Extremely Violent Exorcism in Vancouver

June 4th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,


I have been conducting public deliverance missions here in British Columbia for a number of years and we have seen an increase of God’s power in our many services here. We had a very good turnout tonight here in the beautiful city of Vancouver. One of my favorite cities of the world. I just love the cool breeze sweeping across the harbor into the city. Not too cold and definitely not humid. It’s done wonders to my health. Few friends have noticed I look refreshed in these pictures. I am refreshed especially after tonight’s service at the Empire Landing Hotel conference hall in downtown Vancouver.


Will be very difficult to describe what transpired in our service tonight. Some highlights?

  • Jesus visited us in a very tangible manner; He spoke through a woman who was dramatically delivered and healed. Jesus pointed to one man in the audience and called him to repentance; he descended to his knees in repentance of his pornography addiction.
  • Jesus also pointed to a woman, perhaps in her mid to late 60’s, that sat in the back of the meeting hall. Jesus said she had a broken heart and that I must minister to her. I obeyed the Lord and little heart parts surfaced as a result of childhood sexual abuse. She was miraculously touched by Jesus!
  • A marriage was restored. Look at the picture above and you tell me if it looks like a marriage has been saved?
  • Woman (pictured above) was miraculously set free from Jezebel, death spirits, Baal and Moloch. Her children were set free from demons too!
  • My brother in Christ (pictured above; with his wife) was powerfully liberated from the powers of murder, rage, anger and hate.
  • Jesus spoke to me and Ron (Ron is our Canadian mission contact who is assisting me here in Vancouver) and told us we were doing a good job! To keep at it. Job well done! WOW! Can it get any BETTER? No wonder I feel so refreshed….God allowed me to enjoy a beautiful day (see the picture below of me; loving the gorgeous weather) and then see HIM WORK!

My friends, it was an incredibly blessed night; I’m still wired! It’s 3am here in Vancouver and I feel I am the most blessed man on this planet. I live to SEE JESUS FREE SOULS!


Well, Jesus did just that. The man above, with his wife, manifested incredibly aggressive and violent demons. It was as if a raging bull was within his body was charging at me. It wanted to kill me. My friends, you have no idea how strong these demons were. The supernatural strength these evil spirits had was staggering. However, God prevailed. We called forth the holy angels of God and applied the holy blood of Jesus Christ and the demons bowed before Christ.


Trust me, it was an all out war. I have not been in a violent struggle, of this kind of level, in awhile. Thank God Ron was there; as it took both of us to restrain him. Eventually after applying the blood of Christ over the demons to weaken them; we handed it over to the holy angels of God to assist. The holy angels restrained him and we stepped aside as the holy angels struck the invading demons with their swords. The demons groaned in agony and were commanded into the pit in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ!


It was amazing. Not only was he set free but was also supernaturally healed as little heart parts surfaced and were guided to Jesus. Through the evening, other parts were healed and encountered the risen Lord!


When my brother was delivered from the demonic spirits; he immediately went to the back of the meeting hall and entered a deep sleep –like a little baby! Thank you Jesus!


His wife was also powerfully exorcised from many demons. They twisted her body and contorted her. They spoke to me with great anger.


“We are not leaving; we are staying within her,” the demons of Jezebel, Moloch and Baal informed me, “We have been here a very long time; her ancestors participated in fortune telling, witchcraft, baby blood sacrifices and idolatry.”


They were filled with fury and battled me. I battled back in Jesus name. I pulled out my sacred cross and they cried out in agony as a result of touching the cross. There’s power in the cross of Jesus. Do NOT let anyone tell you otherwise. In fact, the cross weakened them to the point where they bowed to King Jesus in the shadow of the cross. It was another stunning display of God’s power over the evil ones.


The holy angels, the fire of God and the commands of Jesus, the Sword of the Spirit wore the demons down and they began begging me to stop and to send them away. The demons were vanquished by the triumphant power of the our Risen King Jesus! There were many little hearts parts healed and many human interjects (foreign living human soul parts) were sent to Jesus.


THIS IS NEW TESTAMENT MINISTRY! After her deliverance, Jesus so filled her, that Jesus began to speak though her and she ministered to others; just seconds after being delivered herself. Love it. Beautiful Jesus.

