The captives are being set free in Texas!

WOW! What a mighty God we serve! The captives are being set free in Texas! Yesterday, I was in a session where I began to go back and reiterate some things that had been done in a previous session, soul ties, breaking down strong holds, etc. This person merely re-forgave two people that had been forgiven before……When I confronted the demons, they just began to POUR out one after the other. Not even stopping to talk to me! When I did find one that would stop and talk to me on his way out, he said:

Demon: “I was in charge of ________.”

Note that word “was” in charge….

Me: “Who took over for you?”

Demon: “Nobody took over for me. You broke my ability to stay. You made this person forgive the sister. Now I have to go!”

This is what they ALL said when I managed to talk to a few of them. Folks, this is SO powerful! This person broke the soul ties in the air, forgave everyone, and BAM! It was as if this person just walked RIGHT up to the enemy, grabbed their guns, and threw them on the ground, COMPLETELY disarming them! They were running for the hills!

Death, Envy, Jealousy, Suicide, Congestive Heart Failure, Heart Valve Trouble and many more were cast out in Jesus’ Mighty Name! They all just ran for 3 hours straight!

Forgiveness: One HUGE key to victory!

 Posted by: Joey Guess

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