Close to 10,000 Souls Reached for Jesus

Dear Friends of Jesus,

May God’s peace and and comforting presence be upon your home and hearts this day!

It is nearly 3am here in London and wanting to thank all of you for your effectual prayers as the Holy Spirit moved powerfully in our midst as we conducted a number of open air gospel meetings yesterday afternoon. Moreover, God was pleased to extend His holy power and deliver at our small public deliverance service in the evening.

A dear minister friend of mine and I felt deeply burdened (this burden has been on my heart for many months) to travel to the Chalk Farm underworld area of Central London to preach the good news of Jesus!Yesterday we traveled to this area known for it’s eclectic dark environment. Many, many thousands gathered to get drunk, indulge in the drug scene, to mingle in the many clubs that were peppered throughout this area. The streets were filled with tattoo & piercing parlors, occult shops, bars, and nightclubs (one club advertised itself as “Dark Angel” whereby they placed a woman mannequin in a mock crucified position). The area was filled with demonic nefarious themes and I was told that churches avoided the area due to intense persecution. These precious souls looked so despaired of life. What a wonderful place to bring a message of hope and love but at a cost though!

For hours, we distributed gospel booklets and we held a number of open air meetings, where we set up a meeting on the streets and proclaimed the gospel. In each meeting we estimated about 1,000 to 2,000 people gathered to hear the gospel being preached! Many were utterly stunned, shocked to hear a message of faith on these darkened streets of Chalk Farm. You could see it on their faces! So, this unique presentation brought many curious onlookers that listened on attentively as I shared the love of God!

As I proclaimed the gospel, I was harassed, verbally assaulted, and was threatened. I would estimate more then a hundred people cursed me with loud profane words, harassing me and even several took hold of my microphone and cursed our precious Savior out loud! One man in his 50’s kept on repeating, “the devil will arise, the devil will arise, the devil will arise,” for more then 20 minutes to counter my proclamation that Jesus is Lord!”

I need to be honest with you dear brothers and sisters even though I have been jailed, detained, stabbed, threatened with death hundreds of times, mocked, chocked, kicked, hit, have had objects thrown at me, and many other life threatening events, I have never experienced, though, a mob surround me, cursing me and our loving Lord! The vile disgusting words they shouted about Jesus would deeply sadden you. As I proclaimed Jesus, there were a few times my friend was deeply concerned about my welfare as a number of large men surrounded me in a violent rage on the verge of assaulting me. However, God restrained these evil men! The Holy Spirit allowed me great liberty to preach. I was very much at peace! Yes, there were many who hated the message but there were thousands who listened on! In fact, in one meeting, 3 young youth came to me wanting to receive Jesus Christ as Lord! It was beautiful. Yet, in another meeting a group of young ladies came to my support and wanted to also declare to the crowds that Jesus loves everyone! So, yes, the devil was quite active but Jesus conquered and we estimate close to 10,000 were impacted with the gospel during our mission to Chalk Farm. The crowds were massive and it was amazing to see the interest as people stood and listened! I led the crowds in prayers of salvation so only eternity will reveal how many called upon Jesus!

Then from the massive crowds we moved on to our very small evening deliverance service where only a handful attended but our Lord was present and He delivered a precious soul from many demons. Ebo, a African man, attended this service, he had earned a MD (and nearly finished with a PhD) but was unable to practice medicine due to the demonic attacks he had been suffering through for many years. Ebo’s family were polygamists, his father a witchdoctor who forced young Ebo (he said he was perhaps only 7 or 8 years of age) to endure years of pagan rituals whereby his body was sliced and his blood flowed. These demonic practices opened Ebo up to strong demonic powers that brutally attacked him. We dealt with a number of witchcraft spirits and they were driven out in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ! As God healed him, he exclaimed, “I am so happy.” Those words were backed up with peace on his face! God is so gracious my friends!

God to be praised! Appreciate your prayers. God answered with mighty miracles and powerful protection! Amazingly, the London Metropolitan Police didn’t interfere either though, again, they stood by watching on!

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