Seattle: Teeangers Set Free from Murder, Witchcraft & Death

June 4th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,


What an incredible victorious night here in Seattle, Washington, as we witnessed the power of King Jesus over the powers of evil. We had a jammed packed meeting hall where souls gathered to hear God’s Word and experience the supernatural. What I really enjoyed was seeing the young teenagers that attended tonight’s service and were delivered from thousands of evil spirits. These young girls ranged from 13 to 15 years of age. Just think about this for a moment –because we intervened we kept them from a lifelong journey through life with great pain, torment, and death. They didn’t have to wait until they were 50 or 60 or 70 years of age to figure out they needed deliverance. Their quality of life will be one of peace, freedom and power!


We are needing to reach the younger generations with the ministry of exorcism! Let’s not allow demons to run rampant in our teenagers. Let’s put a STOP to it. I’m doing what I can and highly encourage you to do the same; in whatever capacity you can. Young people are being assaulted by hordes of demonic powers; hell bent on controlling our future generations.


One of the teenagers I ministered to was the young lady pictured above with her grandmother. While praying for this young lady, whom I’ll refer to as Mary, powerful demons surfaced —spirits of death, rejection, mind control and others. They held onto little heart parts and I commanded the demons to release the heart parts. They obeyed. I then proceeded to command all of the demons to the pit; they quickly left Mary’s body and entered the pit. She was dramatically set free by Jesus! She was so happy afterwards. She was experiencing the love and joy of Jesus!; especially after I guided the little ones to Jesus for healing and wholeness. Take a glance at that picture again; the smile speaks for itself.


We continued, throughout the night, for more than 7 hours, battling the powers of darkness; including on the behalf of this young girl pictured with me above. She came with her mother, who is involved in world-wide missionary work. As I began to pray over this young lady, spirits of violence, murder and death swiftly surfaced and looked at me with utter hatred and disgust. The spirits at first didn’t want to obey my commands to come up to the front of the hall. So, I called for the holy angels of God to assist me. They picked this young teenager off the chair and brought her to the front of the hall so I could minister to her.


“My name is Sheckem,” the demons revealed to me, “We have been within the ancestral bloodline for thousands of years because her ancestors practiced blood sacrifices and worshipped other gods.”


Sheckem is first mentioned in the Book of Genesis 12:6-8. It’s an ancient city located in modern day Israel. This particular demon revealed to me that he “lives there.” However, because he was given spiritual rights to the family bloodline due to ancestral murder and violence; he invaded. This ancient spirit had been in the bloodline for thousands of years! I also discovered there were thousands of these spirits within their young lady.


“I’m very strong,” Sheckem boasted to me.


So, you know what I did? I pulled out my cross (as seen above) and spirits trembled greatly. My sacred cross terrified the demons. I commanded the demons to simply touch the cross and they had great difficulty doing so. Eventually, they touched and it greatly weakened them.


“I’m weak now,” Sheckem finally admitted; after touching the power of the cross.


There’s power in the cross of Jesus! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Moreover, if God the Father used a CROSS to defeat Satan (Did He not send His Son Jesus to a CROSS?) then I think it’s a great idea to a utilize a cross to weaken demon powers. I didn’t invent this; our great God ordained a CROSS to crush Satan. The CROSS speaks of victory and not of defeat as Jesus resurrected on the third day and ascended to the Father’s right hand –FAR ABOVE ALL POWERS!


I commanded Sheckem and the thousands of it’s kind straight to the pit in Jesus name! They departed and this young girl was FREED! It was beautiful to see! Jesus healed this young teenager and she was so happy and laughing with such pure joy. This young girl even got to see Jesus when ministering inner healing to her. Take a look at the picture of her with me above; post deliverance. It was beautiful to witness!


All night long, souls experienced deliverance from evil spirits. Another teenager who sat in the very front of the hall, also manifested spirits of witchcraft (along with her mother) and they were expelled from her in Jesus name! She was not only freed from demons but also supernaturally healed of dissociation and various kinds of physical ailments.


So, many miracles took place among God’s people. I give glory to Jesus the Lord!


