Miracles in Houston, Mysterious Infiltrator Attends Bellmead Meeting!

August 29th, 2011

Houston and Bellmead Mission

70 Dementia Demons Expelled from Houston Believer

Vicious Spirits Cut Arm of their Victim During Meeting, Jesus Prevails

Holy Communion Stirs Up and Defeats Demons

Blood Thirsty Spirit as a Result of Satanic Ritualism Driven Out

Expelled Demons of Incest, Death, Slave Rape, Trauma of the Nerves, Theron, Mopar, and Legion

Several Healed of Serious Infirmities and Diseases

Public Deliverance Service: Former Satanist Delivered from Evil Spirits

Satanic Cult Dispatches an Infiltrator to Church Service

Dozens of Dissociative Identities Healed by the Power of Jesus

Houston Meeting: Saint Responds to the Call of God for the Mission Field

Souls Arrive to Meeting from All Over North America for Exorcism

One Meeting: 30% with Illuminati Spiritual Roots

Jesus Overcomes Violent Demons

Every seat was taken, people were sitting on the floor, and James and I were forced to stand during the entire 5 hour public Church of the Holy Cross meeting we conducted this past weekend. We literally had precious brothers and sisters travel in from all over North America to attend the deliverance service. A group of ladies drove more then 20 hours, another saint drove more 20 hours, one brother in Christ drove more then 9 hours, then yet another more then 6 hours. This tells me that there is a definite desperation for deliverance as the Church has failed, for the most part, in affording bound people the opportunity to receive liberation from demonic spirits in Jesus name. Thus people are taking drastic measures such as traveling more then 20 hours to receive help. Moreover, there were a handful of individuals in the private and public meetings we held that were experiencing dissociation along with the demonic elements within their life. 

After partaking of the Holy Communion and offering a brief teaching from the Scriptures we began to minister to the captives. Almost immediately demons were surfacing within three ladies (two from New York and another from Texas) with a background in the occult. The one lady manifested violent spirits and literally ripped up a Bible and had us restraining her for concern that others would be harmed during the aggressive behavior of the spirits. There were several times the spirits groaned and slammed her head with her closed fists as she entered these demonic trances.

“Why did you enter this woman in Jesus name,” I commanded the violent spirits to tell me.

“We are here because of the blood letting rituals her ancestors participated in,” the demons revealed, speaking out of her mouth.

Upon the renunciation of the satanic curses these vile spirits were driven out in the name of Jesus!

Several more times during the evening demons would surface within the woman and they were all driven out of her.

At one point while praying over an actual object that had been inserted within her scalp, another lady, with Luciferian roots, in the group started manifesting spirits. This dear lady from Brooklyn, New York shared with everyone that she too had 2 objects within her body that were causing torment (this is becoming a more common problem that we are seeing among those with backgrounds in sorcery and spiritualism). Furthermore, one lady was even experiencing demonic cuts on her arm. You could literally see the demons within her body cut her to where her skin was breaking and blood was seeping. 

Many other evil spirits were expelled and many in the group experienced a measure of deliverance as I led the group in mass deliverance prayers –breaking generational curses, cutting off soul ties, repenting of various sins, and renouncing the occult.

Satanic Cult Dispatches an Infiltrator to Church Service

It was odd, yes, but not totally shocking, as over the years we have had our share of people come to our services and meetings who were not there for ministry or to support those in need of assistance. Rather, they were there to disrupt, to oppress, to hinder, to act as satanic watchers. Throughout Scripture we see evil people conspiring. Conspiracies do exist, so says Sacred Writ.

Psalm 83:2-3 speaks of this, “See how your enemies growl, how your foes rear their heads. With cunning they conspire against your peoplethey plot against those you cherish.”

In many Western countries this sounds strange, to our minds, but not so in many regions of the world where many disciples are being systematically persecuted as evil people conspire against the church seeking her destruction. 

Psalm 56:1-6 describes this, “Be merciful to me, my God, for my enemies are in hot pursuitall day long they press their attack. My adversaries pursue me all day longin their pride many are attacking me. When I am afraid, I put my trust in you. In God, whose word I praise— in God I trust and am not afraid. What can mere mortals do to me? All day long they twist my wordsall their schemes are for my ruin. They conspire, they lurk, they watch my steps, hoping to take my life.”

Jesus tells us to be on guard for evil people as do in fact lurk. Our enemies:

  • Are in hot pursuit, meaning they are relentless.
  • Seek to attack “all day.”
    • Seek to “twist” our words, they will slander, lie, and seek to falsely accuse.
    • Conspire, lurk, and harass.
    • Seek to kill and destroy.
  • So, I was not surprised when we discovered a satanic plant within our group meeting. Most of us could readily identify him. Since we were small in number it wasn’t difficult however it was troubling as we didn’t know who sent him or specifically why? Though we did find out more details as the night went on. 

