Transformed, Delivered, and Healed by the Risen Jesus

On this Resurrection day where we celebrate the risen Jesus we would like to share this with you. This is a┬ápersonal testimony of a┬álady that was delivered from Satan by the power of the love of Jesus. –Jay

“It is my heart’s desire that many would be set free by the power and the blood of Jesus Christ.

In November, 2001, I recieved Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior. A few months later, I was water baptized, recieved the baptism of the HolySpirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. I had made up my mind to serve God with my whole heart and give my life to His service. God began to increase my discernment of the presence of good vs evil within that ime period.

I witnessed many demonic manifestations that I had never experienced before. I was being, tormented, stalked, harrassed, physically harmed, and intimidated by evil forces. i would sense their presence. It was so evil, that it would make the hairs on my arm stand up. (It was such an erie feeling) I was often held down (almost as if i was paralyzed), I could not move or speak, and something of pure evil tried to suck the breath out of me. The only thing I could do was pray (inwardly) for Jesus to save me, and He did, every time.
I was punched in the face by an invisible, evil force. I would see beasts that appeared to look like something between a rat, and a monkey with wings. I would have horrible nightmares of me fighting demons. I would see dark figures, walking across the room, light switches flipping on and off, and the volume on the radio turning to full blast. Satan himself appeared to me, and he sent his demons disguised in human form, to shake my hand. This is only a clue of the types of things that I was experiencing at the time. Much more happened.

It was obvious to me that I had a battle on my hands. And there was no way that I could battle these demons in my own strength and by natural means. I realized that I was in a spiritual battle. However, I was not strong enough to do it alone. I needed the help of the HolySpirit. God led me to buy books on prayer and spiritual warfare. My spiritual eyes were opened, and I learned to use the spiritual armor that is available to every believer.

One day, while praying for my Husband, he began to growl at me. My Husband is a born-again believer, but I was taught that a christian could not have a demon. I did not know anything about casting demons out of people. I immediately stopped praying, because whatever I was saying was obviously agitating him. I asked my Husband if he was okay, and he told me that something inside of him wanted to hurt me really bad. The demon was not cast out, and there was no one who could relate to our situation or the things we were experiencing. No one believed us.

In 2004, God revealed to us our desperate need for deliverance from evil spirits. I went through a few sessions of personal deliverance counseling, however, my deliverance remained incomplete. Although I was a born-again christian, i was having serious struggles mentally, emotionally, sexually, and in my marriage. It was a struggle for me to make any type of progress in my christian life. It was very frustrating for me. I began to struggle with depression severely. I felt hopeless, like there was nothing even God could do for me. I felt like, if this is what i have to go through in life, I just don’t want to live. I thought to myself, where is the abundant life that God has promised me? I recieved no help or relief, my faith was weakened, and I heard a voice telling me to just kill myself.

I was decieved into thinking that God had failed me, and so I rebelled against God. The devil convinced me somehow that Jesus was not real, and that everything I had experienced was all a lie, so I went back to my old lifestyle before I got saved, and i ended up worse than I ever was before. I had opened myself up to serious deception. I was delusional. I got involved in the occult and witchcraft. I began to believe in false gods. I became a witch, and communicated with a “spirit-guide”. My marriage was on the verge of a divorce. I was addicted to drugs, alcohol, pornography, cigarettes, etc. as a way to escape my problems. For me, it was too painful to be sober. As long as I was high or drunk, i didn’t have to face the reality of my struggles. My life was completely dysfunctional.

God gave us the opportunity to attend a School of Deliverance, which had many courses, such as “Breaking Generational Curses”, “Demons and Deliverance”, “Deliverance from Strongholds”, “Inner Healing”, “Ungodly Relationship Bondages”(demonic soul-ties), “Deliverance from the Occult/ Witchcraft”, etc.

My Husband and I surrendered to the process of deliverance. I had come face to face with the reality that deliverance was not a quick solution to give me relief from my struggles, which was the reason why my deliverance was not maintained in the beginning, but it was the fight for my life! I got serious with God, and I got serious about my freedom in Christ. God gave me the courage to let go of the crutches that I was so dependent upon, in order to face my issues head on, dealing with each and every single one.

I made a decision to separate myself from every unhealthy relationship, and from everyone in my inner circle who were negative and unsupportive. I surrounded myself around people who were supportive, and who also wanted to be healed and delivered. I humbled myself before God, and I asked Him to show me where I gave the devil a foothold in my life. And where I lacked discernment, the Deliverance Ministers had the knowledge, wisdom, understanding, discernment, and the insight to see what I could not see.

The hardest part of the deliverance process for me, was coming out of deception, rebellion, and pride. I didn’t want to believe that I had so many issues. I was is serious denial, I was in ignorance, and blinded by religion. I knew I had a few issues, but refused to believe I had as many as my counselors said I had. It was very painful to come into the truth and reality of my spiritual condition. I didn’t know who I was. What I believed was “just my personality” turned out not to be “me” at all. The real “me” that God had created was beneath layers and layers of issues. And I felt lost.