Jesus Visits; Blindness Departs!

June 4th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,


As many of you I am in the midst of another long mission journey throughout North America to preach the gospel, drive out evil spirits and heal the brokenhearted. I have been in San Francisco, California conducting meetings. Even last night, we had a larger crowd and precious souls traveled in from various cities to receive ministry. I’m now in Seattle, Washington, about to head to a public meeting.


One of the first individuals we ministered to, in last night’s service, was a precious disciple (pictured with me above; post deliverance) named Shane. For YEARS this man has suffered from the demons of death. It was basically a 24 hours, 7 days a week spiritual assault on this man. He didn’t give into these spirits but fought them with everything he had. It paid off!


Shane was manifesting powerful spirits since the beginning of the service. They twisted his face, contorted his body, growled like a wild beast and screamed at me. They were determined to stay within him; to destroy him.


Death has been a aspect of Shane’s life for a very long time and they glared at me with satanic violence. They were furious with me for confronting them in Jesus. We discovered that Shane had been involved in a organized criminal syndicate that, obviously, opened doors to the demonic. Without going into all of the details, this disciple became terribly demonized as a result of participating with this death cult.


He was desperate for deliverance; Jesus answered his cry and set him free from the spirits of death. What transpired afterwards; was STUNNING!


Shane in utter SHOCK AND AWE simply cried and cried little a newborn baby—HE was so HAPPY!


“I can’t believe it; death is gone. I can’t believe it. Jay, that was the big one and it’s gone. I can’t believe it but IT LEFT,” Shane keep on repeating to me, “Jay, I can’t believe this. I feel peace, I feel lighter, I feel so different.”


Jesus truly set him FREE! It was a powerful demonstration of God’s power over the evil ones. Shane, just cried and cried with tears of JOY! He didn’t think it would ever leave but in the name of Jesus; IT DID! It was commanded to the pit.


That was only the beginning my friends. ALL evening long we drove out untold numbers of demons. Souls were miraculously healed –physically and emotionally– and liberated from demonic spirits. However, the greatest wonder took place when we started to minister to a mother named Marsha (pictured with me below; post deliverance). Jesus visited us.


While in the midst of confronting a powerful group of demons of witchcraft; the invading demons looked upwards towards the meeting hall ceiling and trembled. I took notice of it and inquired why they were looking up.


“HE IS THERE!” the demons revealed as they were pointing upwards.


Jesus was, indeed, present in our service, which is a tremendous honor. Yes, we are fully aware Jesus is omnipresent but there are times He makes His presence known in more of a tangible manner. He did just that. Interestingly, Marsha, said that while she was in this demonic trance; as I was battling the demons –she could ACTUALLY SEE JESUS TOO! She vividly described the Lord and I was deeply humbled by her testimony.


It should be noted a number of people in our recent services have been able to SEE the Lord and encounter His powerful love that has brought incredible healing. To have Jesus come into a service and tangibly appear to His people is a great honor I do not take lightly. He is blessing our work with His presence.


I continued battling these many demons within this woman and they revealed a very dark ancestral past:


“We have been here for more than 17 generations because her ancestors burned babies,” the spirits of witchcraft revealed, “We cause blindness and pains too.”


There’s much I want to reveal and in my next email update will be sharing more about this —believers in Christ ,who have within their bodies and souls, these very dark ancestral curses and spirits. Unbeknownst to them, they lurk, waiting to strike. I have much to say about this.


Not only did JESUS appear; He also drove these many demonic spirits within this woman and she was powerfully set free from 10+ years of PHYSICAL PAIN. Moreover, her eyesight was healed too! See could see without her glasses! I asked how she felt after her deliverance and physical healing.


“Jay, I feel ZERO PAIN! It’s been 10 YEARS of PAIN! I feel ZERO PAIN! I feel peace and so much lighter now.”


STUNNING WONDER! Jesus IS worthy to be praised.


