Ancient Mayan Demons Driven Out in Latin America

My dear brothers and sisters in Jesus,

First off thank you for praying for me. I needed your prayers and God answered by providing supernatural protection here in Guatemala. It was a grueling 6 plus hours in a old, over-crowded, extremely suffocating, hot bus on some horrible roads. While on the bus I nearly witnessed a little girl, perhaps, 6 or 7 years of age, being nearly crushed by the overcrowded mass of people desperate to get on the bus. I literally intervened by picking up the little girl, from the main aisle she was standing in, while her parents stood by, without a care in the world and had her sit on my leg. The passengers could have cared less that a little girl was nearly trampled on. I was angry and very sad! The little girl was happy I helped her though! I just do not get it my friends…why people are so cruel.

Moreover, our bus broke down a couple times delaying us more then an hour. Then I was hit with a closed fist by someone who walking by the bus during one of our stops. I was stunned! It was during a time I was about to get some rest when out of the blue a young guy comes up to the window and hits me hard! What would cause a man to strike a another man like that I asked myself! One word came to my mind—demons!I have had strange experiences like this before. I recall being in Paris some years ago and while in the open courtyard in front of the Notre Dame Cathedral a demonized man, out of the blue, rushes to me, placing his hands around my neck in an attempt to strangle me. I could recount similar experiences from around the world. I believe these attacks are demon inspired as none of these attacks make any human sense. These are supernatural attacks compelled by devils.

Then upon our arrival to the region, where we would minister in a few primitive witchcraft dominated villages, I hopped on a open bed pickup truck for another hour of difficult traveling on unpaved roads. Then we had to traverse some difficult pathways to this little village dominated by the descendants of the ancient Mayans that were known in ancient times to participate in human sacrifice.

Friends of Jesus, evil demons wanted to hinder me and discourage me so they attempted to use a variety of ways to accomplish this. These unholy spirits did not want me to come to preach in this village. Furthermore, I discovered when getting my email set up to write all of you, those demons inside that precious woman who we have been reaching out to in the United Kingdom wrote me ANOTHER email threat, “I hope you die on the road,”  this was a death curse upon my travels. The email was sent just about the time of our journey! Interesting….no doubt the demons in this remote primitive Mayan village were communicating with the demons in Western Europe with the hopes of killing me on the road. They failed!

Remote Village Dedicated to King Jesus!

For several hours we held a open air evangelistic meeting, sponsored by one of the new mission churches of the Church of the Cross. We participated in Holy Communion, sang, and I proclaimed the gospel message to a crowded field of people in the central part of the village. From throughout the village people assembled. One lady had traveled far to join us for these special services. People were listening in their homes, in their yards, and all around us. It was beautiful to see!

I sensed many who had assembled were sick. I asked those who wanted to be healed of their infirmities to come up to the front. I would estimate nearly 50% of the crowd responded. These were desperate people in a very spiritually dark region of Latin America. The needs were astounding. I was told that I was the first evangelist to hold a open air meeting in their community. The first to hold a service where the sick and demonized were prayed for, and first Anglo to ever visit!

For a long time, I prayed for the dear people and many were miraculously healed of various infirmities and afflictions. The first lady I prayed for had been told by doctors there was nothing else they could do for her. Medication had failed and she had been in terrible pain for over three years! I commanded the spirits of infirmity to leave her body along with the various pains and immediately she was healed! She however did not want to move, she just stood there in front of all and cried profusely! She was healed after three years of pain and she was relieved! God had touched her! Amen! So many were sick, so many were in torment, and in pain! I was astounded. Now, I knew why the demons tried to hinder me. They did not want to see these people free in Jesus!

The villagers were stunned witnessing first hand these open air miracles. Even the mayor was present and he was deeply moved (the Holy Spirit at one point had me give him my watch, you should have seen his face–priceless!) It opened them up the gospel and many prayed with me to receive salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ! Many children were present and they opened their little hearts to Jesus too! It was also reported to me that only 20-30% of the villagers were born again believers. What a great time to bring the good news of kingdom of God to this remote Mayan community.

We also gave an invitation to those who wanted to experience deliverance from demonic spirits to come forward for prayer and again a great number responded. As soon as they lined up in front of me I could feel the evil spirits and their intense rage towards me for daring to confront them! In the power of Jesus, we confronted the evil spirits and commanded them to leave those who stood before me. Many were freed. One lady manifested powerful Mayan spirits of violence. The demons had been compelling this dear mother to beat her children viciously. These spirits were cast out in Jesus name! Another lady manifested demons who laughed and laughed, blasphemous spirits that simply mocked the work of God! These were driven out in Jesus name! Many were freed from ancient pagan Mayan curses through the all powerful blood of Jesus!

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