Satan’s Brutal Attack On Our Secret Mission, Jesus Still Wins!

Dear Friends of Jesus,

It was 3:53am. I had just gotten to bed at 1:40am.

I was sleeping outside here at my host home and suddenly I hear the haunting sound of the Muslim prayers through the loudspeakers at the nearby Mosque. Unless you have heard their early morning cries I do not know how to best describe the ghoulish sound of their cries to Allah. Here in Lahore, Pakistan, even at 4am, many thousands throughout this massive city can be heard howling and groaning to Allah.

I wondered to myself what the heck is the Iman saying! The Holy Spirit instantly translated, spiritually, what he was crying out to the millions throughout the city.

“I am the spirit of darkness.”

Yes, in the natural realm one hears Arabic but in the spiritual realm the evil spirits within the Islamic leaders are the ones crying out from deep within their inner man!

Again I was burdened to intercede for these precious souls. With the many hundreds who have come to Jesus Christ in our meetings, Satan is furious with us, so, on this day, he started his brutal attacks.

At 7am, while laying upon the cot, still awake, a sand storm came into the area and covered me with dust then I was covered with numerous insects that began to swarm me. Then I started to lose my voice, and started experiencing stomach pains. This was the beginning of the personal war I would fight in Jesus name!

However, in the midst of this war, I was encouraged with the victory of Jesus! While having some tea with the grandfather that lives in the home, he shared with me that when I prayed over him upon my arrival to their home he felt the Holy Spirit touch his body in a unusual holy manner and instantly bringing healing into his body. He shared with me that he had been in pain for many years and had been suffering greatly however, now Jesus touched him and he was so happy!

So, while the enemy was trying to hinder, God was at work! His work moves forward!

Later on, a number of pastors joined me in setting up a massive open air crusade in a remote village of Pakistan. Due to the security risks the local pastors begged me to sit in the very back seat of the van that had their curtains drawn so that no one would be able to see me and the local pastors surrounded me to ensure I would not be seen as we drove through various towns on some very busy streets, filled with the masses, on the way to the village where Christ would be preached. Upon my arrival to this remote village, I was whisked into a walled compound where again I could hear those Islamic calls for prayers. This meeting was secretly planned to not give too much of an advance notice to those who would like to disrupt the meetings.

Within minutes of my arrival to preach the gospel a horrible thunderstorm came into the area and chased all of those coming to the meeting away. This was a direct attack from the enemy as precious people traveled in from all over Pakistan to attend this massive tent meeting where thousands would be gathering to hear the gospel and to receive prayers for healing and deliverance! The storms were relentless, power lines were taken down, roads flooded, there were mudslides,and general havoc. As we escaped the area we had to traverse through some bad conditions including walking through mud, human and animal waste. The foul stench was awful! As we were leaving the village the Islamic calls for prayers were being offered. It makes you wonder if there was a connection…the Muslims were cursing the meeting and bringing about this weather disruption through spiritual means. We rebuked the storms but we will be back and we will hold this open air meeting…so Jesus WINS!

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