San Francisco: Child Sacrifice Demon Defeated

June 4th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,


I’m currently in San Francisco, California conducting a series of public services with the hopes of reaching precious souls for Jesus. It’s always been difficult to minister in this part of the nation. San Francisco is spiritually oppressive with many international satanic organizations based out of this city. In fact, the Church of Satan, was founded by the late Anton LaVey in April 1966 here in the city. Moreover, this city, is very well known, for it’s support and promotion of alternative sexual lifestyles.


Obviously, this region is need of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. We are hoping to do what we can to see souls rescued. Our meeting last night was small in number (however, we had a little larger crowd then the last time I was here; so that is a positive). I had great difficulty teaching; incredible spiritual opposition. I haven’t had this much difficulty in awhile but it does happen on occasion and I just simply fight through it.


After leading everyone in Holy Communion I began to pray over those needing deliverance from evil spirits and healing. The presence of the Holy Communion was causing one man, in the audience, to manifest some vicious demons that growled and twisted his face. There is power in the blood of Jesus!


As I led everyone in prayer; there were a few that experienced some instant freedom by simply renouncing generational curses and sins in Jesus name! Some were testifying of feeling much spiritual release.


Then the Holy Spirit directed me to one of the ladies who sat towards the back of the hotel ballroom. I spent considerable time ministering to Susan (pictured above with her good friend). During the service, I could tell she was being horribly attacked with various kinds of pains and ailments. The evil spirits quickly surfaced when I placed some holy oil on her head.


“We are here to destroy her! We hold her gift of healing in captivity,” the spirits of destruction and Jezebel announced to me, “We are the ones behind all of her pains. We bring cancer.”


Turns out Susan had been suffering for more than a year from various kinds of pains and afflictions. It was these demonic spirits behind it. Moreover, they revealed they also held her eyes to bring about an element of blindness.


During the exorcism, some of the evil spirits confessed they had been in the generational bloodline a long time. Some very ancient child sacrificing spirits were now surfacing and battled me.


“We have been here for more than a thousand years,” the demons revealed to me, “Her ancestors practiced blood rituals. She had no idea.”


Very interesting. I often wonder how many people have these ancient kinds of generational curses that affect their present lives? Billions, no doubt. The need of the ministry of deliverance is desperately needed!


I waged war against these many ancient demons in Jesus name. I called forth the holy angels of God who struck the invading spirits with the swords; thus greatly weakening them and used my cross (which the demons could barely touch as it weakened them so greatly) and anointing oil (which they disliked greatly as they felt like they were being burned by merely touching it).


All of these ancient spirits of Jezebel and Moloch were commanded to the pit in Jesus name. They flew out of her in Jesus name! Susan immediately testified of feeling no more pain and that her eyesight had cleared up. Jesus is worthy to be praised! 

Healed of Cancer & Spirit Husband Cast Out

June 4th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,


I just finished reading about the two blind men, in the Gospel of John, that were persistent in getting Jesus to heal them. They cried out; begging for mercy. In fact, the crowd, at one point, rebuked them, but they didn’t persuade the blind men to stop inquiring of the Lord Jesus. They continued seeking their healing. Jesus, responded in compassion –healing them! The life and ministry of Jesus was filled with the supernatural.


Our missions are filled with the supernatural too; for they are filled with JESUS. Expect the unexpected! You just never know what may happen. In our missions we have seen the dead raised back to life, evil spirits commanded to the pit, sicknesses vanish, holy angels ministering, souls being saved by Jesus and so much more.


Take a glance at those pictures above (below); God is using this mission to reach so many souls. We really need you to stand with us –in prayer and financial support. We are a very small mission that is making a significant global impact for Jesus.


In our last few missions we have seen those who have been blinded –spiritually and physically– healed by God. On the far left, a lady came into one of our services wearing glasses. During a powerful exorcism, I encountered some demons of death and blindness that held claim to her eyes. As these evil spirits were driven out in Jesus name; her eyes started to experience a healing. After her deliverance, she exclaimed: “I can see!”


However, when she walked out, after the service, she was tempted to put on her glasses and she did. Guess what happened? Her NEW prescription glasses didn’t work. So, she walked right back into the meeting hall, located me, and handed me back her glasses.


“Jay, I’m trembling because I put on my glasses after being healed and they didn’t work at all.”


I explained that she didn’t need her glasses as God healed her. She agreed!


