how this rocked her world.

I asked the ten year old heart part if I could help in getting rid of the monsters that held Michelle’s heart. She enthusiastically agreed as most parts do. I began to command the demons to submit to Jesus.

In a completely different and defiant voice, a demon surfaced from within Michelle and spoke to me.

“There’s many of us here, there’s self-hatred, bitterness, anger, rejection, and fear.”

I bound up the demons and went after the strongman. Of course guess who shows up –Jezebel.

“There’s three of us, we enjoy tormenting her. She fights us all day long but she doesn’t know who she’s fighting. We have been hidden for 3 generations. Her ancestors murdered, they lusted, they had addictions, they disbelieved, and they were perverts,” the demons revealed.

After Michelle’s deliverance she inquired why wasn’t the demons leaving when she was battling them in prayer and commands. I explained that demons are legalists and such hold on the spiritual legal right by which allow them access. Unless it’s broken in confession and renunciation they will remain as they did in Michelle’s life. 

As I battled the demons I felt a surge of the Holy Spirit power. I actually sent the demons –more than 1,000miles/2000km away from me– the fire of the Holy Spirit and they began to weaken greatly and exclaimed: “Ouch! That hurts us.” I then had the holy angels –all of these miles away– to strike the demons and they did! Again the demons weakened greatly thereby allowing me opportunity to deal with them effectively. 

As Michelle broke the generational curses from her father and mother I proceeded to battle Jezebel.

“We know of you,” the demons blurted out.

Have we met before? I inquired.

“No! But we have heard about you, we know that you understand your authority in Jesus,” the demons told me with disgust.

AH! Love it! That’s one thing I want the seen and unseen realms to know about me –that I am hidden in Jesus Christ! I do understand my authority in Christ and desire to teach these basic transformational truths to millions throughout the earth thus empowering many to drive out demons and heal the sick. The demons no doubt communicate to one another throughout the earth and they especially know the ones who understand their position in Jesus. Those are the ones who threatened their existence. I may not be well known in the natural but I’m very well known in the spirit realm.

In the power and authority of Jesus Christ I commanded all the Jezebel demons along with many others to the pit! I could hear the demons depart through her mouth as they were trying to chock her as they exited. In Jesus name Michelle was delivered!

Then suddenly Michelle declared: The demons left. I feel so much peace, Jay! WOW! I haven’t felt like this before! 

Michelle was free and she knew it. Here was a young woman that was sharing with me earlier that for many months she has been unable to leave her own house (trapped by the demons) and was considering checking into a insane asylum as the medical doctors and the psychologists couldn’t figure out why she was so terribly afflicted. For the most part they don’t see the reality of demons and broken heart parts thus the inability to offer real help. In desperation she cried out to the Lord in prayer last night and was determined to give it one more try in seeking help –by calling our mission toll free number. I’m so glad I picked it up today; as I was fortunate to be a part of God’s work in this woman’s life –in seeing her delivered from these wicked demons.

Jezebel had even mentioned that Michelle had been fighting them but they were hanging on because they could. They liked the fact that she was tortured and terrorized. This is why I tortured these demons with the fire of the Holy Spirit and the swords from the angels. How dare they take advantage of God’s child. These are wicked forces we war against.

Before driving out Jezebel I ensure the demons released the other parts of her broken heart. Michelle was not only delivered but also experienced a deep healing of her once shattered heart. What an amazing transformation! Michelle was so happy and so thankful. She kept on telling me how good she felt and healed. Sure, there will be more things needing to be addressed however what this dear woman experienced was significant and powerful. 

Freed from Mind Control & Miraculous Cured of Chronic Pain

May 4th, 2014

Dear Friends of Jesus ~We are still receiving many amazing testimonies from around the world from souls who have been impacted by the mission. The gospel is proclaimed and received, demons flee, diseases driven out, afflictions cured, hearts repaired, and seeing lives restored are common miracles we witness every week. We are honored to serve the world that is in need of the Savior.

Recently while in Western Europe, we held a series of public meetings in London, UK, that drew people from throughout the UK, Sweden, South Africa and Australia. One precious lady who attended every service was deeply impacted by the meetings. In fact, she was freed from demons and supernaturally healed of various body and heart afflictions. Her testimony is inspiring as her healing enabled her to do things that we take for granted; that she was incapable of doing until her after her deliverance:

“For 2 days I was blessed at the meetings here, in the UK, as you taught and ministered deliverance, Jay. Many demons were cast out and sent to the pit, it has been an amazing time, and it has been such a blessing to have you here teaching on deliverance, we need the teaching so much, I feel so encouraged, stronger, lifted up. I was delivered of 2 demons, I knew that things were not right, being in such chronic pain, stiffness, severe migraines, always struggling to get through each day, and just trying my best, well last night, you were praying for generational curses, to renounce the mother and father generational curses, it helped. I was able at last to let go of my father behavior against me, name calling, verbal abuse, anger, I felt that he hated me, last night I broke the curses and cried, and it felt liberating, to let go of the burden, yes at times I blamed myself, or felt anger, now I feel peace.”

“Our ”LORD JESUS” BE PRAISED, many were delivered and set free, when I manifested, you came to the rescue, I was delivered of demons of ”mind control,” of course I should have known, I have been controlled all my life, too weak to confront and defend myself, only in the last 5 years I have found the courage to let out of my repressed emotions, feelings, abuse I suffered. THANK YOU ”’LORD JESUS” FOR SETTING ME FREE AND FOR JAY, I went home and felt wonderful, was able to wash my hair, lift my arms and not feel pain after so many years, it felt so good to be able to take a shower and feel no pain, slept well, and didn’t wake up or dream continually, hallelujah, today I feel well, I can walk and move and not feel the pain and tiredness, yes the demons were causing the pain, insomnia, I am going to stand in faith and trust ‘THE LORD JESUS” to strengthen me and keep my freedom from demons.”