    His eyes were vacant, he was mechanical in his responses, never spoke the name of “Jesus,” during any of our mass prayers I was leading everyone. It was really amazing to see 8 precious saints who largely did not know each other say the exact same things after the meeting about him –”he was plant,” “he was sent here to observe,” “he is merely a pawn for the devil to disrupt.”

    Upon the conclusion of the meeting I approached him and inquired about his interest in the meeting –he avoided any direct questions by simply resorting to a line that he was merely visiting. Furthermore, he mentioned he would be leaving town to head back home after the service. This proved to be a lie as he was seen entering a room in the hotel that was below mine by those attending the meeting.

    For more then 20 years I have been followed by various satanic groups who have sought to murder me. They are watching my activities and ministry I am involved in. I often wonder….don’t these people have anything better to do then follow a minister around? Don’t these people have families? Hobbies? Jobs? 

    Then I remind myself these people are simply driven by demons and as such they are simply pawns for Satan and those cult groups that seek to align themselves to the forces of the Anti-Christ. 

    Then the exorcism revealed more…

    Afterwards, pastor James and I conducted a long exorcism on a 52 year old woman from outside Buffalo, New York and her friend who was from North Carolina until 4am. During the deliverance session a spirit of death surfaced and during our interrogation of the demons they revealed that he (our visitor to the service whom everyone knew was not of God) was indeed a infiltrator that was sent to observe and report. The reporting is what concerned me. Who was he reporting to? Why? The demon did reveal it was a satanic group but no other details were available except that this particular spirit did draw strength from the demons within him that included –darkness, cunning, mysterious, and pawn.  

    That demon of death though was driven out along with spirits of fear, abandonment, anger, doubt, self esteem, darkness, insecurity, and a few others. Some of the spirits were holding onto several parts of her broken heart also. These precious parts were released –a 44 year old part, a 2 year old, and a 3 year old. They were miraculously healed and merged into the core and tremendous healing immediately took place. Her face simply shined the joy of Jesus!

    Rattlesnake, Jehovah Witnesses, Lion, Lithian, and Python Defeated by Jesus!

    In one of our private meetings we also meet up with a few saints who had traveled a great distance for deliverance. Within seconds of partaking of the Holy Communion, an evil spirit surfaced disgusted and weakened by the partaking of the cup –the blood of Jesus– and voiced his disgust.

    We discovered that this particular spirit was holding onto a number of broken parts of her heart –a 3 year old, a 19 year old, and 20 year old, and one with a distorted face (who was healed completely after commanding prayers)-the monster was forced to release the parts and the parts surfaced for the very first time! They were all healed and rejoined to the core as they were ready to do so! Demons named, Python, Lion, Lithian, Rattlesnake, and some others were driven out in Jesus name.

    Interestingly, a spirit named Jehovah Witnesses was present as a result of her reading two sentences in one of their magazines. This spiritual curiosity led to her demonic invasion. The Jehovah Witnesses are a global group that denies the deity of the Lord Jesus Christ and as such leads millions into deep doctrinal error and demonic bondage. They embrace and teach “doctrines of demons.” This cult spirit was cast out in Jesus name!

    The Body of Christ Encouraged!

    It has been a burden of mine to wake up the church to the need of public deliverance as I know billions in our world need liberation from demonic spirits thus the need for public deliverance service. Though, I slept very little, ate very little, and was constantly ministering, I was encouraged to know we are doing our part to reach souls for the love of Jesus. Moreover, our very small meetings afford an opportunity for those with heavy hearts to share their testimonies and a few shared with the group the sustaining power of Jesus to keep them despite great odds. One lady from the Northeast shared she had been literally running from an Illuminati type group that has been harassing her for more then 7 years –from breaking into her house in Queens, NY to being sexually assaulted at night by sadistic cult members, to receiving many death threats, being drugged, and having to spend thousands of dollars to hire private investigators to assist her in finding out who these individuals were that were stalking her. Another saint shared of his dealings with a sadistic group named, the Sons of Satan, that broke into his home while as a graduate student in Austin, Texas. Furthermore, another lady shared her story of surviving 18 years of hauntings in her home and 18 years of voodoo curses being sent to her. 

    In each case, the believers testified of God’s grace, power, and mercy in their lives preserving them. There was a certain level of spiritual release and healing that took place as a result of these dear people sharing their pain, struggles, and battles.

    In concluding this email update I just wanted to thank our God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob for His great love that does truly sustain. I would not be able to continue this mission if it had not been for the faithfulness of our our great God and Savior –Jesus Christ!

    Remember my friends–we win with Jesus!


Casting Demons Out in China!