“I can clearly see without them,” she shared with me.


Recently, I received a email that her sight was improving but she is really struggling. We need to pray for this woman so the enemy doesn’t steal her healing; that she might be strong in believing God.


We see many souls encounter a supernatural healing. We also see many souls experience the salvation of Jesus Christ in our missions. In our recent mission to Atlanta, a Russian teenager came to our service with her family and in the midst of meeting; she raised her hand indicating she would like to commit her life to Jesus as Lord. She is pictured above, with me and her Dad. She shared with me that she really liked our meetings especially when we were performing exorcisms.


My friends, our up and coming generations, are hungering for authentic Christianity. Witnessing Jesus deliver souls from powerful demonic spirits reveal a true and powerful faith that we posses in Jesus. We need more disciples of the Lord carrying this ministry out in public. If you are in California, Washington, British Columbia, be sure to join us this Thursday as we train the Body of Christ to perform the supernatural.


By the way, in recent years, we have seen quite a few Russians attend our meetings throughout North America as many of them are encountering the move of the Holy Spirit. In each weekend service in Atlanta, Russians were present and some of them experienced a powerful deliverance.


One Russian that attended one of our services encountered the supernatural; like perhaps, she never experienced before. In our Saturday evening service, she sat in the midst of a jammed packed audience. During the meeting, I stopped and pointed to her.


I asked her to come to the front of the meeting hall. I did NOT know this lady; this was her first time ever attending a deliverance service. She gave me her name. I inquired about this name. She revealed she had been named after a mythological goddess. It sounded pretty but the fact was she was named after a demon. She agreed and we asked God to reveal a new name for her. Almost immediately, within the crowd of people, two saints, who did not know each other, exclaimed: Her new shall be Sarah!


WOW! The supernatural move of God! This precious sister, pictured with me above, with her friend, embraced her new name and thanked God! In our supernatural meetings, we cast out demons, heal the sick, preach the gospel and give new names! HA!


In our last service on Sunday evening; a powerful exorcism took place that had me face to face with some very violent demons. They nearly clawed me; God spared me. In the middle of the service, a lady from South Florida, manifested powerful demons –sex spirits that boasted to me.


“We have sex with her, we married her,” a spirit husband revealed to me, “I am the husband!”


Wicked demons. To think she nearly left the meeting hall before getting deliverance was astonishing. During the service the demons acted up and placed her in a trance like state and nearly had her out the door before I called on the blood of Jesus to block her.


These wicked spirits were driven out in Jesus name! She was so happy afterwards. Later on in the evening she even received more deliverance from Jezebel and many other kinds of demons! She is pictured with me below; with her post deliverance smile!

Powerful Wonders in Atlanta

June 4th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,


OUR LAST SERVICE LASTED NEARLY 10 HOURS! I left the meeting hall after midnight; after teaching and casting out demons for more than 7 hours so I could get some rest. However, for another 3 hours, our mission team, prayed for the sick and drove out demons in Jesus name. Many more miracles took place during those 3 hours. I’m a big believer in delegating. Get the Body of Christ more involved. In too many churches, the Body of believers, are rarely involved in the work of the gospel. We have equipped the Body of Christ to carry on the works of Jesus so we our work multiplying in so many ways.


You might recall me sharing how a precious Ukrainian disciple of the Lord, named, Nadia, attended one of our services last year, was deeply I’m deeply impacted due to her friend being powerful delivered from more than 1,000 witchcraft demonic spirits. She was herself freed from generational curses. Soon thereafter, while on a mission trip to the Ukraine, she introduced a number of disciples to this work of the gospel resulting in many being liberated from demons. To get a glimpse of this beautiful work of the Holy Spirit be sure to view the video testimony posted above in the header.


These last two missions in Atlanta, Georgia and Houston, Texas, have been phenomenal. Hundreds have been impacted as a result of these two missions. Many thousands of demonic spirits have been expelled, maladies cured and hearts healed. The wonders of God have been on full display for all to witness.


