Godly woman freed in Jesus Name!

What a freedom session in Central Texas yesterday! A Godly woman came in yesterday for help. She had been oppressed by sexual demons causing all sorts of trouble for her at work and in public. For three hours, we cast out:

Molestation, Shame, Guilt, Self Pity, Haughtiness, Masturbation, Hindu, Buddism, Jehovah’s Whitnesses Sect false religion demon, Catholic demons, Kundali, Lust, Generational Prostitution, Fornication, Mockery, Confusion, Witchcraft, Leviathonic spirits, and 3 un-named root spirits.

This is a wonderful story of a woman who had been to 25 different deliverances and received little to no help. But she kept pressing forward, and finally received that precious bread of the children. Keep pressing into the Lord no matter what, just like this lady did! His deliverance WILL come in Jesus Mighty Name!

Posted by: Joey Guess

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