Black Magick Spirits Defeated by the Messiah

This past Saturday we held our holy services and an African man manifested demons that had entered him due to his family’s involvement in black magick. Two spirits of black magick surfaced while I prayed over him named, “Lethal and Letel.” These demonic beings had placed spiritual chains in his mind that held him into captive. Both were driven out and exited through his mouth. He could feel them leave and he was relieved.Minutes later, we dealt with some very strong satanic spirits that were quite violent and blasphemous. The demons spoke out of this woman in strange demonic languages, communicating to other spirits, and requesting for assistance. Our God was too powerful though!

“We will never leave her, there’s 7018 of us, we are too powerful for you,” boasted the spirits.

There were over 7000 evil spirits within a woman that had participated in numerous black magick ceremonies. Upon this woman’s confession of Jesus Christ over black magick, the demons were confronted with the holy command.

“You will repeat after me, evil spirits,” I informed the 7018 demons.

“We will not, we will go to your home,” the demons told me.

“In Jesus name, you will go to the pit,” I commanded the spirits.

Minutes later they repeated their doom and entered the abyss, screaming in utter agony!

The dear lady collapsed and was so happy that the demons had departed, all 7018!

Black magick is no match for the holy power of the Messiah!

Submitted by Jay

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