In Western Australia: Jesus & His Cross Sets the Captives Free!

February 8th, 2014

Dear Friends of Jesus,

These past few days have been non-stop ministry here in Western Australia where we are conducting nightly public deliverance services for those needing prayer to be freed from evil spirits. Every night we are seeing many souls freed from demonic powers and healed from various forms of sicknesses and afflictions. Even earlier today at our training seminar numerous miracles took place including the salvation of a soul! I recall on our special ladies only meeting many were receiving deliverance while I taught from God’s Word. Then in subsequent nights souls traveled from near and afar to obtain a miracle. It’s been an incredibly powerful mission and I praise God for His mercy!

Last night, I taught from the Scriptures, led everyone in Holy Communion and began to pray for those enslaved to demonic powers. Immediately demons surfaced and many were expelled in Jesus name. Including many tormenting, death, Baal, and Jezebel spirits. Many broken hearts were released by these demons as commanded. One precious lady whom the Holy Spirit directed me to minister to was terribly vexed by spirits –her face spoke of great pain and torment however God wanted to display His healing love to her! I brought her up the front and she revealed that she had considered suicide and wanted to die. She was hopeless and felt alone. 

As we began to love on her, powerful evil spirits surfaced and battled me. They revealed they had been in her ancestral bloodline for many generations due to idol worship and other evils. I had this woman break the curses and confronted the spirits holding her captive. The fought back and at that point I brought out my sacred cross –the demons were petrified of the cross and bowed in it’s presence. I inquired of the demons why they were so afraid.

“Because the cross is life!” the demons as-a-matter-of-fact declared. 

This is so true –authentic life begins at the sacrificial death of the Jesus upon the cross.

I commanded the many demons that had invaded the woman to depart and many spirits of Satan exited from the body and immediately she testified of feeling delivered and healed. 

“For the first time in my life I feel free and and feel I’m no longer alone. I feel God’s love among you and in this place,” this precious woman shared with everyone here at the Concordia Lutheran Church in Perth where we conducting these series of public services. As she shared people began to weep and shouted to the Lord! Jesus had indeed set a captive free! 

We encountered many other demons within those attending the meeting. Many demons departed and entered that pit. Many souls experienced freedom and spiritual release. Furthermore, many broken hearts surfaced and were supernaturally healed by Jesus. Many pains disappeared and many were renewed by the power of God! 

I believe we finally finished up well after midnight (once again) and were due up at 10am to conduct a training seminar where for more than 7+ hours taught from the Scriptures, led in Holy Communion and ministered to those needing an exorcism. It was encouraging to hear one precious lady share, that in one of our previous training seminars here in Australia, that she attended, she learned of the reality of ancestral dissociation. As a result of hearing this she began to investigate her ancestral background and she discovered that there two ancient soul parts that held on the horrors of being buried alive and being beheaded. As long as she could recall this precious woman revealed that she has had quality of life issues stemming from these realities –at times she felt like she was reliving some of these horrific realities. Well, after discovering these precious little parts, she recognized who these ancient soul parts were and was able to remove them in Jesus name! Almost immediately, she felt immediate deep healing from this area of her life. Amazing testimony. Other have equally shared powerful testimonies of being healed and deliverance through our gospel work. This is encouraging!

Earlier today, during our training seminar I taught for more than 5-6 hours on spiritual warfare, deliverance and inner healing. In the midst of the training a young man came into the meeting needing prayer. So I brought him to the front and found out that he had not been born again so in the middle of our training I prayed for him to receive Jesus Christ as Lord! It was wonderful to see the Holy Spirit work so powerfully!

Then for a few more hours I ministered to those afflicted with demons including a 15 year old teenager who was brought to the meeting by his father. As I prayed for him very powerful and violent spirits surfaced including: murder, anger, rage, fear, Freemasonry, and death. For the course of a few hours many demons surfaced –many thousands of evil spirits hell bent on wanting to kill me. One look at these demons reveals that truth! They were furious with me and foamed at the mouth. They growled and groaned like a wild beast. They clenched their fists as preparing to physically assault me. 

In response to this violence I grabbed by holy cross and motioned it to the demons and they backed up in utter terror! The were petrified of the cross. Their eyes widen whenever I motioned my cross in their direction. At times they leaped backwards in utter defeat. They did not want to even touch the cross for a second. I held the cross up high the demons cowered. At times, the demons attempted to run away in an attempt to get away from me and my cross so I called forth mighty holy angels. Immediately they arrived and one strong holy angel pulled out a spear and struck the demons within this young teenager with great force. The demons moaned. I had the angels move (this done without any human aid) the young man wherever I needed him to be. The holy angels obeyed my commands and greatly assisted me. We bound the demonic spirits and forced them to partake of the blood of Christ which, obviously, greatly weakened them. The disgust and fear of the Holy Communion spoke volumes. They were terribly fearful of the cup of the Lord where they swiftly backed up as the placed the Communion cup near them. They felt the tangible presence of the Holy Spirit and the power of the blood of the cross.

For over two hours the angels assisted me in restraining and providing service to this young teenager so horribly afflicted with torment and violence. I had the demons release his body, mind and broken heart –many heart parts surfaced and I led them to Jesus the healer! As they were being led to Jesus this young teenager was experiencing incredible inner healing and peace. Then after renouncing the generational curses that led to his demonic invasion I began to battle these very violent and murderous demons. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ we commanded the legions of demons out of him and this young man was powerfully set free! Click here to see the picture (note his post deliverance smile). It was a incredibly emotional time for everyone in the seminar to see this tormented and tortured young many encounter the peace of God!

I am blessed! I am blessed with God’s holy power to see extraordinary miracles nearly every day! What an honor and joy to serve the King Jesus!

Invasion of Witchcraft in Perth, Jesus Conquered!

February 8th, 2014

Dear brothers and sisters in King Jesus!

Nothing has changed really. Satan still uses the same tactics. Jesus had a Judas. The enemy seeks to infiltrate to divide and conquer. To poison minds. I have known the enemy has been furious with us as we have a carried on the gospel meeting here in Perth, Australia. Interestingly, enough, a dear brother in Christ, in Sydney emailed me a few days and shared that he had received a word from the Lord. He said, “Keep going Jay!,” and my friend was given this: “Blessed is he who has regard for the weak; the LORD delivers him in times of trouble. The LORD will protect him and preserve his life; he will bless him in the land and not surrender him to the desire of his foes.”

The Lord WILL protect me and preserve my life and will not surrender me to the desires of my foes. All glory to Jesus for this WORD! (Thank you Kurt for being used of the Lord to speak into my life it much appreciated)

For the past several days here in Perth, Australia, a small group of perhaps 4 or 5 people (who belong to some kind of formal organization I have been told), have been spreading lies about the ministry and me. Doing such hellish work even in our meetings. More than that they have been coming to the meetings not even participating –they are not seen praising the Lord Jesus, they refuse to partake of Holy Communion, and are essentially infiltrators. They arrive to the meeting –to watch, to observe, to provide surveillance for the enemy. They are basically pawns who attend and report back the work that we conducted for King Jesus! The enemy is ever watching me and wanting to destroy. 

