Monster All Gone

A few days ago, I was out and my wife was home when my 3 year old boy came to our bedroom and said, “mommy, monster!”He wasn’t fearful or sad. He was simply stating a matter of factly.“Show me where the monster is,” my wife told our little son, while my boy took my wife’s hand and led her to his bedroom.

Upon entering his room my son walked over to the window and pulled up a few of the blinds and said, “monster over there” (he was pointing to a tree across the street).

My wife, knowing full well these monsters are demons attempting to terrorize our son, she led him in a commanding prayer for all monsters to leave in Jesus name (our little boy told the monster to go in Jesus name). This was the great part, after my wife led our little boy in prayer, my little boy looked over to mommy and said:

Monster all gone” and he went back to bed peacefully!

Jesus overcomes monsters! The precious faith of little ones in Jesus is powerful!

 Submitted by Jay

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