August 17th, 2011

I’m currently in China on a brief ministry stop and earlier yesterday I was involved in an unplanned (though God planned this) deliverance session with a dear lady from the Philippines who now lives in Hong Kong! For many weeks now she has been receiving these email updates and have been reading with great interest the amazing works of the Holy Spirit on these various trips I have been conducting throughout the world. 

In fact, listen to this my friends, this dear sister in Christ, has been watching some of the exorcism videos we have placed up on our site (view the supernatural MUST SEE exorcism videos here: http://www.youtube.com/user/rescuer4jesus ) and has been really touched by the power of Jesus to set the captives FREE. Moreover, WHILE WATCHING THE EXORCISM VIDEOS SHE MANIFESTED DEMONS HERSELF AND THEY WERE LEAVING HER WHILE SEE WATCHED ON. Furthermore, she had been praying, “God, please have Mr. Jay come ministry to me next time he’s here.” She was wanting some more in depth ministry and God provided her a miracle!

God answered this woman’s prayers. I’m in China and I met up with her and a precious family that assisted me. After partaking of the Holy Communion we proceeded to confront the demons within her and almost immediately the demons manifested and were forced out in the name of Jesus. While they were leaving her they were causing her to vomit a number of times and Jesus set her FREE! Her face just glowed the releasing power of the Holy Spirit. We also prayed for her heart and as a result of some tremendous hurt earlier in her life she was deeply wounded. In his obvious distress God poured out His beautiful love upon her in waves and brought much needed healing into her life! All praise to our healing Jesus!

More Exorcism Services in Australia

August 17th, 2011


+In Lithgow: Souls Wait for Hours for Deliverance from Demons

+Standing Room Only Meetings in the Village Prayer Gatherings

+8 Generations of Curses Demolished: 68 Year Old Saint Delivered from Demons in Public!

+Holy Communion vs Satan: Overcoming Evil Spirits with the Body and Blood of Jesus

+Mom Delivers Her Son and then the 12 Year Old Boy Surrenders to Jesus

+Generational Freemason Curses Broken, Nooses from Many Necks Cut Off

+Public Meeting: Pastor’s Daughter Breaks Free From Sin and Demons

+Many Healings: Back Pain, Leukemia, Cancer, Migraine Headaches, Arthritis Removed by 

the Power of the Holy Spirit

+Man Delivered from Many Demons then was Water Baptized

+50 Year Old Satanic Ceremonial Trauma Victim Attends Meeting and Receives Healing

+Elderly Polish Jewish Woman Exclaims to Me at Meeting: “You are a Jew, We need You to Help the Other Jews Here to Know the Messiah (Note: She had no prior knowledge of my Jewish 


+One Lady Waits for 2 Days for Prayer and is Delivered by Jesus!

+Predominate Demonic Forces in Australia that we Confronted: FEAR, JEZEBEL, AND FREEMASONRY SPIRITS

Again the above highlights are just a few that I have experienced in recent days!

You might have noticed I mention SCREAMS. I heard many SCREAMING! Saints have approached me with troubled hearts as they now recognize that many hearts need healing!

There are silent screams. Traveling to Buchenwald –the ghastly death camp in Germany–I could hear the hideous screams. Drawing nigh to abortion clinics, in America, for example, the same could be said. These are screams one hears in their inner man. 

There are also screams that one hears with their ears. I have heard them all over the globe. These are screams from enslaved souls that are seeking liberation from the powers of Satan.

I can still hear the screams. It’s something you quite never get used to. That’s a good thing too, as these are screams of desperation, deep pain and utter despair.Followers of Jesus should be very sensitive to these screams. We should hear them and respond to them. As these screams come from the depths of tormented souls. 

The past few days I have been immersed in non-stop ministry in some mountain villages in Australia that has required me to stay awake all night. How could I sleep? How could I sleep knowing precious souls were  waiting for hours for deliverance? I have rarely seen this kind of desperation but it is here in Australia.

For nearly two weeks I have driven demons out of numerous people in public deliverance services and private sessions in various locations throughout Southern Australia. I have been asking myself where has the church been all this time? Why are so many precious saints suffering so greatly? Why has not the church confronted these powers of evil and cast them out in Jesus name? I am determined to do something in response to these screams.

Exorcism Services in Villages of Cullen Bullen and Lithgow

After a week or so of intense ministry in Melbourne I took a flight to Sydney where I was driven to the Blue Mountains region. I had been invited to hold some public deliverance services and was told the people were hungry for the power of God. They were not kidding!

Upon my arrival I noticed that the little town hall was filled with people who came in from all over the area to receive deliverance from evil spirits. There was a sense of expectancy that overjoyed me. 