A few nights ago we powerfully ministered the gospel and many souls were set free as a result. This, no doubt, caused the enemy wanting to attack, to hinder the work of the Holy Spirit. Yes, I was hindered last night –the witchcraft was think and heavy. The oppression was extreme. Our praise and worship team had difficulty, I had difficulty teaching from the Word, others were experiencing great oppression, (even the Body of Christ could feel it coming in a certain direction) however we pressed on. The witchcraft intensity was at it’s highest when we were ministering to a man who had powerful Illuminati spirits. I knew the demonic resistance were coming from this witchcraft group of 3 or 4 people. So I approached them and told them to leave. I could feel their hate for me. Even after telling them to leave, they resisted and took some time to gather their belongings. They wanted to stay to send more curses my way.

One precious disciple said that they could SEE that spiritually I was covered in mud. They were telling the truth because I felt it –even now. However gradually it’s being removed by the blood of Jesus! However this group continues to send curses and slander. Please pray in Jesus name. I bless my enemies and pray for them even after removing them. However we must remain on guard. 

Despite the enemy’s attack. Jesus came away victorious. Our enemies were defeated and Jesus prevailed. Precious hearts were healed including a older woman’s heart that had been deeply bruised and broken. I spoke to the little girl that surfaced and she was so sad. I sent her to Jesus and she experienced great healing. The demons of rage, bitterness and fear had taken hold of this woman’s life and battled me.

“We have been here for many generations,” the spirits informed me, “Nobody has ever come along to cast us out for these hundreds of years.”

Well, on this night, we were about intervention. So, in the name of Jesus, we drove out the demons and told the sicknesses and torments to go. It left and she was healed on this night. Another lady we ministered to was terribly afflicted by demon powers. During our entire meeting, I could see her in the back of the meeting hall horribly afflicted with demons. She looked so sad and oppressed.

I brought her to the front to minister to her and she revealed that for many years she practiced witchcraft and the occult. At first she wasn’t ready to rid herself of the dark arts of Satan however eventually as the night went on she began to realize her need for Jesus so we continued the ministry with her and as we did we found out that she had not even truly experienced salvation in Jesus Christ! 

“Nobody has really explained to me how one goes about receiving Jesus,” she told me. 

This is so sad. Obviously, I explained to her the love of God and her opportunity to open her life and her heart to Jesus! She readily prayed with me and received Jesus as Savior and Lord! We have seen in our meetings this week people surrendering to the Lord Jesus Christ for the very first time and this brings me great joy as this is the greatest miracle! The miracle of new life in Jesus! 

Now with the power of Jesus in her heart we began to conduct some warfare on her behalf. Many spirits of Jezebel and witchcraft surfaced and were defeated by the blood of Jesus! 

They also boasted: “We have been here for many generations, there’s many of us.”

As our new sister in the Lord dedicated her life to Jesus the spirits were removed in the name of Jesus and they came out as they shook her body and hands. Afterwards, her face truly shone with the light of God’s love. Finally, after all of these years, she has experienced true love –the love of Jesus! Amen!

Many others experienced a measure of liberation and healing including a woman from Papua New Guinea who had ancestors that worshipped near the volcanoes and offered sacrifices. There were powerful spirits of witchcraft within her that battled me. They came out with of her mouth. They were defeated by King Jesus!

For many hours we ministered to those oppressed by the devil and Jesus won despite the invasion of witchcraft earlier in the evening. We must press onward and never, never, never, never give up or in. Witchcraft is defeated and tonight we will further the Kingdom of God in the power of the Holy Spirit! Amen!

Please pray as we are conducting more meetings tonight and tomorrow at Concordia Lutheran Church. 

Jesus is Lord and has defeated witchcraft!

Witness: “Jesus came and put His hands on Jay”

February 5th, 2014

Dear Friends of Jesus,

Amazing night! Multiple signs and wonders. We concluded our most recent public deliverance service here in Perth, Australia. Last night we conducted the meeting at Concordia Lutheran Church led by a dear brother in Lord who is quite open to the deliverance and healing ministry. For many hours we taught from the Scriptures, led everyone in Holy Communion and conducted ministry for those afflicted by demon powers. 

I taught on the three beautiful gifts God has bestowed upon women (this night was a ladies only meeting). 

~Women are life-givers

~Women are creators

~Women possess the greater capacity to love

 Because of these powerful gifts. Satan targets women because these gifts can be used to dismantle his kingdom. On this night we saw how the enemy targeted my precious sisters in these areas.

~Satan tried to oppose life with death

~Satan tried to oppose the creativity gifts with destruction

~Satan tried to oppose the gift of love by breaking my sister’s hearts

In every case we encountered on this night we saw the enemy specifically targeting women in these areas. However, on this night we saw Jesus rescue, heal, and deliver! This was an extraordinary night in so many aspects. 

Jesus appeared in the sanctuary as did His holy angels. In fact, one disciple, testified of seeing Jesus approaching from behind me and placing His hands upon me. This made my year! What more could a disciple want? Don’t we all want the hand of God upon our lives, families and ministries? Knowing Jesus was present in this manner deeply encouraged me. My life is in the Lord’s hands. I am His servant. It was also revealed that the Lord Jesus stood behind my mission coordinator pastor Joan Smale with outstretched arms. This is a SIGN. This was a sign of God’s blessings and empowerment upon this mission. I also witnessed the sacred signs of the cross in visions as we spent some time in praise and worship! Others also witnessed seeing crosses also. The Holy Spirit was present in His signs and then He bestowed upon us His wonders and awesome supernatural power! 

On this night nearly every seat was taken and with great anticipation we began to pray for those afflicted with demons. Immediately, demons throughout the sanctuary surfaced. I could see them and people were sharing how the spirits were afflicting them. A number of ladies surfaced the demons of Jezebel. Many of them were rooted as a result of generational sins. They were driven out in the name of Jesus. Some of the first souls we ministered to were affiliated with pains and torments. These were driven out quickly out in Jesus name! The smiles said it all! 

During the evening I was impressed to confront the doorways of abortion and generational curses. This opened up a massive response. Powerful demons surfaced when I asked Joan to place my holy cross on the bodies of those women who have endured an abortion. One lady, a anointed worship leader, highly creative, manifested powerful spirits named Moloch, Baal, murder, Jezebel and so many others. 

One of the first spirits that surfaced was Moloch. In the past few meetings we have been encountering this wicked power. He generally is a strongman and a leader. However this strongman was bound with chains and he spoke to me through this woman:

“We have been here for thousands of years. Her ancestors offered up babies in blood sacrifices. There was murder. There were human and animal sacrifices,” the demonic spirits revealed, “We are staying in this bloodline.”

