Removing Demons, Objects, Animal Skins, Human Interjects, and Devices in Jesus Name

We were recently in the Great Pacific Northwest conducting private exorcisms. God prevailed with His power & love. We were ministering to a lady who was terribly afflicted by demons, human interjects, cursed objects within her body, generational curses, and animal spirits. It was interesting to note that many of the evil demons we encountered possessed spiritual armor that allowed them to withstand spiritual weapons that believers had utilized over the years.

In Luke 11 we see some interesting truths from a spiritual warfare context.“When a strong man, fully armed, guards his own house, his possessions are safe. But when someone stronger attacks and overpowers him, he takes away the armor in which the man trusted and divides up the spoils.”We see that the “strongman” (demonic spirits) can utilize armor. I have seen this countless times and have seen how effective the armor is against some of our weapons that exorcists employ. I have shared with many deliverance ministers that demons will often take upon armor in an attempt to ward off the spiritual power ones uses against them, with the hopes that the exorcist will give up, when they realize that their weapons are being rendered ineffective, thus allowing the demons more time to inhabit their victim. When you are ministering to an individual and it seems like you are up against a wall, perhaps the demons you are battling with possess some form of armor. Check to determine if this is so. In our most recent deliverance session we came across many spirits that were wearing armor. One demon even boasted he was able to withstand 10 deliverance ministers that this woman had turned to as result of the “thick armor” he wore.

“A couple of the deliverance ministers came close to tearing off my armor,” the evil spirit, speaking out of the woman, revealed to me.

Often times deliverance ministers will not be aware of this and they stop the ministry as they have come up a spiritual wall. A key in this is being persistent and relentless. Wear the demons down and take off their armor that they trust in to ward off your weapons.

“In the name of King Jesus, I take off your armor, piece by piece, with the holy atoning blood of Jesus,” I told the demonic spirit that wore this thick armor.

The armor dissolved and we continued on with the ministry.

In the process we discovered there were many evil spirits wearing animal skins and forms such alligator, bats, and fish. Many of these demonic beings also possessed weapons. A few even held objects within the woman’s body to torment.
In the name of Jesus Christ:

*We drove out scores of demons
*We removed objects of the body including wires, a little motor device, and a cape
*We ripped off these animal skins from the demons that were wearing them
*We expelled high level spiritual beings that were sent to this lady from a territorial spirit that oversaw, for Satan, the largest city in the Pacific Northwest.
*We drove out several human interjects that spoke to me through the woman
*We cast out demons that were holding onto the lady through external demonic attachments (these spirits were attached to her but not within her)

Some of the ancient spiritual creatures we confronted had been in her ancestral line for 15, 50, and 100 generations. One demon entered in the year of 1456, another 1607 as result of generational sins and curses that opened this family to demon powers.

We tortured the demonic spirits with Holy Spirit fire, holy water, sacred oil, and the breath of God! Several of the spirits I cut so deeply, with God’s Word, that they cooperated with little resistance and was able to obtain key information from these wounded spirits.

Over a course of a few days we drove out many demons and God relieved this dear saint of many torments. The sacrificial Lamb of God liberates and restores!

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