One wonder that took place this last weekend that deeply touched my heart involved a precious sister named Lisa who is pictured with me above. In the midst of the service, while our my friend, pastor Robert Jones, was praying over her, the demons surfaced and threw her onto the ground. I asked everyone to step aside and not to touch her. I asked for the holy angels of God to pick her up and carry her up to the front of the meeting hall so we could properly minister to her.


Within seconds, the mighty angels of God carried this woman to the front without any human aid. It was very interesting as they (the demons within this woman) got closer to the front of the hall they could sense the tangible presence of God and they immediately fell to the ground in a prostrated position. No doubt, they could feel the the Lord Jesus in the hall and were bowing to His Lordship. Amen.


I then proceeded to minister deliverance to this woman. Within her were a number of powerful Jezebel spirits; hell bent on destroying her. I confronted these spirits in the name of Jesus and were able to expel them to the pit. She collapsed to the ground and she experienced an amazing deliverance and healing. Immediately, she testified of feeling so much peace and joy. Her smile said it all!


There were so many beautiful wonders taking place in which I give God the praise for. Some exciting testimonies are arriving. Allow me to share one brief one with you:


“Jay–We want to be sure that you know how much we truly do appreciate all you did for us! And all you allow the Lord to do thru you! Steve said to tell you thank you so much for helping him get delivered from what he didn’t even know he had! And I thank you for that too! I hope you realize what a blessing you are! Thank you (and your family and crew) for GIVING so much of your life to please the Lord and help other’s gain freedom and knowledge and wisdom in the area of deliverance! So many people are unknowingly in bondage and it’s such a shame that more churches/pastors do not and/or will not teach on that topic. We need to be praying that men & women of God will have the blinders removed form their eyes! It was definitely an eye opener for us! For example, I knew some stuff about renouncing and deliverance but I had no idea that when you anoint the hands that the demon can actually see real fire from God and stuff like that…Powerful!”

Jesus IS Slaying Spiritual Giants in Atlanta

June 4th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,


We are in the midst of a series of public deliverance services here in Atlanta, Georgia. Again, we had a great enthusiastic assembly who were determined to fight in Jesus name! Precious families and individuals gathered from various parts of the country to be present to receive prayer and ministry. Last night was a STUNNING DISPLAY OF GOD’S POWER OVER EVIL; over spiritual giants! All night long, demons screamed out of their victims, limbs were twisted, bodies thrown about in the meeting hall as evil spirits were commanded into the pit in Jesus name! Jesus prevailed mightily in many lives and all praise to HIM!


One family that arrived came in from North Carolina. The father, whom I’ll refer to as James, began to cry openly, when I began to pray for others with broken hearts. Immediately, a little dissociative identity surfaced (a broken heart part), that was so sad. We discovered that when James was 2 years old, he was passenger in a fatal car accident, that killed his mother and other loved ones. Horrific. Very sad story.


My heart went out to this entire family as James poured out his heart. So much pain, grief, deep sorrow, trauma. So many of the little heart parts went to Jesus for healing. As the little parts were released, powerful demons of death surfaced.


“We are planning his death! We want to kill him so his kids would be orphans,” the wicked spirits of death revealed to me, “We have a plan set up. We want to give him a heart attack, perhaps.”


These spirits angrily looked at me with rage and murder. They were determined to carry out their plans of death.


“We cause him back pain,” the spirits confessed, “We bring so many torments and pains.”


As the spirits revealed so many of their plans to me I proceeded to bring his sons and his wife up to the front of the hall so they could help their Dad. As the young family stood before their father; I anointed their hands with holy fire. The demons of death could feel the heart and trembled.


I then told the family to throw the fire of God into the direction of the demons; they did. You should have seen the demons convulse and bow to King Jesus in utter defeat! Jesus is Lord, my friends, no mistake about it.


I then proceeded to call upon the holy angels of God and they pulled out a very large spiritual spear. I asked for the holy angels to strike the invading demons. They did and the demonic spirits collapsed to the ground in utter defeat.


“We have lost, we have been defeated,” the demons confessed to me, “We are now too weak to continue.”


Jesus prevailed and was victorious over the powers of evil. All of these spirits were driven out of James in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and he was set free. Immediately, his body was healed also. He reported no more back pain or any other afflictions.