Obviously, he was placed in submission and he declared Jesus was Lord. At one point, I called forth the mighty holy angels and they assisted me as they have every night on this mission. Really extraordinary, the ministry of God’s angels. I had them carry people, restrain, and strike those demons that tried to resist including this spirit named Moloch. I had one powerful holy angel stand before me and take out a long spear and used to weaken the demons. They cried out in agony. 

Along with Moloch was demons of witchcraft. Some of the witchcraft spirits boasted they had placed more than 70 fiery darts into her chest. 

“Yes, we have them implanted in her to afflict, to torment, and to hurt her,” the spirit of witchcraft revealed, “So many have cast spells and done rituals against her.”

Because some in her family practiced sorcery; witchcraft rituals were performed and conducted. Some were done against this precious woman. In fact, while in the midst of the deliverance session, a human interject surfaced –her grandmother! I spoke to “granny” as she was referred to and commanded her along with the demon attached to her (a spirit of control) to depart. They obeyed the commands of Jesus! On top of there being a human interject there was a ancestral dissociative identity –a little girl that endured a ancient witchcraft ritual and had been there a very long time; as this part was being held captive by demons all of these generations. I forced the demons to release the parts –there were a few other ancestral dissociative identities that were released and experienced immediate healing! 

What was very unusual about these witchcraft spirits was not only him implanting all of those darts within her but actually he inserted a spiritual spear in her back to bring great pain and torment in her life. I had witchcraft grad a hold of the spear and extract from her body. The spear was rather long as everyone could see with their very own eyes the demons pulling the spiritual spear out. To counter all of these demonic acts I had the holy angels strike the demons with their swords and spears and the demons again weakened greatly. Interestingly enough, one believer testified of seeing, many holy angels, holding hands, around the sanctuary. Thus our meeting had angelic protection. 

There were also many spirits of sickness and afflictions within this precious woman. They were all driven out too in Jesus name! The curses were broken and all of the remaining demonic spirits of hell were commanded out. They came out! The smile again said it all! 

There were many other women present who had the spirits of abortion and needed deep healing. Sadly, one lady after another testified that nobody has come along to pray for their wombs to be healed since their abortions. This is horrible and a spiritual crime. Where is the church? We need to reach precious woman who have had abortions, miscarriages and such with the healing power of Jesus! On this night we extended the miraculous healing powers of Jesus and souls were healed including many dissociative identities including one little aborted baby who dissociated while in the womb. The little baby while enduring the horrors of the abortion experienced dissociation and attached to the mother’s soul (this is a common experience with women who have endured an abortion). I spoke to little aborted baby and witnessed little baby healed by Jesus! 

Many women were healed emotionally and spiritually. Many hearts were healed. Moreover, bodies were touched by the miraculous healing power of Christ. Including a woman who came to the meeting with a walker-wheelchair device. For the past year, she has been confined to this walking device as the devil has struck her body with pains and torments. These spirits quickly surfaced in our meeting.

“We are here to punish her with great pain, to torment her, to keep her from walking,” the demons informed me. 

As the generational curses were broken the demonic spirits were forced out and immediately healing came into her body! To where she could walk without the aid of this medical device. In fact, we did a little dance and jumped up and down. Mind you, this was a woman who couldn’t walk without the aid of this device. God had truly given her His power! 

As you can see we have been quite busy working alongside Him! He desires to use His sons and daughters! We are His! Praise be to God!

War in Perth: Battling 15,000 Masonic Demons & Jesus Wins!

February 5th, 2014

Dear Friends of Jesus,

Currently in sunny Perth and enjoying ministering deliverance to the captives! Before I share what transpired last night I want to make sure you read this entire email as at the end of this report I share a POWERFUL testimony I received from a dear brother in Christ, who has been trained by us and he put those things he learned into action in ministering to his wife and it worked! The demonic powers were so powerful that his wife at one point even LEVITATED OFF the ground. However, my brother refused to be fearful and used his authority in Christ and commanded the demons to release his wife and they did! More below.

Last night at the Perth Christian Community Church we had a even larger crowd than the night before and precious souls experienced freedom and healing through the power of the Holy Spirit! From the onset it was difficult to stand before the people and teach as wave after wave of demonic forces were unleashed upon me. I taught on the subject of witchcraft –exposing and defeating the dark arts of Satan. I was sort of surprised to see the amount of people who were being afflicted by either witchcraft curses, spells, and rituals. It was revealed that, one man in the meeting, had been cursed by his chiropractor thus his continuing physical issues. Others testified of being cursed by family and friends. One young man was cursed by a female friend of his that literally placed a lust spell upon him as a result of conducting a witchcraft ritual against him. I led everyone to break the curses in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and suddenly demons surfaced.

One lady we brought to the front to pray with had great difficulty saying the name of Jesus. There were spirits of mockery and blasphemy within her. They were quickly driven out in Jesus name and she testified of feeling instant relief and release! The smile said it all! Yet another lady was being afflicted with Masonic noose. It was removed in Jesus name and instantly she was able to breathe and was immediately healed of her affliction. Others experienced instant freedom and healing too.

However, there was one precious lady that was sitting in the back of the meeting hall who was under considerable demonic attack. She was having difficulty even breathing. she was being choked by the evil forces that were assaulting her. She too had a Masonic noose around her neck that was strangling her. I quickly brought her to the front and we began to pray for her in Jesus name! 

Immediately powerful Masonic and Illuminati surfaced. Her body contorted violently and several times threw her to the ground. They groan, moaned, and screamed. They were violent and vicious spirits hell-bent on battling me. 

“We hate you so much!” the spirits informed me, “We are Masonic spirits. Been here for years. We came as a result of her oneness with her husband, as he has been cursed by Freemasonry by his ancestors. They were Masons. Her uncle took advantage of her. We hold her heart.”

I commanded the demons to release the heart. They did and a little broken heart part quickly surfaced with deep pain and trauma. The part cried and cried. I sent this little girl to Jesus to be healed! Other parts also were sent to Jesus. 

As I had the demons release the broken heart parts numerous evil spirits joined an alliance and warred against me. I could feel it. It was intense. Again I pulled out my holy cross and the demons shrieked and backed up as the power of the cross was bearing upon them. They immediately drew much weaker and bowed before King Jesus. They were defeated however they continue to oppose. 

These vile spirits disfigured and twisted her body in some very unusual manner, like a pretzel. It was horrific to watch. It made my angry to witness how the demons twister her so grotesquely. I even called upon the holy angels of God and they assisted me as they have every night thus far on this Australian mission. They helped me break chains, restrain the demons and even struck the demons with their swords. As the Scriptures reveal they are “ministering spirits,” sent to serve alongside us (see Hebrews 1). 

