Generational Infirmity OUT!

The dear pastor, Gene Smith, who recently hosted our exorcism meetings in Ohio recently shared with me this great report:

Things are still cranking up here. That broken part in the lady didn’t want to manifest but we took care of several demons, including generational Infirmity. Here’s what she said two days later:Today was the first day in a long time that I wasn’t achy. I truly don’t know how to act. I feel weird. But I’m thanking God every minute of the day for all that He has done for me and all that he will continue to do.My left thumb was twitching for about 2 weeks. So badly that I thought I had Parkinson’s disease. It didn’t twitch once today. My confusion is gone along with the lack of concentration. I’m not agitated and haven’t been eating as much. I feel at times like I don’t know myself. It’s really, really strange, but a good strange. Thanks for everything.”

Submitted by Jay Bartlett

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