I preached a message on repentance and within minutes demons manifested in this hall. A woman in her 50’s manifested strong spirits of “Hate.” She began to convulse and demons spoke out of her.

“We are not leaving!” the demons screamed at me, “She belongs to us.”

As you can imagine the audience was stunned by this demonic manifestation but stood ready to battle. These spirits were driven out and for the next 6 hours or so I drove out demons. As the demonic spirits were confronted they cried out loudly, many were convulsing. Often times because of the  great spiritual pain these dear people were under they cried out. The screams, at times, were chilling and unnerving. 

For hours precious saints screamed as they were being attacked by demon forces. Even the pastor of the church whom sponsored the event howled (or should I say it sounded like roar) very loudly as demons were being driven out of him. A very large percentage of the audience were manifesting unclean spirits from within them. The screams, the screams…

We could have easily gone through the night there at the hall. I simply needed some rest as more meetings were planned for later in the evening.

Souls were being healed and delivered by the power of God. Numerous infirmities, pains and broken hearts were miraculously cured by Jesus! 

After more then 6 hours of public ministry I was driven to a house meeting where I met with more souls needing freedom from the devil. Again I was up until very early morning assisting with those needing healing from a broken heart and deliverance from satanic spirits. I observed that most of the time the invading evil spirits quickly surfaced and expelled! 

For many hours we battled demons in the power of the Holy Spirit in these various meetings, led Holy Communion, taught from the Scriptures, equipped the Body of Christ, and led those in attendance in mass deliverance! 

There was a strange phenomena that occurred while ministering in these villages that I have not experienced in Western nations and that is the desperate hearts wanting deliverance in mass numbers. I was literally swarmed by those wanting personal ministry even when taking breaks. I literally could not eat or rest for long periods of time as a result of the needs of the souls that attended the meetings. In fact, there were many that we were not able to minister to. Nothing like this has been seen in these places as reported to me by those  older saints in the church!

Mission Australia, Mass Deliverance

August 17th, 2011


 Mountain Village Pastor Delivered of Powerful Demons in a Public Exorcism Service, HOWLING as the Spirits Exited!

Emerald Village: Hunchback with Clawed Hands Healed & Delivered at Anglican Prayer Meeting

Many Elders, Pastors, and their Wives Freed from Demonization
Mass Deliverance at Anglican Church: Many Freed from Demon Powers in Jesus Name!

Pastor Reports: 1st Time Ever a Public Deliverance Service has been Conducted in the History of their Village!

Praying for the Sick, the Demonized, and Brokenhearted 12 to 16 Hours a Day

More then 12 Children Healed and Delivered from Demons in Australia

Dozens of Soon to be Exorcists Trained in Melbourne, Sydney, Australia

Cancer Defeated in Jesus Name: 4 People with Cancer Healed

Confronted 32,000 Evil Spirits in a Lady with the Overcoming Power of the Cross

Threatened to be Strangled by Murderous Spirit, Jesus Sustains!

More then 50 Public and Private Meetings have been Conducted in Australia

Jezebel, Legion, Death, Murder, Cancer, Mute, and a Host of Satanic Spirits Cast Out!

Public Deliverance at Village Meeting Hall: Women Set Free from Witchcraft!

Many with Broken Hearts and Dissociative Identities Miraculously Healed by Jesus

Body of Christ Unified in Performing Exorcisms in Village Churches!

Those were simply a few highlights (trust me there are perhaps hundreds of various kinds of miracles that could be recounted in the many prayer sessions we have conducted) of the phenomenal miracles that have taken place in Australia these past few weeks. I am deeply encouraged and realize that the Body of Christ has to arise and meet the daunting challenges that lie before us! There is a couple observations I have made that I would like to share — first of all, the amount of believers who are demonized is astounding. This tells me that the church has not for some time now provided a means for people to be healed and delivered, thus we have masses of believers who are horribly tormented by satanic powers. Secondly, I see that the church is ill equipped to directly intervene with the demonized masses. Even one Anglican pastor shared with me that his prayer intercessors were “overwhelmed” with the sheer amount of people manifesting demons in the public meeting! 

The solution to these problems are clear: we must train, we must equip the BODY, to conduct deliverance ministry with those vexed by unclean spirits. There is an enormous need to educate the church on the necessity of bringing healing to broken hearts. I think the best means to train and expose the BODY is through the public deliverance meetings. A handful of churches have already approached me about conducting public training seminars and deliverance meetings on my next journey back to Australia! I look forward to this as we must counter the mass demonic invasion within the church of demon powers. We must push them back and free precious souls with the conquering power of Jesus!