One large army of demons were named Pyramid. These were very strong Illuminati spirits that were also rooted in Freemasonry ceremonies that were participated by her ancestors and her husband’s ancestors. All of this combined a powerful demonic alliance. 

“There’s 15,000 of us and we afflict her with pains and torments,” they boasted to me. 

I bound up all 15,000 of these Pyramid spirits and forced them to take upon themselves the torments and the pains. They did. They battled, yes. However, they lost! Jesus defeated them as the Body of Christ joined me in unity, with her husband, and we demanded the demons to depart for the pit! They left as did spirits of affliction and other kinds of demons powers. Then this precious woman testified of feeling much better and peaceful. In fact, she testified before the crowd that the pains had left. Same with her husband. As we ministered deliverance to his wife, demons were flying out of him too. He also testified of being physically healed too! There was a number of souls on this night that experienced a measure of healing in body and soul! 

These past few nights we battled well past midnight and there was still not enough time to minister to all of the needs present. I’m thankful we have more meetings thru the week. Even after the meeting precious disciples were testifying of being equipped, encouraged and experiencing the love of Jesus! This is my hope and prayer that these meetings would be launching for many to carry on this work to the four corners of the earth. Upon my return back to the hotel I received a powerful testimony of a disciple, back in the United States, who has been casting demons out of his own wife and family. He put into practice those things I have taught for all of these years and a mighty deliverance occurred. Here’s the report:

“Jay–I pray daily that the Lord would cover you and your partners with the Blood of Jesus to place a circle of protection around you as you do the Lords work. I have learned so many things from you over the past 10 years and I am privileged to call you friend.”

I wanted to let you know that much of what I have learned from you before was put into action with my wife who needed to be delivered two separate times for generational curses, witchcraft, and other spirits. The power of God shown through the room. At one point her body was standing straight up and bent back 90 degrees. She then lifted up off the floor almost 6 inches as the battle raged. I was not until I stepped in and took spiritual authority over her as the husband, just like you taught me, that we were finally able to break through. 

Dramatic Deliverance from Demons of Cannibalism in Australia!

February 3rd, 2014

Dear Friends of Jesus,

I have been taking advantage of this gorgeous Mediterranean like climate here in Perth to walk around this beautiful city. Earlier, I boarded a ferry and crossed the Swan River and have come away really impressed with the cleanliness and order of this ultra modern city. I can see why this city is annually voted as one of the most livable cities in the entire world. Good people, safe and prosperous environment and clean. It is here God has opened doors for this mission and we are here to minister the gospel. The past few nights I have been ministering at the Perth Christian Community Church where the Holy Spirit is moving in the lives of many. It was great to see Dave present with his grandmother. The young man who was saved and delivered the previous night from many powerful demons. He basically stayed all night, warring with us in prayer, for those afflicted. Amen!

Last night was no different. We continued to war against evil dark forces of Satan. Jesus was glorified above all else and the enemy was defeated! After teaching for a few hours and leading everyone in Holy Communion I began to minister to those held captive by Satan. As I led everyone to break the curse of Freemasonry (to remove spiritual nooses), a man perhaps in his 50’s, began to violently choke. The demons were rising up and were no doubt trying to kill him. Immediately I went to him and began to pray in the name of Jesus! 

A spirit named Rage surfaced. He was furious with me. He and many other demons spoke out of this man whom I’ll refer to as Len. 

“He really hate you! Do you understand this, we really hate you!”

It’s good to get the attention of the enemy! It’s my desire to shake things up spiritually and on this night things in the spiritual realm were shaken up. 

“There’s many of us and we are not leaving. We are staying. We have been here thousands of years.”

Not only was the spirit of rage present but many others. I had the holy angels of God escort this demonized man up to the front of the meeting hall and I began to confront the evil spirits. Many ancient curses were exposed. 

  • The ancient curse of murder. This was rooted in his ancestor’s evil acts of “clubbing children to death.”
  • The ancient curse of cannibalism. This was rooted in his ancestor’s extreme evil of not only killing little ones but also “cutting them up” and “eating them.” This curse of cannibalism was being held by a demon named Moloch. More on this demon in a moment.
  • The ancient curse of “worshipping death,” which his Scandinavian ancestors participated in thousands of years ago.
  • The ancient curse of “running to evil,” that his ancestors perpetually participated in. Evil acts such as idol worship, temple prostitution, Satanism, blood sacrifices, ritualistic death, murder, witchcraft and so much more. 

As you can see Len was filled with ancestral curses and ancient demonic spirits hell bent on destroying him. Knowing I was encountering powerful spirits I fought in the power of the Holy Spirit–as Moloch is generally a strongman within the demonic realm. Leviticus 18:21 refers to this vile demon god that the ancients worshipped and offered child sacrifice to. Interestingly, the root word of Moloch can be understood as meaning “king.” Moloch is indeed a highly ranked spirit within the kingdom of darkness. Historical pictures of this specific demon god are ugly, perverse and disgusting. This spirit is very much alive and active in our modern day especially working powerfully in the abortion industry. 

“We are here because Len’s ancestors offered babies and children to me,” Moloch informed me, “We will not leave.”

With that statement I immediately called upon the holy angels of God. Many of them flew into the sanctuary and assisted me. I had them pull their swords out and they struck Moloch causing him great pain. Weakening him greatly. One powerful angel of God stood in front of me and pulled out a very long spear that I sprinkled the blood of Jesus upon. The angel pierced the demons and they reacted in moans and groans. Powerful reaction to the angelic hosts that were present on this night. 

Moloch and all of the demons of cannibalism were working together battling me. I took off their many layers of armor and disarmed the spirits of darkness (for they possessed many spiritual weapons). They were also connecting with other demons within the room too. I dealt with those demons especially those within a young man, who came with his father, who had dabbled within the realms of Illuminati (he confessed to actually having called upon Lucifer at one point). The demons within this man caused his mouth to gape open like I have rarely seen before, very strange. Many demons were expelled however more work needs to be accomplished. Sadly, there were many others in the meeting hall that were deeply demonized and needing relief in Jesus name. However, this is why I’m here to intervene. My concern is this: the needs are immense. Not enough trained workers. This is why I have developed the Freedom Fighter International Training Center to equip disciples on how to effectively minister to the captives. 

At one point Moloch and the spirits of Freemasonry (who also surfaced) confessed to having ropes, chains, and other devices within and around Len to keep him in bondage. I began to systematically remove the chains, the ropes and so much more off him. They came off sometimes with a battle however. Furthermore, I sensed Len had been blindfolded so I began to confront this element. 

“No! We must keep the blindfold on him,” the spirits revealed to me as they moved away from me as they didn’t want me to take off the blindfold. In Masonic tradition and ritualism blindfold are employed thus allowing demons to bring forth spiritual blindfolds to bring about elements of mind control. I have actually attended Masonic rituals where this was actually participated in. I witnessed my own father participating in these evil ceremonies. 

