Wonders in Pakistan: Mute Boy Healed, Tumors Gone, and Demons Departed!

Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus ~

God is so wonderful, loving, and caring towards us!

Just arrived back from our most recent meeting in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan where I have been holding various pastor meetings and open air meetings to preach the gospel. We have seen miraculous wonders in our midst and today was no different as the good news of Jesus Christ was proclaimed in a vibrant church here in the city of Lahore. The church was jammed packed, a standing room only crowd that enthusiastically received the message. I preached on the Ascension and Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, taken from the texts found in Acts 1 and 1 Thessalonians 4. Throughout the service my message was interrupted with applause as the dear people were excited to hear from the Scriptures.

Many souls responded by receiving the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior for the very first time during the time of invitation. We also invited those needing healing and deliverance from evil spirits to raise their hands, approximately 40 hands went up quickly. In the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ we commanded diseases, infirmities, and demonic spirits to leave those who needed a healing touch from Jesus. Nearly all of them were dramatically healed and delivered! I had a number of them to come up front to testify –one lady shared with everyone she could literally feel the tumors that had caused so many problems within her body dissolve and testified of feeling zero pain–another lady testified of feeling suicidal spirits depart from her body immediately as we commanded the demons to leave the afflicted–another lady testified of being enveloped by the love of God that had manifested very strongly in the room and experienced a deep healing of her broken heart! So many were healed of various pains, sicknesses, and diseases–it was an amazing display of God’s love upon these dear people of Lahore.

Upon leaving the service a desperate father ran in front of me and begged me to pray for his son.

“Please pastor pray over him for he has never spoken a single word, he’s a mute,” the father urgently told me.

At first I was being rushed to the waiting van but felt compelled to stop to minister to this precious boy of perhaps 8 years of age. You could really tell his Dad was so desperate for a healing!

“In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ I loose your tongue, SPEAK!” as I prayed over the mute boy.

“AMEN,” responded the little boy.

You should have seen the father –stunned but his disposition quickly turned to one of relief and happiness. Mind you this was a boy who never uttered one word until on this day! But, wait there’s more….

As I was about to enter the waiting van to depart for another meeting more people assembled around me so I conducted a impromptu street meeting–as I ministered to the afflicted. A mother brought her 20 year old daughter, who was cruelly vexed by witchcraft powers, that local witchdoctors had placed upon her. I ministered on to her and she immediately was freed from demons. She could FEEL them quickly depart from her body. She mentioned that she had been attending the last few nights of meetings hoping to meet me for prayer but was unable to get close as so many were rushing for deliverance prayers. So, my friends, God honored her determination, with a immediate release from these unholy powers that had bound her!

As I was leaving the area, that little 8 year old boy approached me with his father and said, “God bless you.” The little boy smiling away! Beautiful Jesus, just beautiful! It’s all Jesus, nothing within Jay Bartlett can cause a mute boy to talk, as to be honest with you since I was under the weather I was feeling quite weak but my Jesus was strong and that’s all that matters anyway!

I am currently at my host pastor’s home enjoying some sweet fellowship and just completed ministering to the mother in the home who was requesting healing prayer as she has a tumor. I believe in the coming days I will hear a good report about this too! Jesus heals and delivers!

This has been an incredible week in Pakistan. Many hundreds were saved, healed, delivered by Jesus. We are now developing a ministry plan to utilize the Qaddafi Stadium in Lahore for nationwide crusades. Many of the pastors are in agreement that the stadium will be easily filled and will probably have an overflow of many thousands. This will impact this Islamic nation for Jesus on multiple levels. We need to push back the forces of darkness with the clear presentation of the gospel with signs and wonders following! Please be in prayer!

On a personal note, I spoke with my wife last night and after prayer she shared with me my little boy Ford woke up the other night and said he was scared but that when he saw the picture of Jesus in his room, he said, “Everything was ok,” and he wasn’t scared anymore.

Oh, our precious Jesus, He delivers us from all our fears! He is there for you right now, He is there for my little boy and He is there for you –everything is going to be ok–when we look upon Jesus!

Though the enemy has drawn close the Holy Spirit has drawn closer to me! I know many of you have been praying for me in regards to my sleep. Well, I still average about 2 to 3 hours a sleep a night but I feel like I have slept for 8 hours! So your prayers are working! Love you guys in Jesus name!

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