Voodoo Spirit Resisted but Came Out!

Last night at the church,¬†a dear lady¬†surrendered to Jesus Christ for the very first time in her life. She had a head knowledge but had not repented of her sins. She had incredible difficulty praying with me, VERY difficult for her to even verbally confess Jesus. But, by God’s mercy, she prayed and light could be seen on her face! She was giggling as she was so joyful in making that decision. She said she could feel that her heart was warming up! Isn’t that awesome!

Then I had her even destroy a picture, in front of all, that she had drawn at the church…a picture filled with Satanic symbols and the sign of the beast 666. I also destroyed the book she had published that was about murder!

Then we began the exorcism. Within seconds of placing holy water & sacred oil on her head a spirit surfaced by the name of Tiera which was interesting as she thought Tiera was a broken part of her (good lesson for all who have dissociation–ensure you test the parts of you to see whether they are spirit or human). Her eyes glossed over and a perverted smirk appeared on her face.

The demon was violent and extremely hateful, as it flung my Bible across the sanctuary. It was in a rage but Jesus prevailed! I called forth the holy angels of God and within minutes they came into the sanctuary and I told the angels to carry her up to the front of the sanctuary (she was sorta in the middle of the sanctuary). The angels picked her up and placed in a upright position so I could minister to her. The demons warred against the holy angels. There was a intense battle but again God prevailed!

Tiera held on the spiritual rights of animal sacrifices and consumption of blood. The rights were removed and 2999 of the Tiera spirits were commanded to leave and she could feel them leave her body!

Then a major war occured. It was with the very last Tiera spirit, it was a voodoo spirit from prior generations (just a informational tibit~voodoo spirits tend to be very difficult and persistent due to their very nature of their being I have discovered as I have ministered in numerous voodoo areas of the world). It had entered her ancestors, I think 3 or 4 generations ago, as they practiced voodoo and sacrificed a little baby to the devil! This specific demon passed through the bloodline of the family into Kimi!

For a long time I battled this evil demon, as it fought back with great persistence, that it amazed me, as we were torturing it beyound belief! The demon shouted, “I’m going to murder her,” “I’ll leave when she is dead,” “I’m never leaving.”

I’ll be honest, I was worned out but then…

The fire of the Holy Spirit descended upon me in unusual power and I commanded this voodoo spirit to leave and it left her body in the name of Jesus!

WOW!!! She was so relieved and was experiencing the glory of God resting upon her life! She was really tired but so relieved!

Submitted by Jay Bartlett

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