I placed some holy anointing oil upon my hand and took it off as the spirits shrieked. The blindfold dissolved. Also a rope was around his waist (a tow-rope is often utilized in Masonic ritualism which I have also witnessed before my very own eyes in mystical ceremonies). That was also removed in Jesus name! Other chains and pains were removed from his body and soul nature. As you can see there is a complexity to this that takes time to unravel. The enemy constructs spiritual infrastructures to keep souls in bondage. As the people of God we have a responsibility to demolish strongholds. By doing so brings release and liberation to those enslaved to demon powers. 

Moloch and the many other demons held also many little parts of his heart that I communicated with on this night, after they were commanded to be released in Jesus name. Including a little one, age 7, who spoke to me and cried, “I was slapped.” Because this little one was slapped Len’s heart broke bringing forth an element of dissociation. All of these parts were taken to Jesus for healing. I also encountered an ancestral dissociative identity too (that was enslaved to paganism) that was birthed in the first century. He wanted to stay within the body with the demon attached to him. He was not allowed to obviously. He was sent to Jesus. 

During this most interesting exorcism, when I pulled out my sacred cross, the demons flinched and were greatly weakened by it’s supernatural powers. Whenever they touched it. They grew considerably weaker! They were petrified of the cross. Ah! The Cross of Jesus Christ is POWER! 

“We are not touching that cross, it’s a sword. It will cut us. No way are we touching that cross,” the demons informed me. 

Obviously, I forced the demons to hold my cross thus weakening them greatly. At one point they fell to the ground by it’s overwhelming power. The Holy Spirit was with me in fullness and the fire was employed to destroy demons on this night!

I could go on and on sharing the remarkable stories of God’s amazing powers being placed on display on this night however I’m limited with time. But suffice to say all of these demons were bound in Jesus name and were sent to that pit! With loud cries and groans they came out; some vomited out of him. Len’s face shone with relief and healing. He gave me a huge bear hug and was deeply appreciative of the Lord’s mercy on this night. There are other things to address no doubt especially with his wife as we discovered that there are numerous ancient curses stemming from her ancestral background including volcanic priesthood spiritual chains that I hope to break and demolish tonight in Jesus name! 

Amazing Testimonies & Miracles in Asia and Australia!

February 2nd, 2014

Dear Friends of Jesus ~

Throughout the earth disciples of Jesus are conducting powerful miracles in His name! A brother in Christ of mine who is involved in powerful evangelistic and deliverance ministry in Asia and Australia reported these miracles. Read, enjoy and be encouraged!

“Jay–Every Sunday church service we are seeing people saved and delivered… I just got back from church an hour ago, and we led a man to Jesus, and he had a powerful deliverance.. also cast out some witchcraft spirits from a deaf lady, and wow.. it was quite a sight!  They screamed out of her.. very violent.  At the end, she said she could hear better than before.  Many more layers to come off, but it’s a start.    I’m preaching next Sunday, and people are bringing the sick and the broken and demonized for prayer. .. hopefully unbelievers too! God opens doors, and its quite an experience.


“Jay–Led someone to the Lord outside of a hospital here.  She had a spirit of addiction, her baby born with withdrawal symptoms.. really sad.  Asked if we could pray for her, and the spirit manifested and came off her.. she gave her life to Jesus.   Seems to be never ending ministry and need here.”

“Jay–In the last week, I’ve seen two people saved.  One is my brother-in-law (Ken’s)’s sister.  She has been on the worship team, constantly going through issues.  She had never repented properly, and wow, did the Holy Spirit convict her!  She went down to the beach and gave her life to Christ, saw a rainbow and feels different.  My other brother in law, Mike, his mother is here at the moment, and for over 10 years has suffered from REALLY bad hay fever.. congested, itching eyes, can’t breath, always on meds etc… we cast out the demon (without using the word “demon”) gently as we ministered over her, and it came out of her powerfully.. burping and coughing for more than 2 days, with all the phlegm etc etc.   Long story short, she can breath for the first time, and no more itchiness.. she can’t stop talking about it.. she is now talking to Jesus for the first time, and looking at getting baptized.”

“Jay–I was in court all yesterday as we’ve been supporting a lady that accidentally ran over and killed her husband (another long story.. We’ve led her dad and sister to Jesus in the last 2 weeks through deliverance).  She actually got off without jail term which was a miracle in itself.  My mum and sister was there too.  Anyway, after the judge gave the verdict, we were all ecstatic and hugging each other..

We moved out of the court room celebrating outside the main room, and someone came out saying that there was a lady still in the courtroom that couldn’t breathe.

I ran back in and it was a lady that I did not recognize, but her eyes were cross eyed and  she was struggling for breath.. there were 5 of more people around her including a police officer and some official that was calling an ambulance.  I got in her face and commanded her to breath in the name of Jesus, and she instantly breathed.  I then commanded the fear to come off her in the name of Jesus,… she fully manifested a spirit that surfaced and said “NO!” and I said “Yes! Leave!” and it came out of her right there in front of the others that must have thought I was a freak.

Anyway, ambulance came, she was totally fine.. they wheeled her outside and she sat there for a while as she had no strength in her legs after the deliverance.. we then moved outside as well, and I was busy talking to some others when the lady approached me, with a real spring in her legs.. .and said “I just did a massive burp, and I’m all good now!”  .. she was really glowing.”

Power of the Cross in Perth!

February 2nd, 2014

Dear Friends of Jesus ~

I hear the demons all the time boast to me. Arrogant statements such as: We are too strong. There’s too many of us. We can not be defeated. We have many powers. We are not leaving. We will not be stopped.  

Such was the case here in Perth, Australia, at the Sunday morning church service, today, where I was graciously invited to minister at. The demons were speaking out of a young man whom was brought to service by his grandmother who had been praying for her grandson a long time. She was concerned with all of the demonic attacks he had been suffering from. These tormenting demons were furious with me as I dared to battled them, in public, in the name of Jesus! 

“We are not leaving and we are not going to the pit,” the demons informed me. However you know how it ends up, don’t you? They end up entering into that prison despite their protests.

Dave looked like he was tormented from the beginning of the meeting. I could see it ever so clearly. Pierced, tattooed, and filled with rage. He had been deeply hurt in life and was ready to receive freedom on this day! 

After teaching for an hour or so we began to renounce generational curses and sins and as we did everyone felt strong and persistent in battle. However, when we got to the doorway of deep emotional ills, it was at that time Dave was ready to release the anger. As soon as he approached the front of the sanctuary, he nearly fell out as the demons quickly surfaced. I commanded them to stand still (they obeyed). A number of evil spirits surfaced including death, destruction, anger, violence and many others. One spirit who surfaced was named Bastard. Deuteronomy 23:2 speaks of the bastard curse extending into the tenth generations –400 plus years. This is a very serious and common curse befalling upon many children in our modern day. Dave had been invaded by this generational spirit because his ancestors has given birth to children out of wedlock. 

