Depression, occult & freemasonry

This testimony was shared by Sherri, who went through a beautiful deliverance:

I grew up in the church – was a very ‘good’ little christian girl who did all the right things and followed God to the best of my ability.

The church I grew up in was very traditional in many ways and although they occasionally ran in to demons (as christians occasionally will) they didn’t have a lot of knowledge of them and dealt with them in the normal, traditional christian manner. (ie just rebuked them)

When I became a member of a charismatic church one of my first experiences of it was a very kind lady who saw a spirit of death on me and invited me to go and see a pastors wife who did deliverence ministry. When they prayed for me I ended up on the floor unable to stand, coughing uncontrollably with something trying to choke me. The whole thing went on for a couple of hours and when I walked out I was free from so much of the depression, hopelessness, despair and inner grief that I had suffered all of my life. They didn’t preach to me, they just rebuked stuff and it left.

I went from a church that knew very little about the demonic to contact with christains that not only acknowledged it but were very good at dealing with it.

I can also speak of several close friends who had similar church backgrounds to me who also received great freedom from deliverence ministry.

Jesus went about healing the sick and casting out demons. Not only that but he was doing it in a land of people who followed God. In otherwords he wasn’t doing it to people who were witchs or idol worshipers or in whom you would assume there would be any demons. They were just everyday jews who prayed in the synagogues.

I have since had several bouts of deliverence ministry as I had occultic stuff and high level freemasonry in my generational background and every time I got free from more spiritual garbage and received more emotional healing, peace and freedom as a result.

Praise God!! Notice how sometimes, it takes multiple deliverance sessions before a person is completely free, but each time this sister went in, she came out with more freedom! Praise Jesus!!!

Robert L.

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