My friends, this was only the beginning. All night long, we commanded demons out of bodies and souls in Jesus name! Dozens encountered a mighty deliverance from demonic spirits in Jesus name! Jesus slaying so many giants! Many experienced a healing. Even a precious soul surrendered to the Lord Jesus for salvation. So much work needs to be accomplished before Jesus returns very soon.

Exorcism Videos from Atlanta Impacting Ukraine

June 4th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,


It’s great to be back in Atlanta, Georgia, where we are conducting a series of public meetings to reach those being tormented by the enemy. We taught from the Holy Scriptures, prayed for the sick and drove out demons. In the midst of the service I had the wonderful opportunity to lead a young teenager to salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ. Thus far this year, in nearly every meeting, we are seeing souls coming to salvation in Jesus Christ! Our meetings are filled with the supernatural; tonight was no different. Jesus prevailed as demons screamed out of souls; as they were being cast into the pit.


We had another jammed packed meeting hall here at the Millennium Center where individuals and families gathered to receive ministry –some traveled more than 14+ hours to be present. Stunning to think about the commitment people will make to receive prayer.


One of the individuals we ministered to was named Lisa; pictured with me above. She was powerfully delivered from many demons including spirits of Baal, Jezebel, witchcraft (she was involved in the occult and sorcery for more than a decade), and many others. One strange spirit that surfaced was named, Heart Attack –there were more than 25 of these.


“I was planning on killing her this year,” the demon named Heart Attack boasted, “We do not submit to anyone; we are not leaving. We will kill her; we will bring about a heart attack.”


This demon spirit was serious. I battled back with the holy angels assisting me. The spirit contorted her body and twisted her face. I utilized the holy cross, the sacred oil and other spiritual weapons; wearing the demons down. The invading spirits greatly weakened.


I commanded all of the demons to release the many heart parts (dissociative identities) they enslaved. There were many —including a pre-natal baby, a 5 year old, a 10 year old and a 15 year old. They were all guided to Jesus for supernatural healing. The parts were even able to embrace the risen Savior and experience deep healing.


All of the demons were eventually cast into the pit in Jesus name and this precious woman encountered a beautiful liberation from the powers of hell! She testified of feeling so much and lighter. Others in the meeting hall encountered deliverance from demons and inner healing.


One fascinating testimony I heard, before I left the hall, was from a young lady, who is Ukrainian, who came to our service tonight with a powerful story that must be told. She involved in full time with a very conservative, well-known, ministry here in the United States; so obviously she has a heart for people. She attended our October 2014 Atlanta service with a friend. Her friend, last year, receives a powerful deliverance –she was freed from more than 1,000 witchcraft spirits. While I ministered to her friend; she videotaped a portion of the exorcism.


Some weeks later, this precious sister, takes the video, which captured part of the exorcism, on a mission trip to the Ukraine. While en route to Eastern Europe she receives a powerful deliverance from demons. Moreover, when she arrives into the Ukraine, she begins to share her testimony of our Atlanta meeting and of her personal deliverance. Her fellow Ukrainians are shocked to hear these miracle stores however very interested. So, they ask her to share more; she does!


As she shares her testimony she also shares the video of her friend getting freedom from demons. As she does, some are receiving deliverance from demons themselves. For example; one Ukrainian man gets freed from 6 demonic spirits as a direct result of the videos. Others are getting freedom from evil spirits.


She has now allowed many Ukrainians to views our many videos and a result revival is breaking out in some of the villages. She even inquired about me traveling to the Ukraine to conduct training seminars and public services to help her Ukrainian friends find healing and freedom in Christ!


Doors are opening to this mission. Ukraine, Papa New Guinea, and other nations are opening up this mission in some extraordinary ways. Jesus is wanting to set the captives free! God is using our videos in some powerful ways. I have dozens of exorcism videos that will be released in coming days that will impact many around the world.


Think about it –because of your support– our actual exorcism videos are impacting Ukrainian villages and as a result of watching some of them, they are now encountering freedom, as demons are pouring out of lives. It all started when this woman took upon herself to videotape her friend’s deliverance, in our last Atlanta meeting, then to show the exorcism taping to some Ukrainian Christian groups –resulting in other souls being exorcised of demons!

