Lord Jesus, please let this man live!

Before I got into the ministry of deliverance, I was driving down E Mayfield Road in Arlington when I noticed a mand had swerved and jumped the median. He was headed straight for us so I slowwed down with the intention to maneuver if I needed to. Just then, his car swerved again and the man slammed into a tree sideways.

As the car slammed into the tree, I saw (what I thought was the passenger) the man come flying out of the passenger window. Something evidently had a hold of his foot, because he was pulled back into the car after 80% of his body was thrown out.

The car came to a resting point in the middle of Mayfield after being thrown from the tree. I watched in shock and waited a couple of moments for an explosion. None. People began to approach the car. I crept up there slowly “Are you ok?” No sound. To my surprise, it was the driver who had been flung out of the passenger window and back in again. People were trying to talk to him but he was not responding

I noticed that he had blood running from his nose, mouth and ears. No pulse. I shook him trying to wake him as others panicked and called 911. Then, I layed my hands on the man. Someone said “What in the world are you doing?” And I said: “Lord Jesus….PLEASE let this man LIVE!!!!!” Instantly it was like he had been hooked up to an air hose, air rushed into his lungs, and he breathed and coughed. Amazing.

My son said peoples eyes were as big as saucers as I walked away and they observed the man alive!

Amazing! Praise Jesus, and His power to raise the dead!!

 Submitted by Joey Guess

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