“We have been in his bloodline for thousands of years!” the demons boasted to me, “Nobody has ever come along to confront us.”

Here is another classic example where demons have been able to work unhindered within a family because disciples of the Lord Jesus failed to intervene. We intervened and battled these Bastard spirits. 

“His ancestors practiced many sins: violence, illegitimate births and hate,” the evil spirits informed me, “We are too strong.”

Whenever demons boast I usually pull out some powerful spiritual weapon such as my sacred cross. When I did, Bastard immediately looked away, afraid of it. 

“I don’t like that,” demons speaking through Dave informed me, “We are weaker than that.”

Ah! The admission that the cross of Jesus Christ is stronger than demon powers. I placed the demons as a public spectacle. I wanted everyone in the sanctuary to see that Jesus and His cross is much more powerful than all the demon powers that were surfacing in our meeting. 

As I could see the demons greatly weakening due to the cross, so I decided to place the cross on his body and immediately the demons crumbled up and fell to the ground in utter defeat. Nothing like the blood stained cross of Jesus. What victory we have in this most holy cross!

Each demon within Dave revealed how they had been with him for a very long time systematically dismantling his life. They even admitted they did want to kill him off as they like torturing him all day long. They admitted to bringing mental confusion, anger, hate, violence and even insanity. The demons of insanity also surfaced during this public exorcism. 

“Yeah, we cause him to enter in psychotic states. We want people to think he’s crazy. He is insane,” the spirits remarked to me. I rebuked them and informed them that they was insane not Dave! I had the spirit of insanity take upon all of the curses they had brought into his life and as they did they groaned in utter defeat. It deeply affected them by taking upon all the curses they had brought into Dave’s life. They weakened considerably. 

In each battle, with each specific demon, Jesus displayed His awesome power and each demon submitted to this power! 

This was my heart, this morning, to reveal the truth found 2 Corinthians 4:20 where the apostle Paul revealed that the Kingdom of God was not mere talk but of power! I wanted all to see the demonstration of the power of God! The power of the Spirit of God descended and we commanded the demons to depart and to go to the pit. They quickly departed. 

Not only was this young man free but during the ministry time with him I discovered the reality that he had never surrendered to the Lord Jesus Christ so I led him to dedicated his life to King Jesus! Not only was he delivered from the powers of Satan but he also was saved! Moreover, we also discovered, as we ministered deliverance to him that many of the demons held captive various parts of his broken heart. They were forced to release the parts and they were sent quickly sent to the healer–Jesus! 

As the demons departed Dave cried and cried. He was truly experiencing the love and mercy of God! As he felt the the tangible presence of the Holy Spirit fall upon him. I prayed to dedicate him into service to King Jesus! Dave was truly at peace and free! We both bowed down before the altar in the sanctuary and could easily see Dave was experiencing new life. Perhaps more work needs to be done, at the very least, some discipleship needs to be address (his believing grandmother said she would ensure this takes place) however he has begun the journey and we thank God for the mighty deliverance of Dave!

Not only was Dave liberated but also some others as we commanded demons to release bodies and minds. In fact at the conclusion of the ministry time several approached me and testified of feeling some significant deliverance as I led everyone in deliverance prayers! It was amazing to hear the stories. One lady testified of being freed from the spirit of fear as I commanded the fear demons to depart! This is why I do mass deliverance! As I KNOW souls are freed as we command demons to leave in public gatherings!

I look forward to more miracles in the days ahead. Join me in prayer for the Holy Spirit to fall upon our meetings in greater power! Amen!

Power of Testimonies: We are LIVING Proof of Jesus Miracles

February 2nd, 2014

Dear Friends of Jesus ~

It’s well after 2am and I’m in awe of the move of the Holy Spirit upon this mission. Already this year extraordinary miracles have taken place in so many lives and daily I’m receiving the incredible testimonies. I love the testimonies as this is one means of defeating the powers of Satan as taught in Revelation 12:11. 

As many of you might recall I was recently in the French Canadian province of Quebec conducting meetings where precious souls whom we recently drove demons out of were ministering alongside me in power. One dear brother, named Omar, experienced such a spectacular deliverance and healing as a result of our work with him that he has now, in return, ministering to others in the power of the Holy Spirit. Allow me to share the email I received recently describing what is transpiring:

“I wanted to share some more good news with you. Omar’s Muslim sister Anna, now that she’s seen Omar’s dramatic transformation is asking to be delivered.  We’ve been trying to witness to her for years, this is the breakthrough!  We know she has to accept Christ but we think it’s these pesky Muslim demons blocking her understanding.  Anyway, we are really happy about her asking for deliverance.  And we know you like to deliver Muslims so they won’t stay Muslims but turn to Jesus amen. So we are on the edge of our seats now as this gets more exciting by the day. Can’t wait till you come back.”

Isn’t that amazing! Because of Omar’s dramatic healing from insanity his own sister, who is a Muslim, is requesting deliverance from demons! I absolutely LOVE IT! I’m fired up! Our mission is multiplying workers by the day and we are seeing an army rising up! One powerful spiritual special forces group being trained in our Freedom Fighters. In our most recent Houston meeting –which was well attended– precious disciples inquired about being a part and now getting some amazing testimonies:

“I want to start today (to enroll in the Freedom Fighter International Training Center)!!!! I realize after Saturday night that I need a lot of deliverance myself, I want to do what ever it takes to be free from the chains that bind me and have held me back for so long. I can cast out demons in Jesus name. My greatest desire is to serve my Precious Savior Jesus Christ and I know I am called by His name to spread His good news and set the captives free. Thanks, Jay for your ministry and your love of Jesus Christ. Thanks, for obeying and not being afraid to do the great works you have been called to do.

 One family we ministered to at the Houston meeting sent this encouraging report which details the deliverance and healing of various family members:

“Well my family from Dallas is already planning on Feb23 meeting ! More family members wanting deliverance . They have seen a major change in my father and sister. Even in my home WOW !!!! ”I feel ALIVE In CHRIST JESUS !!!!” It is amazing to see how this is so real you have three generations and you can see the healing in all of them. Starting with my father wow … he is saying things that we know he was healed Praise God and then my sister and me … wow !!! Words can’t even explain the change in me … down to my children.  My oldest son Jason the difference in him alone is a miracle in it self . I know they all need to individual get deliverance for doors they open ,but just having this generational curse lifted up wow !!! Glory to God we are a living testimony on these curses are real . More important is  the power of God is even more real and His love, and mercy is amazing !!!! Glory to the Lamb of God … Glory glory glory  God is so Amazing ! Thank you again Jay ! thank you for what you have done through your gift of God . I am living and alive in Jesus because of it !!! Thank you King Jesus ! Just wanted to update date you … and that we are living proof of Jesus miracles!”