I’m currently in a small village in the Blue Mountains here in Australia and have just completed another small group meeting where 6 people were delivered from demonic affliction including a young Indonesian lady who manifested an Islamic spirit that spoke in Arabic (mind you she doesn’t speak Arabic but her parents recognized the language). The reason for the entry? At age 16, with her parents, she visited the largest Mosque in the Southern Hemisphere and as a result of entering the Mosque she was quickly invaded by these very powerful Islamic spirits that chocked her, in attempt to kill her. For a long time we battled the demons, commanding them to go in Jesus name. God prevailed and the spirits were forced out and this precious believer was released from terrible demonic torment. Moreover, she was healed of a broken heart! It was quite bizarre to see a distinctly black squid like substance exit her body upon the expulsion of the evil spirits. 

I could literally recount numerous stories like this. This has been an extremely busy time and we have literally seen many freed from demonic spirits. The work continues on –I am here in the Blue Mountain region and a dear brother of mine is back in Melbourne reporting that more deliverances are being conducted there to free the tormented! We are even getting reports that those who are just getting introduced to the deliverance ministry are now casting demons out of others in Jesus name! The fires of the Holy Spirit are at work in some significant ways! The fires will continue to burn. Amen!

In Sweden: Generational Witchcraft Demons From 1422 Cast Out!

July 29th, 2011

Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus!

God graciously provided a smooth flight from NYC to Iceland onward to Scandinavia.  

While in Iceland the powers of Norse paganism is evident. It has even been reported there is a revival of Norse paganism in the small nation. Even on the Iceland Airlines flight they had seat covers dedicated to various demons such as Thor, Odin, Freya and others. I couldn’t believe it! I have dealt with these kinds of Norse spirits before and have seen Jesus conquer over them!

Well, my friends, it’s 4am (and light has arrived, kinda strange for sure, dark late and light early in the day) here in Stockholm, Sweden and have been ministering since I arrived yesterday afternoon. It’s been pretty much non-stop ministry and I’m seeing astounding miracles by the power of the Holy Spirit. I have not slept more then a few hours for a few days now. God is providing supernatural strength as I have battled many hundreds of evil spirits within a family and have driven them out in the most powerful name of Jesus.

The dear lady, Faith, has been on a demonic journey of sorts that has landed her in various regions of the globe taking part of some serious demonic rituals such fire ceremonies in South India, entering deep altered states of consciousness while in communion with Hindu gurus in San Francisco, attending occult meetings in Northern Europe, and offering sacrifices to the Hindi demon goddess Kali. A life of immense emotional pain, spiritual torment, and various infirmities that have left her basically spiritually disabled at the age of 36. Her husband also a former devotee of various Hindu gurus having lived in India for extended periods of time also found himself enslaved to dark spiritual forces.

In the midst of their great spiritual darkness God rescued these dear people and saved them in 2010 and now they were determined to deal with all of their demonic garbage that had opened numerous doors to demons to invade their lives that brought some intense satanic bondage!

For months they had been searching for someone to help them and sadly no one offered to assist them in the area of deliverance. My friends–there is a tremendous need within the Body of Christ for the ministry of deliverance. Yet, there are so few churches offering this much needed labor of love –the ministry of liberation! This is a global problem!!

God connected me with these dear people recently and really felt the need to travel here. After leading the family in the Holy Communion–which really refreshed them–a demonic entity by the name of “Hate” surfaced. Growling and cursing me, he said that he wasn’t going to leave as he wanted to “keep the hate in her heart.”

Faith confessed this hate and claimed the forgiveness of God. These 4 Hate spirits were removed and driven out in Jesus name!

A large group of more then 200 demons named, “Lust” soon thereafter manifested, contorting her body and having her body go through some strange sexual motions as if the demons were molesting her while ministering to her. They were and she was fighting it as she didn’t want any part of it. Her husband at this point was lying on the ground in utter shock (this was taking a toll on him) as he had never seen anything like it before –evil demons surfacing from within his wife and raping her. 

“We entered her ancestors back in 1422 because of witchcraft rituals they has participated in, they were our slaves. They were lustful.”

Faith revealed that indeed there was witchcraft deeply entrenched in her family bloodline and she was a practicing witch for a number of years. I had led Faith in a prayer of renunciation and spirits cried out.

“No! Do not sent us to the pit. We want to stay in her body!”

 No mercy for demons! These vile unholy beings were also cast out in Jesus name!

Many of these demons were holding a handful of parts of her broken heart including a 2 year old and a 3 year old.

The little 2 year old broken part of her heart surfaced and was so terrified as she had been held for so long. We reached out to the little one and commanded the demons of terror and fear to leave. They quickly departed and immediately healing took place within these broken parts as Jesus comforted the little ones with His holy love!

The little 3 year old was holding onto some horrible memories of sexual abuse by a family member and was also held captive by a satanic force. This little one was released from her long captivity and experienced beautiful healing from Jesus!

