IN MEXICO~Deliverance!

It is 2am here in Tijuana, Mexico and we are rejoicing in God’s wonderful mercy and goodness. Pastor James Beason and I flew into San Diego earlier yesterday, took a bus, then a trolley train, then a taxi to the border of Mexico and then walked over into Tijuana. We did not even know a soul in Tijuana but God was calling us to Mexico and we obeyed and He blessed our obedience. So many were telling us not to go as people were being brutally killed by the various Mexican gangs and drug cartels that were running rampant, however, we trusted God as He is our strong tower and refuge! He provided and protected!
After checking into our room we prayed, asking God to guide our steps and to lead us. Got a taxi (by the way, I accidently left my video recorder in the back seat of the taxi and that was a source of great discouragment for me as tonight many miracles occured that could have been recorded to the glory of God) and ended up in a part of Tijuana that few evangelists dared to preach (we didn’t see any other believers reaching out to the many thousands that roamed the streets). We ended up in the the drug infested area of Revolucion Plaza, of Central Tijuana. Armed with thousands of Spanish gospel tracts we began to distribute them to those in the area. Nightclubs, bars, tattoo parlors, and other adult establishments lined the streets with many thousands walking around aimlessly and under the domination of the drugs that were so readily available on the streets. We also trusted God to provide us a translator us to help us to reach those in Tijuana with the gospel.
Within minutes of open air preaching we spoke to a man who worked at the adult establishment across the street called, Hong Kong. He understood and spoke English so we were able to share with him and he ended up giving his life to Jesus Christ. We were greatly encouraged!
Moments later a young lady originally from Guam approached us by the name of Tina. Only in her late 20’s but looked very worned out by life’s troubles. She had been suffering from all kinds of various pains as a result of some boils that were all over her face. I could tell she had various strange boils over her face that looked like they would cause great discomfort! She shared she was, “in alot of pain” but tried to keep a strong face in an attempt to maintain control. She also admitted to being a marijuana addict. After sharing the Gospel with her she was extremely open to God’s love and turned to Christ! I then asked her if she was interested in getting healed by Jesus. She exclaimed, “Yes, of course.” I commanded the pain to leave and IMMEDIATELY the pain left her and she just shone with the joy of Jesus. She had a look of amazement as she noticed ALL the pain disappeared! Moreover, she said she could tell her all of those drug compulsions she had been battling for a long time has dissipated too! She could feel the evil spirits leave her body! Tina was saved, healed, and delivered by the loving miraculous power of Jesus Christ!
Moments later a lady in her late 40’s passed by and we ended up in a conversation with her. Her name was Candy and understood English as she spent some time in California. She was a believer in Christ but also struggling to overcome a heroin addiction and was on her way to sell some drugs when she heard us sharing the gospel. She had been so discouraged in life. She shared with James and I that she so desperately wanted to be free and feel God’s love! We commanded the demons of addiction to leave her body and they immediately left her body (she testified before many on the streets that she could feel a supernatural release from the powers of demons as we prayed over her), furthermore, she felt a most powerful holy presence of God’s love that immediately cleansed her!
Now, it gets better…Candy was so powerfully delivered she ended up being our translator and she did a beautiful job doing so as she assisted us in leading many souls to Jesus Christ, interpreting for me as I shared with those in the open air! In fact, she was so fired up with this new spiritual transformation that she had experienced earlier that she began to share boldly in her own initiative about her deliverance encounter with us and how God had set her FREE! Now this is NEW TESTAMENT hands on training! Isn’t God wonderful my brothers and sisters. Here we were in a foreign land with no contacts, not knowing how to communicate and God brought us someone who was down and out but whom God lifted up, set free, and then used so powerfully to help us communicate with so many in the midst of many thousands of the good news of Jesus! She was literally going up to people on the streets excitingly telling others about Jesus!
The miracles continued….in front of a Tijuana gambling hall…we preached and there stood by was a man (named Martin) who admitted he was addicted to gambling and he was concerned that the demon behind it was going to destroy his very life! He was quite serious about his concerns. We listened and offered to pray and he readily asked that we help him find deliverance. Within moments of commanding the demon to leave, the demonic spirits left (he testified of feeling them leave his body). He then ended up praying to receive Jesus as Lord of his life! He then begged us to travel with him to his hometown as that they can hear this good news that JESUS DELIVERS! Isn’t that amazing and beautiful my fellow laborers in the Kingdom of God!
While in various locations of the city, we preached openly with our new found translator and leading many to Jesus and had wonderful opportunities to lead individuals in prayers of healing and deliverance!
Some rejected the message though including one little boy, perhaps 13 or 14 years of age. He was literally petrified of the gospel tracts and literally ran when I began to rebuke the demons within him as it was quite obvious he was under GREAT spiritual control of the evil one! We simply press onward…
One well-to-do gentleman requested prayer of a an embarrassing infirmity that he had…we rebuked it in Jesus name and immediately he felt better and gave his life to God. He smiled with the joy of Jesus!
Towards the end of the evening we had the wonderful opportunity to talk to a very sad woman who was mother of one baby. Her name was Maria-lou and she was a believer but had experienced great trauma in her life. She looked so sad! It brought a tremendous amount of compassion from within me to reach her with the love of Jesus. God did touch her while I spoke with her, to the point where the power of God’s healing was so great that she nearly fell down as she felt the overwhelming comforting presence of God in our midst! She experienced GREAT deep inner healing, she even testified of feeling the warmth of God’s great love for her. She also complained of being terribly afflicted in her wrists as she felt continual pain in that part of her body and that concerned her greatly as she´possessed a job whereby she used her wrists constantly! I just knew God was going to display His wonderful grace by healing this precious lady and after commanding the pain to stop, the pain stopped immediately and she was healed! She also testified publicly of God’s healing power, she was so relieved!
There were many other miracles and we are so honored by God’s presence in our lives! We are merely servants of the Lord Jesus. See how your prayers are working my friends! Praise God for all of you!

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