Awesome Display of God’s Power Over 65,000 Evil Demons

Fellow Co-Laborers and Partners in Jesus ~

Jesus replied, “Let us go somewhere else—to the nearby villages—so I can preach there also. That is why I have come.” So he traveled throughout Galilee, preaching in their synagogues and driving out demons.”
~Mark 1:38-39

This is our mission–to preach the gospel and to drive out demons. It has been thrilling to see God’s wonderful grace being extended to so many on this most recent mission to Latin America. I left early Sunday morning after only sleeping a few hours, boarded a plane back to Dallas, spent some time with the family, and then headed back out on the road to minister in our public Church of the Cross deliverance meeting in Bellmead, Texas. What we experienced in Bellmead was extremely powerful in that precious souls were delivered from tens of thousands of evil spirits in the name of Jesus!

The first miracle which was witnessed was a dear African American sister in Christ, who had been sexually assaulted by evil spirits, tormented in her body and mind, and suffering from various cruel afflictions, arrived to the meeting despite various car troubles (note: this is a common occurrence with those attempting to get to one of our meetings, as the demons will often hinder the demonized by causing various transportation difficulties). How did she hear about our service? Just hours earlier she was searching the web looking for deliverance ministry in Bellmead. She was desperate for help as she attended several churches that very morning seeking deliverance. No one offered to help! Providentially, I had this meeting scheduled and we wanted to help!!! Was that not the miracle working power of the Lord or what!

Though we were small in number, we were mighty in God as He was pleased to display His power over the evil one! After prayer and a brief teaching from the Scriptures, I led the saints in Holy Communion. As soon as we were about to partake of the blood and body of the Lord, demonic spirits surfaced within our precious young African American sister in the Lord (it is a joy of mine to have various believers from different ethnic backgrounds attend our monthly small meetings–we are truly a multi-cultured group), who had placed her in a demonic trance. With her eyes rolled back in her head (you could only see the white of her eyes), she severely convulsed and her head began to shake violently.

The first spirit named, Nala, manifested and revealed to me, that at the age of 6 as a little girl she was abused by a family friend that was involved in Voodoo.

The spirit often spoke to me in a unknown African tribal like tongue. I commanded the spirit to speak English!

“She ate demon food!” Nala informed me.

After further interrogation it was revealed that this family friend that practiced voodooism had taken this lady when she was 6 years of age in the back yard of her home (she was babysitting the girl at the time) and forced her to eat some root called “cheese” that had been cursed. The demons also revealed that she had to eat 90 little pieces that had been cut up for her (interestingly, there was demon within her named 90). She was forced fed this disgusting root! Not only did this traumatic event allow tens of thousands of evil spirits to enter her body but it also brought about trauma to her heart, as her soul was deeply wounded and broken. This lady not only needed liberation from demonic spirits but also experience deep healing of her broken heart!

I called our dear sister out of the trance and had her renounce this demonic act of voodoo and then confronted the spirit of Nala again.

For nearly two hours I battled this voodoo spirit. It was a intense spiritual battle. It has been my observation in dealing with various kinds of demons in different lands of the world that voodoo spirits, Islamic spirits, and elite Luciferian spirits tend to be the most difficult to battle. The voodoo spirit, at first, was quite boastful but towards the end of the battle he was begging for me to let him go to the pit. He was commanded out in Jesus name!

Voodoo spirits of Boya, Ninea, Douya, Lena, Dena, Lord Dena, Ninea, Shena, Noya, Shena, and many tens of thousands of others, of their various kinds, were encountered in this exorcism and were expelled out of her in Jesus name! A few of them had implanted complex mind programming control mechanisms within her soul. These were destroyed by the power of God. A number of these vile spirits even told me how much they liked tormenting the broken pieces of her heart. They especially like perverting and torturing the little wounded parts of her deeply traumatized heart! We spent considerable time during the ministry session to release these parts of her heart into the loving hands of Jesus! What marvelous healing took place! More follow up needs to take place but we are rejoicing in the goodness of God upon this lady’s life.

Yes, the demons were stubborn and battled us but with each one they ultimately confessed their defeat by the blood of Jesus Christ! At times these spirits were speaking various kinds of African tribal tongues (and even a Indonesian tongue) which required us to command the spirits to speak in English. They twisted her body and shook her body for many hours with very little relief. It reminded me of the various animist & voodoo dance routines I have witnessed in Haiti and various parts of Africa. No doubt some of these spirits came from these far away lands.

A dear mother who are present with her grown son (he was needing deliverance too) assisted me in note keeping and more then 65,000 predominately voodoo spirits were identified and driven out in Jesus name! She was feeling relieved and free. What a beautiful feeling it truly is! She was very shy but she testified of her deliverance on video which I hope to have on the site soon!

Our public meetings in the US tend to go deep into the night. It is not unusual to have all nighters–10, 12, 16, and even more 20 hours of deliverance ministry! Even then we often run out of time as was the case in this most recent meeting. The needs are more then what people realize. Demonic activity are at epic proportions. God gave me supernatural strength, though, as I had just traveled earlier that day from Latin America. I had, perhaps, slept a total of 9 hours during my mission and here I was conducting deliverance sessions deep into the early morning hours! God is gracious. He is to be praised!

It was 1am and others needed assistance, (by the way, I even received a couple calls during the night from others needing deliverance from out of town) so I continued on! A 26 year old man had arrived needing liberation from the powers of the devil as he was being constantly harassed by voices, mental torment, and other kinds of strange afflictions. We battled more then 7,000 spirits of infirmity that had been sent his way by an old bitter girlfriend that is involved in witchcraft and the powers of the occult. The demons spoke and revealed much. Because he had opened up some doors up to the demonic he was wide open for more demons from this witch! By 3am we were able to drive out more then 7000 demons!

For nearly 10 hours we battled and witnessed the display of God’s power over the evil one. God’s grace was quite evident! We will follow up and believe God’s healing power to rest upon these precious souls!

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