Truly our Lord is a Healer of the Brokenhearted! Amen!

Other demons confronted and forced out: False Jesus, False Christ, False Light and host of others. Another meeting is planned within a few hours (pray I find some sleep somewhere!) Then more meetings later in the evening!

Another amazing miracle took place! Faith had been complaining of experiencing great pain in her feet as if there was needle in her left foot. A demon, during the prayer session, admitted he had been holding a needle there to torment her. That needle my friends was driven out of her body and she can longer feel the needle or pain. It was removed by the power of Jesus!

Faith’s face just glowed after her deliverance and we are believing more wonders to occur as we continue with the ministry! She had testified she has not felt this good in a very long time! God also healed her of numerous physical afflictions that the demons admitted they had been bringing into her body!

Demonic Powers of Allah Surfaced and Defeated by King Jesus!

July 29th, 2011

Dear Friends of Jesus our Faithful King,

Stunning display of God’s mighty powers were at work this entire day (we had three different meetings today) to set the captives free. Again it’s after 4:30am and I’m still in awe of the miraculous powers that we were able to experience here in Stockholm, Sweden. Some of the beautiful things that I experienced was seeing supernatural intervention of the Holy Spirit at work.

I am currently in a predominately Islamic area of the capital city so I was not totally surprised to see that 35 different demonic entities that went by the name of Allah surfaced within a woman that I was ministering to.

“I’m the spirits of Allah and I AM the TRUE GOD,” the demons shouted at me, utilizing her vocal cords. 

“No! You are a demon that deceives millions of Muslims with this lie, is that true, in Jesus name!”

The Allah spirits immediately moaned and readily admitted their defeat by the one true God.

“Yes, Jesus IS Lord, we have been defeated by Him, we are deceiving many,” the spirits confessed upon being subjected by the blood of Christ.

The Scriptures clearly teach that every mouth will indeed confess that Jesus is indeed LORD!

“We are simply here because a Muslim occultist, by the name of Hadad, sent us through a satanic spell so that we might torment this woman because she was attempting to reach out to Hadad and he didn’t like it so he sent us,” the demons revealed.

So, essentially this woman was a victim of a satanic spell (she was deeply affected by the spell since there were already evil spirits within her) and was bound by these Islamic demons. 

As the lady broke off the satanic curse upon her life I commanded the Allah demons to leave her body and they quickly departed and immediately she felt relieved and FREE!

There other satanic spirits operating in her life:

  • Spirits of False Life –entered while she was in her mother’s womb as a result of her own mother cursing her prenatally. 
  • Spirits of False Light –entered her because she worshiped a satanic light manifestation.
  • Jezebel demonic spirits –entered the family more then 200 years ago because her ancestors killed humans, had issues with control, manipulation, and domination. 
  • Spirits of False Love –entered her due to sexual perversions. These spirits had been sexually assaulting her at night.
  • Demons of Incest and Bastard –these evil spirits had been traveling through the bloodline for more then 400 years due to incestuous encounters, perversions with children, and sexual fantasies.
  • Spirits of Lucifer –because she had been cursed by Satanists.
  • Spirits of Deceit, Betrayal, and Lying.
  • Demons of Saturn Worship –entered as a result of entering various altered states of consciousness by partaking of LSD, Opium, GHB, Ecstasy, and many other drugs.
  • Leviathan –was causing infertility, afflicting her ovaries, and general torment.  

All of these demonic forces and many others were driven out in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and many broken pieces of her heart surfaced (ranging from ages 2 to 26) and were reached with the healing power of Christ. This believer experienced a powerful healing of a broken heart!

Moreover in the last meeting of the day, I had the wonderful opportunity to lead a 53 year old Swede to a full surrender to the Lord Jesus Christ for prior to this he had opened his heart to a “Hindu Divine Mother” (he testified of inviting her into his heart and she (the demon) entered him and brought some tremendous pain and torment into his life. After his conversion, we were united in aggressively commanding out numerous Hindu spirits such as Kali, Shiva, and others! They quickly exited his boy and unspeakable joy was shining off his face! He was truly a new creation delivered by the power of God Almighty!

Tonight’s Crusade: Beyond My Wildest Imagination!

July 29th, 2011

Dear Friends of Jesus,

This Zambia mission has quickly become one of the most powerful ministry events we have conducted. I have held some equally powerful gospel meetings in Western Africa and the Caribbean in the past but the sheer number of people who are being saved is astounding! In every meeting we are seeing many hundreds come to Jesus Christ for salvation and earlier this afternoon we saw thousands call upon Jesus as Lord! The crusade tonight was beyond my wildest imagination!