Because the Houston meeting was filled with the demonstration of the power of God (not mere talk as so many churches excel in) many are wanting to join us in our next meeting. Many are sharing their miracle stories:

“Jay–Yes every one attending is planning on coming back along with all my family also …wow I’m so excited …your ministry is so very needed and I believe you are equipping the end time church for the End Time move that’s upon us. Time is so so short and I believe there are devils that are being released that have been held up till this time so we really need to be aware and have all the knowledge and know our authority as never before.”

“Hi Pastor Jay,

This is Macy and I just wanted to say that I’m so glad I got to come to the Houston Church of the Cross meeting. I was deeply moved by the deliverance of those two sisters; it was one of the most powerful displays of Jesus’ love I have ever witnessed in my life. My conception of what God’s love is like has grown because of it.

Also, I had wanted to thank you for letting me learn from the Freedom Fighter School. Being able to learn from your school is such a blessing!! Thank you!”

Another testimony was from a dear lady who has been following the ministry for years and traveled more than 16 hours to be present in our most recent meeting. She writes, in part–

 “Jay–What an awesome report. I have read so many over the past months, this one has new meaning because I was there. I am so grateful that you helped my nephew John with his bondage. Thank you for helping me as well. I can’t forget when you asked everyone how we were doing and you said to me that you knew I was manifesting, I was in perpetual manifestation and the demons had been looking at you since you began your sermon. I wished that there would have been 5 Jay’s that night. It was weird, but every time you began to focus on me, something dramatic happened in the room and which required your immediate attention. Finally, after several attempts and I was in the chair, I knew in my spirit that you were exhausted, with good reason. I don’t remember exactly what was said, but my mother said it was like a different person was talking and it did not sound like me at all. She said it sounded like I was trying to make it seem like I was doing ok, when in fact there was something deeper, hiding below. I praise God that John received such healing and deliverance and l know it was a divine appointment for him. Thank you Jay and thank you Jesus. God Bless You and cover you and your family with the blood of Jesus while you are involved in amazing things. That night was one of the most awesome nights of my entire life, I was so happy. You are an awesome man of God Jay. I truly feel so blessed to have met you in person, our prayer team at church is praying and warring for your ministry.”

Met the Dragon in New Jersey! Dragon Bows to Jesus!

January 21st, 2014

Dear Friends of Jesus,

From Richmond we flew onward to Newark, New Jersey where I have been holding meetings for a Sicilian family vexed by evil spirits. It’s been spiritual warfare from the time we have arrived. New Jersey has been declared, by the governor, earlier today, in a State of Emergency due to the intense winter storm we are experiencing here. To get an idea of what I been driving in all day click here. (By the way, I also added a beautiful picture of Sahara and Elizabeth recently too). For the past two days, we have been in some very complex and intense ministry sessions with those tormented by demonic spirits. 

The family reached out because one of them had attended one of our public meetings in Newark and was so significantly moved by the miracles she reported what she witnessed and the entire family decided to reach out to me to receive deliverance and healing! In Houston, a lady (who received deliverance) attended because a Catholic priest and exorcist attended one of my public meetings in Baltimore and informed her of my meeting. In Richmond, a lady (who also received deliverance) attended because of some friends in French Quebec who were healed and delivered as a result of our meetings in Montreal. Word of mouth is a powerful means to get the word out on Jesus working miracles!

More and more families are reaching to this mission for deliverance meetings and I’m more than happy to oblige when possible. I love seeing Jesus set the captives free! I love traveling the earth looking to bring souls into salvation and into understanding their victorious position as a result of their ascension into the heavenly realms in Christ Jesus! This my heart! 

As I type this in a very cold hotel room here in Newark I marvel at the multitude of evil spirits I encounter who boast they have never been confronted by a disciple of Jesus!


This is a terrible spiritual crime. We should push back and defeat demons! Let’s break generational curses and let’s break their resolve. How are we to do this? We must look for opportunities to extend the love of Jesus in delivering souls from evil spirits. Be pro-active. God desires souls to be free so He will help you reach others! You need training? Then sign up for our Freedom Fighter International Training Center courses (note: Freedom Fighters in several days part 2 of the Advanced Level will be released). 

I’m shocked to hear the demons declare: “We have been here thousands of years and not one single believer has confronted us, to cast us out, so we continue our work.”

This would explain the complexities of modern demonization here in North America and the West. The church has not done it’s job in the area of exorcism thus millions have suffered silently, in most cases, under intense demonic affliction. This was the case with this family here in New Jersey. 

For many hours deep into the night we battled the powers of evil within the family. In particular we dealt with a man who had a doctorate from a prominent university here in America. Highly educated and yet so demonized. For starters, I discovered, this 50 something year old man who I’ll refer to as Ken had numerous ancestral dissociative identities. 


  • Roberto, age 5. Carried sexual abuse pain. He was birthed many centuries ago.
  • Francesco, age 4. Carried sexual abuse pain. Fell off a mountain in Sicily as a teenager in the 17th century. 
  • Abraham, age 75. Carried deep pain and trauma as he endured a war that involved intense sword fighting and great amount of bloodshed.
  • 3 little children who were birthed in ancient times that carried sexual abuse.
  • Sarah, age 3. Carried sexual abuse pain. Birthed in 1740. She died of cancer.
  • Little boy, age 10. Fell into a well while playing and drowned.

Many strong satanic spirits held these parts captive and tortured them intensely. These parts were released and were sent to Jesus. Amazing supernatural healing took place! They saw the face of Jesus! However to get to point where I could communicate with these parts was a journey. I had to battled hundreds of thousands of demons within Ken. All of them were expelled in Jesus name! Demons named Satan, Death, Jezebel, and many others. 

Satan spirits resisted me greatly. They boasted.

“We have thousands of layers of protection so your weapons will not work.”

It was true my weapons were being opposed and were not having an impact however gradually the cross, the Bible, the holy oil, eventually melted away the layers and then the demons felt the extreme power of the weapons (2 Corinthians 10 the apostle Paul speaks of our weapons having “divine power.”) The demons began to cry in pain. So much for their boasting. Within seconds we removed and destroyed layers of demonic protection.

“Can we please stay. We are wanting to stay longer as we like destroying him and we have a plan for his life.”

What is your master plan for his life?

“We are looking forward to the opportunity to take him to a high rise building and pushing him off to kill him.”

I was angry. I had righteous anger. How dare these spirits! I tortured them with the blood of Christ. They greatly weakened. 

“We have been here thousands of years because of blood sacrifices, because of abortions, because of murder. We have his family. Their blood is our blood. Nobody has confronted us. Why now?”

