More Miracles: Powerful Moves of the Holy Spirit within Pakistan

My dear friends of Jesus ~

I just can’t wait to show you the video coverage we have been able to capture on this most recent mission to Asia! Stunning testimonies of God’s supernatural power!

We just completed another open air meeting in Lahore, Pakistan and the miraculous wonders of God are increasing each night. I know many of you were praying as I could FEEL them in a very tangible way! No other way to describe it except that the Holy Spirit is answering your prayers with His very holy presence in our midst bringing about wonderful miracles of redemption, healing and deliverances. My host pastor has been sadden to hear that many ministries and churches have sort of discarded Pakistan in favor of the more free prosperous nations of the world. As many of you are aware Pakistan among many other Asian nations in this region of the world are greatly dominated by idolatrous religions such as Islam, Hinduism, and paganism. Pakistan is 97% Muslim, persecution of the church is increasing –a dear pastor I have fellowshipped with here showed me the “marks of Jesus he literally bears on his body, as his arms were burned by fanatical Muslims in a small village. His crime? Carrying a Bible in public– however in the midst of the persecution the church is becoming stronger. I see it in their faces! It’s one of inner strength, one of inner peace in the midst of great spiritual depravity! This pastor with great spiritual fortitude stated, “We believers in Pakistan are warriors,” this is inmner confidence in what Christ can do in the midst of great evils that surround them. Their living testimonies strengthen me to press onward to the call of Christ to the ends of the world!

TONIGHT! Jesus Prevailed! I was given incredible liberty to preach the gospel like I have rarely experienced. I believe it is a direct result of your holy prayers! Tonight I brought a message: Jesus, Savior, Healer, and Deliverer. Within the hundreds that gathered in the open air meeting I estimate 90% of the unbelievers, including a number of Muslims, surrendered to Jesus Christ as Lord! They would interrupt my message, a number of times, to clap out of joy in hearing about Jesus and the simple truths that He is indeed a Savior, Healer, and Deliverer! What beautiful people, what receptive hearts! I think the people really warmed up to me as I wore the traditional Pakistani dress in this meeting and will continue to do so. I have become one of them.

The testimonies of healings and liberation from evil spirits were dramatic. People testified of being healed of various diseases, pains, and afflictions. One young lady in her early 20’s had been demon possessed for years stated she felt the demons exit her body quickly upon command in Jesus name! She testified with tears of her dramatic deliverance. The people were clapping and shouting with great joy in their hearts! One man in his 50’s had been battling various cruel painful infirmities for more then 15 years was dramatically healed in Jesus name. What was amazing was that God placed my face in his mind several days ago and when he heard from some friends that an American was in town to pray healing in this area he immediately came to this meeting as he wondered if the face that God showed him was indeed my face. Well, it was! God healed this precious Pakistani brother! I captured many of these powerful testimonies on video and will be sharing them with everyone!

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