After our day meetings I came to the hotel for perhaps an hour or so and was back on the road to the next meeting –Kaunda Square, Lusaka. The masses of people could be seen gathered upon turning onto the road that leads to the square. It was dusty–yes, it was dirty–yes, it was very dark–yes but God was there! That’s all that mattered anyway, I simply showed up to be an instrument in HIS hands! 

The numbers of people simply increased from last night! More then 2,000 jammed packed in this small town square area. The numbers of young people and children were staggering. In situations I like these it’s hard to gauge and you rely on the dear pastors to give you an idea but I would estimate 60% were teenagers and children who were present on this night’s meeting! I truly believe if I continued on with these meetings into next week we could easily have more then 10,000 people here nightly. It reminds me of my first trip to Haiti where we drew more then 2,000 the first night, 4,000 the second night and more then 5,000-6,000 the third night. The Haitian pastors begged me to stay as they truly felt more then 10,000 would be assembled in the days ahead. However, I do have a family and other ministry obligations. Same here. I’ll be back by God’s grace!

After the watching of the film I stood in the middle of the town square and preached the gospel! It was dark with very little light but it didn’t matter–Jesus was the light and the young people turned to Him in mass numbers! I shared how we could stomp on the devil as Jesus in us is greater then the devil and all of sudden many hundreds of young people began to stomping on the ground and jumping up and down with such incredible spiritual energy! Mind you I’m in the middle of this crowd and led the group in the defeat of Satan in the name of Jesus our King! I have some video coverage of this and I’ll be sharing the videos in the coming days! It will be awesome to share!

When it was time to call upon Jesus for salvation –hundreds, perhaps a thousand, only God knows–but it was a massive number for sure! The church will be packed this Sunday with new converts to be discipled. Now, we need more workers to help these babies in Christ! 

I also conducted a mass deliverance on those who had assembled and commanding evil spirits to leave those whom were present –you could really sense many scores were being delivered by the power of Jesus! Our mighty God has conquered the enemies!

Fire of God Descended on 8,000 in One Open Air Meeting!

July 29th, 2011

Dear brothers and sisters in King Jesus!

This afternoon at the New Soweto Market Square in Lusaka I ascended upon some wooden pallets in the middle of the market square where more then 8,000 people had assembled and preached Jesus! With my dear pastor friend Peter Mwansa and a few other pastors we conducted a spiritual special forces mission –to capture New Soweto with the overcoming power of the cross of Jesus Christ! 

I cannot begin to tell you of the electricity that could literally be felt with the enthusiastic crowd that had assembled, the thousands that received us and applauded the preaching of the good news of Jesus! They had stopped what they were doing and listened as we brought God’s Word! I recall earlier this year being in London conducting open air preaching missions and being verbally assaulted with the most vile disgusting things a man could possible say. In Times Square, New York City I was stopped by the police for open air preaching. In Zambia –Jesus is welcomed and as a result thousands could be heard calling upon Jesus as Lord in this one meeting we held this afternoon. What a incredible contrast! Speaks volumes!

Earlier in the day we obtained some high powered audio equipment so we could reach more with the gospel as the little audio equipment I had brought was not simply getting the job done –to reach the masses so this high powered equipment allowed us to reach many more thousands and they could hear us as as far as one could see in the open field! 

The shouts to Jesus, in the many thousands, was something every believer needs to witness in an open air environment. It inspiring trust me on that! 

We held two more open air gospel meetings with about 300 and 500 people assembled respectively. Many more surrendered to the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior! The people are hungry and were receptive to the ministry of the Word!

Due to the fact of the impact of the gospel ministry many pastors are now joining together unified believing to hold a massive crusade in the tens of thousands in October! Pray that this become fulfilled in Jesus name!

As a result of the masses of people coming to Jesus Christ, I have decided to shorten my trip to South Africa but the rest of the journey remains on schedule. I look forward to tract distribution in the United Arab Emirates and the small group deliverance meetings planned in China and Australia (in Sydney and in Melbourne–for more information on these meetings please email). 

Tonight continue to pray as I will be preaching in another open air crusade meeting! 

God’s blessings to you my partners in fulfilling the GREAT COMMISSION –to go into all of the world and preach the gospel!

400 Souls at the Kaunda Square Crusade, 300 Saved by Jesus!

July 29th, 2011

Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus,

I just arrived back from our evening crusade in the Kaunda Square area (a place of filth, little outdoor lighting, and demonic oppression) of Zambia and we saw a tremendous harvest of souls that were brought into the Kingdom of Heaven! It was quite cold this evening and was shivering but my heart was truly warmed to see the response to the preaching of the gospel. We showed the “Jesus” film first and at the beginning there were perhaps 50 or 60 in attendance however by midway through the film more then 400+ souls had arrived and were captivated by the film. After the film had ended I was introduced by pastor Peter Mwansa, of the sponsoring church who hosted the evening gospel meeting. After the introduction I preached the gospel with the power of the Holy Spirit fire and more then 300 LOUDLY called upon the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation. The church had prepared a number of counselors to provide some follow up for the new converts!