Again, another case where demons have resided in a family for many, many generations without a fight from the good side. So, they grew stronger and stronger and built a sophisticated spiritual infrastructure that has layers of complexities to it –ancestral dissociative identities, strong curses and complex demonic protective resources. There were so many demons: adultery, occult, murdering, lying, confusion, mind control, hatred, suicide, lies, deception, lust, confusion, perplexity, blood sacrifices, and some very strong spirits named Dragon.

“We have been here in this family since 300 AD. His ancestors participated in murders, child abuse, fornication, and witchcraft.”

I have encountered this Dragon all over the globe. He is defeated by the cross of Jesus and must bow to Him. He did on this night! He along with the hundreds of thousands of others were sent to the pit in Jesus name! Numerous hearts parts were released and healed supernaturally by Jesus too! More needs to be addressed however this has been a tremendous start to the work God has begun! 

We also ministered to one of his sisters. She was invaded with many Jezebel spirits. Earlier today, we expelled them in Jesus name! There are thousands of layers of demons and many layers of dissociation that will need to be sorted in the days to come however Jesus is freeing this family. Others, in the family, witnessed these powerful deliverances and are now hopeful.

We must introduce the world to the labor of love —the exorcism ministry & the inner healing ministry. There are billions needing freedom and relief from torment. We have the solution –JESUS!

As you can see, it’s been another intense North American mission. This is my third mission already this year involving many cities, states, and provinces. It’s only going to get better! I just need your prayers I have been having issues with my throat and need divine intercession in Jesus name! I feel awesome but this problem is being persistent. This is a critical issue as you can imagine. The miracles are evident to all and point to the glorification of the Lord Jesus Christ!

After today’s session I traveled back into Newark. Normally it would take about an hour however because of the snow storm it took me more than 3 hours. The driving was treacherous. While driving in these conditions a Russian lady called our toll free number and I answered. Within a few minutes of talking with her demons manifested and spoke to me and battled me. So, here I am driving in a midst of a snow storm trying to conduct a phone exorcism! Ha! Love it! What a joy to serve the King Jesus in all kind of circumstances!

Now, I’m currently stuck in Newark! Jesus help!

Jesus defeats dragons! 

Infiltrator from Jezebel Attended Meeting in Richmond

January 21st, 2014

Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus,

 From Houston, after several hours of rest I jumped on another flight and I traveled into Richmond, Virginia, where we held a meeting last praying for those tormented by evil spirits in Jesus name. This is stunning! We are only into the middle part of January and yet we have traveled to more than 12 different states here in America and have ministered in 3 different Canadian provinces resulting in many souls being reached with the gospel! To think we are just starting is staggering! Jesus, help me with strength! We are blessed! This mission is empowered with the Holy Spirit and amazing miracles are taking place daily!

 Souls were supernaturally healed and set free in Richmond. It was difficult at the beginning of the meeting as the enemy sent a infiltrator into our meeting. This has been many times before in many meetings around the world. I recall being in South America not that long ago and being verbally challenged and attacked because I dared to preach Jesus as the only way to salvation. I have conducted more than a 1,000 private and public meetings in the past several years and have seen the enemy rise up to contend with me. I recall being in Las Vegas, last summer, in a deliverance service I was conducting and was interrupted by a Buddhist who challenged me while I was teaching from the WORD! She screamed at me and demons manifested wildly. Our meetings are an absolute threat to the dark forces. So, in response, they strike out at me. They try to hinder, to divide, to poison the meeting. This is what occurred in Richmond. Allow me to explain.

 I was tired from being up in the middle of the night and taking a quick flight to the east coast. The enemy sought to use this opening to his advantage. So, while in Richmond a middle aged woman to the right of me tried to disrupt spiritually. The entire time I taught from the Scriptures she glared at me with anger and hatred. The demons used this woman to try to curse me. Again, it wasn’t even her. It was the demons that had invaded her. She had come by herself and wasn’t attending to receive deliverance but to cause spiritual problems. They sat there watching me very intently. It was a eerie watching. I knew and so did other disciples in the meeting hall. Interestingly, at one point, she asked a intriguing question.

 ”Jay, you say that you defeat Jezebel with the cross. Where in the Bible does it say we can use objects to defeat her?”

 When she asked the question I could feel the negative spiritual energy. It was quite strong actually. As I shared with her from the Scriptures, in Acts 19:11, where the apostle Paul used objects to heal and deliver, she was getting considerably angrier with me. Actually it was Jezebel who was furious with me. As Jezebel was angry for me even bringing up the fact that I used the cross against her to defeat her. As I tried to share this woman gathered her things in disgust and walked out with fury in her heart! Actually, it was a relief as I didn’t want Jezebel in the hall causing problems. So, I welcomed her exit!

 So early on Jezebel sought to stop the meeting. She failed. I continued on and then felt a intense buzzing in my left ear and others did also. Witchcraft curses were being sent to the meeting. I led everyone in prayer and broke the curses in Jesus name!

 After teaching from the Scriptures and leading everyone in Holy Communion I began to minister. Some of getting relief and release as I rebuke the demons in Jesus name! In fact, a 72 year old woman who attended our meeting was delivered from many demons including the spirits of Freemasonry. As we renounced the Masonic ceremonies, breaking off spiritual nooses, this dear lady, experienced a deep healing, as the noose was removed. She testified of being able to breathe much better. Moreover, she was healed from double vision, as the spirits were afflicting her eyes terribly, during our public meeting. She was sharing with everyone that she could see two of me during the meeting and she didn’t normally experience this. So, I came against this in Jesus name! It was near instant healing! Furthermore, while ministering to our dear sister, a little 13 year old part surfaced from within her that held the pain of having endured a rape nearly 50 years ago. The little one held the pain. The demons of rape were also present who held the little heart part captive. For nearly 50 years these powerful demons held this hart part. To think that none came along in all of these years to help her find freedom and healing is quite bothersome. Where is the church to intervene. In Houston, the demons informed me me that their victims and their ancestors were never reached with the deliverance power of Jesus. This can be seen throughout the world. I am determined to intervene. Will you join me? Let’s rise up army of Jesus and battle these powers of Satan. We will at the end of day so don’t be discouraged! We win! In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ I sen these spirits of the devil to the pit! Immediately relief and release could be seen on her face. It was beautiful to witness!

 The following morning I met up with this woman and her husband and she testified of feeling very good! I think her husband was shocked too! I love seeing the fruit of deliverance! This mission sees it all the time! Amen! Jesus be glorified!

 Others experienced deep inner healing and deliverance from evil spirits as we went down a list of doorways that lead to demons! Some experienced the fire of the Holy Spirit as I laid my hands up them. It was encouraging to see!

 I was also encouraged to see precious souls whom we have ministered to in the past and walking strong with Jesus. In fact, one pastor who attended the meeting mentioned he has been equipped to effectively deal with demons by watching our many YouTube videos. Even after the meeting had concluded many more were arriving including a pastor who leads a deliverance church who wants to learn more! This is encouraging to see other men and women rising up doing the works of Jesus!