Teenager Set Free from Buddhist Demons

June 4th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,


I’m still in awe of the powerful move of the Holy Spirit in our last Houston mission. In fact, I am planning with our North American mission coordinator, pastor Sharon Brand to hold 5 straight nights of public meetings in April to meet the many needs of the people, in the Houston/San Antonio area, who are needing deliverance from evil spirits. We will reach many hundreds of souls in April with the love of Jesus. More details forthcoming with these series of meetings.


Our last service in Houston was filled with many young people needing freedom and healing; including the teenager pictured with me above with her sister. I’ll refer to the one to the right as Michelle. This young lady lives in a home filled with idols. Her mother is a devout Buddhist and regularly visits the local Buddhist Temple. As you can imagine, Michelle has a spiritual fight on her hands but I am really proud of this young lady for taking a stand for Jesus.


Just before concluding the night’s service, I brought Michelle up to the front of the meeting hall and began to pray for her. Immediately, spirits of Buddhism surfaced and battled me. They were quite strong and stubborn. I asked for the Lord’s holy angels to assist me and they came swiftly.


The Buddhist demons were determined to battle the angels of God. The angels fought back. At one point the angels forced them to the ground to bow before King Jesus and the Buddhist spirits along with the many ancestral spirits confessed Jesus is Lord!


Once again, Jesus demonstrated before ALL that His power is superior to those powers within Buddhism. I have seen this demonstrated so many times throughout the world. I have seen Jesus demonstrate His power over the spirits of Islam, Hinduism, voodoo, Mormonism, Scientology, Animism, and so many other alternative spiritual movements that exist in our modern day.


In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ I commanded the many ancestral demons, Buddhist spirits and of course the demon of Jezebel to depart in Jesus name. They left and this young lady collapsed to the ground. Jesus brought tremendous victory. Obviously, she will need our prayers as she lives in the midst of many idols but I’m thankful Jesus is there with her.


After her mighty deliverance, everyone could see light shining of her face. Jesus did a beautiful work in her life. She was happy and felt so much lighter. We are believing in these kinds of miracles in Atlanta, Georgia this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Be sure to join us each night!

Many Miraculously Healed by Jesus

June 4th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,


Well after our Church of the Cross service concluded many were waiting for prayer. Including some of these ladies pictured above. The young lady (whom I’ll refer to as Macy), to the far left, waited as she had been suffering from some kind of throat pain. She described it as a strangulation. Horrible. She was not alone; many others had arrived to our public meetings needing relief and a miracle.


Jesus did not disappoint. Macy’s mother approached me and asked me if I could take a moment to pray over her daughter. I prayed (commanding all maladies to depart) over Macy and immediately she was miraculously healed. She looked at me very strangely. She was SHOCKED!


She reached to her throat and was looking at me with astonishment, “This is amazing; I am healed. I feel zero pain.”


I started laughing. Jesus supernaturally cured her. There were so many were miraculoulsy healed –physically and emotionally– by King Jesus these past several nights of ministry. God wanted everyone to know He loves and cares for everyone. Though I have witnessed tens of thousands of souls miraculously healed; this never gets old! I’m very excited. Some say too excited! HA!


Even in the midst of the service, John (who was pictured with me in my last email update; I sent you), wanted to testify not only of being delivered from evil spirits but also he had been healed of a stomach ailment he had been suffering for a very long time. John even mentioned that the doctors could not determine what the issue was. John was healed. Macy was healed and so many others. Another man, a praise and worship leader by the name of Juan, who was attending our service, was also miraculously healed of a stomach ailment that he had been suffering from a long time.


Juan mentioned that during the entire night of ministry as we commanded demons to depart; he was being delivered. He could feel the evil demons exiting his body and soul. So many miraculous wonders to report in the days to come –including the intense exorcism of a teenager with powerful Buddhist spirits.


My friends, this is why we recommend everyone to attend our public services –people are exorcised from demonic spirits (and miraculously healed) by simply being present in our meetings. If you live anywhere close to Atlanta, Georgia – get to our meetings this week! Even those, far away, make plans on attending. People are getting healed by Jesus.