Demon Claiming to be a Slayer Bowing to King Jesus!

This past weekend we held another public service in Dallas for those needing prayer to be released from Satan’s power. It was a small meeting but our little meeting area was packed with individuals coming in from out of town and as far as Southern California with the hope to find liberation from demonic torment.

We began the meeting with an opportunity to partake of the Holy Communion ~ the body and blood of our Lord. We then proceeded to provide a brief teaching on the Doorways to Demons. The very first doorway mentioned was, “Visiting Demonically Controlled Areas,” which include Hindu temples, Buddhist temples, drug houses, homosexual communities, etc…as I shared with the small group and invited everyone to pray with me, demons began to manifest in very subtle ways. A fellow minister noticed this right way and began to pray for a lady that was sitting right in front of me.

Within moments, a demon manifested by the name of, “Shamig,” he had brought a tormenting fear inot this dear believer and was also holding unto the spirit rights of visiting a demonically controlled area. For you must see that this dear saint traveled recently to the Orient and visited many pagan temples which allowed this Oriental demon spirit to enter her body. As soon as the rights were broken the demons were driven out in Jesus name!

The next doorway I covered was generational curses, oaths, and vows and immediately another demons manifested within a 40-something year old man to the left of me, who was sitting with his wife. The demons contorted and twisted his face and growled like a beast.

“I’m Danaka, I report to Chermos, who oversees large geographical areas, we are slayer of millions, we torment.”

He then began to boast how he could quote me God’s Word from it’s original languages and began to do so (I have studied the ancient languages in theological school so I picked up on it), I told him to stop and he did!

“It doesn’t matter what you know, Jesus is Lord.”

“Yes, Jesus is Lord, we have been defeated by Him.”

This slayer of millions bowed before the King Jesus and was commanded to leave in Jesus most holy name! He left with a loud cry and a beastly moan.

I also dealt with demons named, Death Masters (there were 48 of them), that had entered the body of this dear saint as a result of a generational curse of murder from his grandfather who had killed some POWS in World War II. These death spirits were also removed in Jesus name.

For 6 hours (we had ministered 5 hours prior to this public meeting in some private sessions with a severe case of demonization), we drove out many evil spirits from those attending the meeting and spoke to different dissociative identities that surfaced and they experienced healing.

Demons manifesting in Alien form and spirits of shamanism, witchcraft, satanism, masonry, Taosim, Buddhism, levitation, rape, abuse, trauma, Native American spirits, etc were all driven out during these private and public meetings in Jesus name!

Moreover, some were released from various forms of demonic affliction as they repeated prayers renouncing various sins, curses, and demons! At first, we didn’t think we would be able to complete the 15 or so common doorways to demons but we were given grace and were able to get through the list and people were FREE!

Jesus is wonderful!
Submitted by Jay

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