Relief from Celiac Disease

This victory report was emailed to us recently:

“I have a friend who has been under demonic oppression for four years but has always been looking for God’s answers and strength in all of it. She sent me this website about a week ago and I have been reading some of the articles. After reading about faith and healing I have taken a stand against my theĀ Celiac disease which started out of the blue around the time I started reading the Word and living God’s will (about two years ago), and also against random mood swings. Amazingly I found immediate relief from both problems, which gave me the confidence to take a stand against the demonic oppression my friend has been living under. One by one we bound and cast out spirits such as Doubt, Fear, and Rejection, and even took a stand against the way she was feeling physically after this binding and casting out.”

Jay Bartlett

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