I had been decieved by false teachers. I believed that I had a true relationship with God, and that i had so much spiritual knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. I believed I was so spiritually mature…yet, I did not bear friut….It was all lies, and I was blinded by a religious spirit. I had to be willing to surrender it all to Jesus, and forget all that I thought I knew. I had to become as a child, and go to God in child-like faith, and be willing to start all over again. I had to start my christian walk all over, from the beginning, and become truly, born again. I had to be willing to become a baby christian, and forget everything, and just sit at the feet of Jesus to truly learn of Him.

I repented for every single sin that I could ever remember committing against God. I confessed every single one of my sins to the Deliverance Ministers that God had placed in my life for me to submit under. I desired to bring all darkness into the light, no matter how shameful, or uncomfortable it was for me. I refused to hide it. I stopped justifying my sinful behavior, I accepted responsibility for the consequences of my actions, and I truly surrendered to Jesus. I accepted that things would get harder before it got easier. But I decided to trust and believe that God would get me through it.

I studied who I was in Christ in order to determine my true identity from the demons who were invading my personality. I identified the evil spirits and the generational curses according to the type of sin that I saw in my ancestral background and by the sins that I had committed before. I also identified the evil spirits by recognizing habitual, repetitive, and compulsive behaviors in my life. I learned that if I didn’t know the truth of who I am in Christ, the demons would have legal ground to stay because they hide behind lies. I also learned that I had to get desperate for change, in order for change to occur.

I learned to aggressively take my stand, and take my life back through spiritual warfare. I spent quality time with God, crying out to Him in desperation for deliverance on a daily basis. I spent time renewing my mind with the word on a regular basis, concerning each issue. I declared affirmations, and I addressed each demon aloud, and in an authoritative voice. I declared to those demons that Jesus has given me power over you! I would remind those demons of who I was in Christ, that I had the victory and that they were no longer welcome in my body. I told them that it was no longer “their house”, and that i was giving them their eviction notice to vacate! I also reminded them of the cross, and how Jesus shed His blood for me. This stirred them up, and tormented them to the point where it was so uncomfortable for them, they had no choice but to leave me.

In my deliverance counseling sessions, they were ready to go. They would leave immediately with a single command, through violent coughing, crying, screaming, drooling, spitting, growling, belching, vomiting, etc. I often found small amounts of blood in the drool, from the demons ripping and tearing. They would afflict me with pain in my body, torturing me as my payment for breaking covenant with Satan. And many of the manifestations were extremely violent.

Some major strongholds took longer for me to get delivered from. I learned that the longer you have had the habit or wrong mindset, the stronger the hold. Some strongholds can take years to break. Fasting was very benficial for me during my process of deliverance. God really gave me the grace to get to the source of my problems by detecting the entry points in which the demons gained entrance into me. I stripped them of their legal rights, I dealt with traumatic experiences, irrational fears, and unresolved hurts that traced back to my mother’s womb….as an infant….throughout my childhood….through my adolesence…and as an adult. I had gotten in touch with emotions that I was at one time completely “numb” to. I stayed focused on getting healed, leaving the past behind me, and pressing forward.

I spent time learning to maintain a life of discipline and structure. With the help of the HolySpirit, I was able to crucify my flesh. As I got delivered of rebellion, it became easier for me to surrender to God, and walk according to the Spirit. I learned that if I did not discipline myself to break bad habits, the demons would have legal ground to remain. Instead, I developed righteous habits that would eventually benefit me in the future. I learned that God’s commands were not a bunch of rules, but they were boundaries for my own protection. That is how much God loves His children.

Some may think that it doesn’t take all of that to be free. But this is the price that I had to pay for freedom. Now, I see tremendous results in my life. I feel lighter, freer, and more at peace than I’ve ever felt before. My emotions have stabilized, my thoughts have clarity (no more confusion), I feel clean and pure (no more guilt or shame), I am free to obey God, and live in righteousness and holiness without an evil influence controlling me, forcing me to sin against God. I can hear god speak to me so much clearer now. My family is in order, (no more dysfunction), and God has blessed my marriage. I know who I am in Christ. God has given me purpose and vision. I am a warrior and a soldier in God’s army!

I bless the Lord, and I give Him all the glory for this powerful testimony. God has truly shown His glory in my life. And I appreciate Him so much more now than I ever have. I know the God I serve. He is the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. He is my Deliverer, my Healer, my King, my Counselor, my Comforter, my Refuge, my Shield, and my Shepard, and so much more! He has truly proven Himself to me in so many ways. And I just want to say, “THANK YOU JESUS FOR SETTING ME FREE, THANK YOU FOR SNATCHING ME OUT OF DARKNESS AND BRINGING ME INTO YOUR MARVELOUS LIGHT” “THANK YOU FOR NEVER GIVING UP ON ME WHEN OTHERS TURNED THEIR BACKS ON ME, AND EVEN WHEN I GAVE UP ON MYSELF” “YOU SAW MY POTENTIAL FOR GREATNESS…AND I THANK YOU!”
Father, you have been my teacher through it all. And I pray that you would deliver and set free many people as they read my testimony. Teach them to fight, Dear Lord, as you have taught me. That they may walk in victory, overcoming every obstacle and every struggle. In the mighty name of Jesus, Amen.

“For I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation for every one who believes…” Romans 1:16


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