New York Times Square Injustice: Criminally Charged by Preaching Jesus!

Dear partners and friends of the gospel,
Where do I begin? I am currently ministering in the New York City area and the fires of the Holy Spirit are impacting many thus the enemy is also at work trying to hinder!
Yesterday, Satan hindered me greatly. My first flight to NYC was cancelled, I missed my second flight as a result of my airport shuttle running more then an hour late and then finding themselves lost (dispatch was so confused that they nearly gave up and simply refunded my monies for the services). Then on the shuttle we were once again nearly involved in a freeway collusion! 
Upon arriving to New York City I hailed a taxi and for nearly three hours we drove around and around looking for the hotel (the trip should have lasted no more then 40 minutes). Mind you, this is a NYC veteran taxi driver who could not locate my hotel. We must have stopped and asked for directions ten times with no one able to assist us. It was pathetic. It was surely a test of my patience. By God’s grace alone I maintained my composure. Here it was 1am, I’m tired, hungry, and recalling all the crazy events of my life just in the past several months and was about to explode with frustration but then I just chuckled within and thanked God for this wonderful opportunity to share with my Western African Muslim taxi driver the good news of God’s wonderful grace and love found at the cross of Jesus!
“I am messed up in the head,” remarked my driver as we missed my proper exit what seemed to me to be the hundredth time.
“I can’t believe this! What is going on!” he asked himself out loud! Then he spewed out profanities upon himself for not being able to focus!
“Don’t worry about,” I encouraged him, though deep down I was again about to explode out of extreme frustration!
(I was texting my precious wife at the time and she was encouraging me to just stop wherever I was at and check into any hotel, she was urging calm too 🙂 sensing my frustration)
I wondered to myself why do these things happen to me??? The answer is quite obvious…the enemies of the Savior do not desire for the gospel to go forth and that is what I’m about –proclaiming the death, burial, and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ– and the devil attempts to hinder along the way! The apostle Paul, once tried to enter Asia for some ministry and he was hindered “again and again” by Satan! This is part and parcel of the Christian experience, the enemy will hinder at times, but Jesus always prevails!
I am pleased to report you friends that Jesus once again came through victorious! I made it safely to the hotel and had the beautiful opportunity to lead Samyeh, a Muslim from Mali, to the Lord Jesus Christ. He was very enthusiastic about surrendering his life to Jesus and I am rejoicing in this new birth into the kingdom of God! Finally around 3am I entered into a much needed sleep and then woke up several hours later…
NYPD & Times Square Open Air Preaching
Earlier today I stood before many thousands in Times Square and in Manhattan preaching the gospel. Armed with my little audio equipment and the Scriptures I preached God’s love and the need for precious people to repent and place their faith in Jesus! At first I was given great liberty to proclaim the good news and again only eternity will reveal how many prayed with me the prayer of salvation but I can honestly say many souls were captivated by the open air preaching! Moreover, I was approached, filmed, and interviewed by Russian Television & the global news organization Reuters. These opportunities alone gave me the opportunity to reach countless people through print and visual media. Then I was approached by the NYPD and inquired if I obtained a permit to proclaim the gospel in public. Having preached, in public, in cities across America and the world, I was astonished that I was required to possess a permit to share Jesus in public, right here in the States. I told them the truth that I did not possess a permit. I was formally cited and charged, on 47th and 7th street in the heart of New York City, with a “Criminal Court Offense” for sharing Jesus and summoned to appear at a Criminal Court on West 54th street on July 19th 2011. I was stunned and to be honest with you a little discouraged.
Pakistani Consulate Difficulties & Mighty Miracles in Guatemala City
In less then a week’s time I am scheduled to be in Pakistan to minister (and to visit the beautiful historical sites of the nation) but my VISA has not been approved at this time. We need your prayers, for God’s favor. The consulate is concerned about any possible “preaching” I would be engaged in. I spoke with the Pakistani consulate today and again they raised concerns about my activities in Pakistan! I can hear it their the consul’s voice. I might need to reschedule this Pakistan ministry trip and just complete the second half which includes traveling to Hong Kong and mainland China. Please pray for me and the trip. God bless you dear ones!
The miraculous works at the Church of the Cross in Guatemala City are astonishing as demons are being cast out and people are being healed in nearly every service! Evangelist Adolfo Fong Luna and his wife are doing a superb job serving Jesus! Please pray for them and their work for the gospel. We commend them in the faith! Here’s a recent report from him:
“Dear brother Jay: I have wonderful news to share, at our prayer meeting came a family for the first time, a family of four, they have two kids, a boy and a girl Jennifer and Mauricio, they had Bronchitis. We pray for them and instantly the Lord healed them, praise be to Jesus!  He is the same today, he still in the liberation, healing and saving business.”
Adolfo and I are also developing a Bible and Practical Ministry School to be based there in Guatemala City that will be a base to train students from all over Latin America with the spiritual weapons to go forth to fulfill the Great Commission. We have already received interest and a body of students have been gathered. We will formally start the school in the Summer of 2011. It is my desire to train the Body of Christ in the works of the kingdom so the gospel may go forth to the world.
Volumes, Radio Presentations and Such
As some of you may be aware some of my volumes on the subject of the “hidden life in Christ,” the deliverance ministry, evangelism, and the miracles of God are being distributed by the global book retailer Barnes & Noble (among other distributors). Though I am not a trained writer per se nor do I feel necessarily gifted in writing, I simply write as God has given me a burden, to reach the masses, with information, that largely the Body of Christ ignores. Books seems to me have a life of their own and can be passed down generationally thus impacting untold numbers in years to come! This truly excites me. God has used the “weak things” of the world, such as my writings, to reach a global audience. Praise be to God! I checked the reports and many hundreds are obtaining the volumes and being blessed! With your key partnership, my brothers and sisters, we are reaching the nations of the world with the message of liberation found in the love of Jesus! Amen!
In regards to the radio presentations I have drastically scaled down the program due to my travel schedule and I produce a new program once a week or so now. Do check out some of the presentations (especially when I’m on LIVE which varies through the week) as many are still listening in (last time I checked over 20,000 have listened in since the inception of the broadcast in October 2010). In fact, recently a young person contacted me and said he had been listening to the program and found them to be very informational and edgy with the exploration of topics the Body of Christ simply ignores.
Television Opportunity
As many of you are aware I have been afforded an opportunity to appear on a variety of television programs in various nations of the world, over the years and have largely turned down the offers as I am not a television personality type. I would much rather minister to the slums and the spiritually dark regions of the globe unnoticed by man! But the fact is because of what I do –preaching Jesus and casting out demons– draws attention. Thus yesterday I received a email from a producer for the series OUR AMERICA with Lisa Ling which airs on the Oprah Winfrey Network who is interested in talking with me about a project. As you know Oprah Winfrey has a HUGE audience and we could literally reach many millions but I am walking ever so prudent with this. Please be in prayer with me. God bless you

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