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Cult Member Freed from Mind Control

Sunday, February 21st, 2010

Yesterday, I stopped at a store and immediately I was approached by a young man who introduced himself and the organization he was with–“the Family of Love.”

“Nice to meet you, my friend, I’m interested in knowing what is the message you are promoting from the “Family of Love,” I asked him.

“Well, um, um, we represent peace to the world,” with a very cautious manner he answered.

I knew that this “Family Love” was simply another cult in our world seeking to seduce young men like this for their evil purposes. Sadly, he couldn’t even share more about this group except, “we represent peace to the world.”

He shared how he traveled around the country in white vans with other young people and how he had just arrived from Chicago to Dallas desiring to share “peace” and promote the “Family of Love.”

(I’m sure this is just another branch of the sex cult that David Berg started years ago that targeted young people called the Children of God)

“We do believe in Jesus,” he interjected while I was asking him questions about the group.

“Do you believe Jesus is God in the flesh?” I inquired.

“Um, um, what do you mean.”

“Do you believe that Jesus is God?”

“Um, we believe in Jesus as someone from God but, um, not one in the flesh.”

As you can see he couldn’t answer with a clear answer. The mind control was deep and broad in his mind. This young man’s brainwashing was complete. The Family Love group had him in their total control. This is sad and was very alarming!

Having studied the cults, alternative sects, false religions and having ministered to the those enslaved by cults for twenty plus years, I can easily, for the most part, detect the various degrees of mind control a person may be under at any given moment. I recognized this 22 year old man, originally from Japan, as having a complete blindness to the fundamental truth of Christianity–Jesus is God in the flesh!

I proceeded to share John 1:1, 14 with this dear man.

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

“The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us.”

The Word of God I was quoting to him was clearly removing the mind control mechanisms in place within His mind

(It’s interesting to note that mind controlling sects often go to great lengths to place within their devotees various forms of mind control mechanisms and yet here I was in front of a store sharing a few Scriptural truths with him and IMMEDIATELY the mind numbing mechanisms were being demolished by the mighty WORD)

I briefly shared the gospel message with him and he stood there in front of me totally shocked but very attentive (he was never argumentative during out entire conversation as he was being captured by the Spirit of God which was melting his soft heart)

I began to pray, “Lord Jesus, help him.”

He then prayed with me, “Lord Jesus, I come against the mind control place within me by your precious holy blood, I renounce it in Jesus name…”

Again immediately, the controlling mechanisms were being removed and he was soon able to confess an all important truth!

“…I confess on this day that Jesus is God in the flesh…”

He was born again by the Spirit of the living God! He repented and was captured by the Lord Jesus Christ.

What was beautiful was he did this in public as I had him confess verbally, out loud, for all to hear, that Jesus is Lord!

He confessed and was saved!

The light of Jesus was shining from his young face and you could tell he was liberated from the forces of hell that bound him.

He was so thankful and rejoicing in what Jesus had done!

In some ways, he reminded me of myself when I was converted by the Lord Jesus, when I was immediately delivered from all forms of torment and mind controlling bondage!

Submitted by Jay Bartlett