This area where we held this open air crusade is known for being a place of deep darkness and spiritual resistance. The gospel was such a powerful force (the film and the preaching) that Satan had no chance! The power of God had manifested itself with great power to where the powers of demons were disarmed by the Blood-Stained Cross of Jesus Christ! It reminded me of my own personal deliverance when I was confronted with the powerful message of the gospel nearly a quarter of a century ago and by simply responding by faith in Jesus –I was immediately liberated from years of torment (I understand that for many deliverance is an issue that needs to be worked on in the subsequent years after conversion however there are times God works in this mysterious way to deliver completely those previously in great bondage at conversion). 

Jesus did it all! Though my vocal cords were torn up from the preaching earlier in the day –God healed me and provided me the strength to preach. I’m so thankful for Jesus aren’t YOU?

More meetings tomorrow! Thank you for praying!

Today in Zambia: Preached to 10,000 in 7 Meetings!

July 28th, 2011

Dear Friends in Jesus the King!

It’s been a stunning display of God’s power today as 7 open air gospel meetings have been conducted with more then 10,000 reached with the gospel and to think I have another public meeting this evening is quite amazing –all praise to Jesus who sustains me– as I could NOT do this on my own strength –I can promise you that!

As like in my previous missions to Africa there is an openness here unlike anywhere I have seen throughout the world. This is a stark contrast to most Western nations which tend to be hostile to the faith. That is why you see the miracles as the people are HUNGRY AND THIRSTY FOR THE GOSPEL!

Allow me to share what just happened…while preaching in an open air setting where literally many thousands were gathered. I was BEGGED by the people to go to other areas to preach the WORD. I know most of us Westerners would think this is so bizarre to think that in a public place masses of people would beg to hear the gospel –this was the case here in Lusaka, Zambia. After each meeting I would be swarmed by masses of people BEGGING FOR PRAYER AND MINISTRY. Just this morning, within about thirty minutes I distributed more then 300-400 gospel tracts as the people were begging to know more about Jesus. I could have distributed more then 1000 within an hour but I ran out, thankfully I have more (perhaps 300-400 but that will be done with in about 30 minutes)! 

The streets are very dirty, the sewage was awful, and the pollution at some places unbearable but the ministry is precious and strong! The miracles have been numerous –so many have surrendered to the Lord Jesus Christ it’s been staggering! Dozens of people have been delivered from demon powers and healed of various afflictions! In fact, in one meeting under the shadow of a Islamic Mosque I preached in an open air setting and people everywhere –in shops, on the sidewalks, in buses, in taxis, in homes, from the Mosque came out to hear me preach the good news of Jesus. I literally felt the goosebumps and the chills up my spine as people earnestly stopped what they were doing and responded to the gospel. Amazingly, a devout Muslim man in his 60’s approached me while I preached (at first I thought he was going to attempt to disrupt the meeting) and just stood right by me and was quite attentive. The Holy Spirit was moving so powerfully that the Muslim responded in front of a thousand people by raising his hand to Jesus Christ when I called upon those to surrender to the worship of the one true God–the Lord Jesus–to raise their hands. THE MUSLIM MAN WAS THE FIRST TO DO SO AND THAT MADE MANY APPLAUSE! WOW! Allah is not alive and he does not possess the power of our Jesus!

Men, women, boys and girls prayed with me to surrender to Jesus! In marketplaces, on the street corner, everywhere people prayed with me to invite Jesus as Lord! This fires me up like nothing else–the POWER OF JESUS TO SAVE!

But of course the demons attempted to cause some disturbance –a man came up to me angrily and confronted me on the streets and called me a “demon.” I rebuke that in Jesus name!

Obviously, the enemy is furious with the gospel being proclaimed in such a open public fashion but Satan cannot stop the good news from going out —in fact, in about an hour or so I will be speaking at the Apostolic Bible Believers Assembly evangelistic crusade in Kaunda Square tonight where satanism, witchcraft, and the powers of sorcery are known to be active. They will witness the power of Jesus like they never seen before when they see us cast out demons in public in Jesus name! Joining me will be pastor Peter Mwansa, a man who oversees churches throughout Zambia.

This ministry is so unique in that we will not limit the work to large crusades like we are holding in Zambia but we will minister to smaller meetings like we did in Sweden recently…we are about reaching souls wherever they may be found for the sake of Jesus! Thank you for praying I really felt the move of the Holy Spirit where I just shook with joy and power! It’s quite amazing!

Pray TONIGHT as we confront the powers of devil worship with the conquering power of Jesus the King!