Casting Demons Out in a Stairwell

Just a few nights ago I was forced to drive out demons, from a woman, in a stairwell, of all places, in a mega church in Dallas.You might be wondering, “Why, brother Jay, a stairwell? Could you not have driven out these demons out in a meeting room or sanctuary?”

Allow me to explain.

I was invited to speak to a few believers at this 10,000 member church and was suddenly asked to minister to a lady from Asia who was terrorized by evil. She was molested, strangled, and driven insane by these devils that held her captive.

At first I wanted to assist this dear saint with the help of other believers in a Bible Study room or, perhaps, even in the sanctuary. But it became obvious to me that this was not welcomed as it turns out this church doesn’t believe in casting out demons in public (or privately for that matter). Determined to pray and to cast out demons from this afflicted lady…I resorted to the nearby stairwell area of the church. A few other believers assisted me as we accompained this woman to the stairwell to battle the dark forces of Satan troubling her.

As you can imagine, my mind started wondering, “Is the church going to bust open the door at any moment and force all of us out. Or perhaps they will call the police and have us escorted out. Maybe the church security will interfere and stop the ministry all together.”

I then remembered all the times over the years in churches, all over the globe, where I had to fight to help people find freedom in Christ!

But brother Jay you were in a church, that must be the most supportive place to gather and to pray for hurting people. Sadly, my friend, the church in the Western World doesn’t welcome nor desire for the ministry of deliverance to take place in their place of worship! There are exceptions, like our public chapel service at the Salvation Army and the powerful church that my good friend, Gene, (who participates on this forum) pastors outside of Cleveland, and there are others but they are few and far between.

As we began to minister to this lady in this darkened, damp, and unwelcoming area of the church (a stairwell of all places) my mind was still shocked….here I am, an apostle of the Lord Jesus, being forced by the kingdom of darkness, to minister without any support but a few believers. I was overwhelmed with sadnes for the state of the church as this mega church had probably a 100 or so empty meeting rooms that were available and NOT ONE was made available for us to help a demon possessed woman! The 3,000 seat sanctuary wasn’t available though it wasn’t used either, the chapel was empty, the open common areas with the nice leather furniture and fireplaces wasn’t option either…so we ended up in a stairwell…but the glory of God, the presence of the Holy Spirit came upon me…and I basked in it and enjoyed. I witnessed the demons bowing before King Jesus & His eternal Kingdom which I am a priest of and as the lady violently cried out and convulsed like a mad woman the demons exited, as I called them out in Jesus name.

For once there was relief, for this woman, I praise God for His mercy and love!

This church didn’t get to experience this miracle and didn’t get to participate in this labor of love to free someone from evil spirits. That is sad! I am also sad to say, nor will this church get to either, for they have forced this ministry in their stairwell.

It is sorta funny though this church doesn’t want to acknowledge nor permit the ministry of deliverance, the ministry of casting demons out still went on from power from on High! This is the ministry of Jesus and the apostate church of the west cannot cease the Spirit from moving!

Submitted by Jay

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