Binding demon spirits

I work with a company where you’re meeting with new people, and constantly have a nice variety of people to face and sometimes *cough* deal with. Not that long ago, the company was up against a very sticky situation with a client. The person was by far the worse we have ever dealt with. She was nearly impossible to please. She made working with her nearly impossible and VERY difficult. She would get on the phone, and cause somebody to just shake in their boots the way she carried on. When we finally got her satisfied, she changed her mind on her order and decided to dump us. She threatened to take us to court over a petty few hundred dollars (which was WELL earned). She demanded that we give her back all the money she spent with us. (hello?? the work was already done!!!) I just knew we were dealing with a demon in her (and we were!).

Anyways, the big meeting was approaching, where we were just going to give her back the money she spent with us and tell her to move on. That day, a couple of us went together and bound up the demon spirits in this woman before she arrived. She pulled up with her boyfriend or husband, and he stayed out in the car. She came into the office, and her whole personality made a 180 change… you would NOT know this was the same person! She started crying and was bawling in the office… somebody handed her a box of tissues, and when she was done, she had a mound of them laying there… she stared at one of the employees and said “WHO ARE YOU???????” and kept bawling… the employee (who is a Christian) was telling her about Jesus, and she was soaking it up.

I just thought you might enjoy that testimony, where the weapon of binding was put into action, and DRASTIC results came fourth! What an awesome God we serve, to give us the authority over the demons like that!!

Robert L.

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