Casting Demons Out in China!

I’m currently in China on a brief ministry stop and earlier yesterday I was involved in an unplanned (though God planned this) deliverance session with a dear lady from the Philippines who now lives in Hong Kong! For many weeks now she has been receiving these email updates and have been reading with great interest the amazing works of the Holy Spirit on these various trips I have been conducting throughout the world. 

In fact, listen to this my friends, this dear sister in Christ, has been watching some of the exorcism videos we have placed up on our site (view the supernatural MUST SEE exorcism videos here: ) and has been really touched by the power of Jesus to set the captives FREE. Moreover, WHILE WATCHING THE EXORCISM VIDEOS SHE MANIFESTED DEMONS HERSELF AND THEY WERE LEAVING HER WHILE SEE WATCHED ON. Furthermore, she had been praying, “God, please have Mr. Jay come ministry to me next time he’s here.” She was wanting some more in depth ministry and God provided her a miracle!

God answered this woman’s prayers. I’m in China and I met up with her and a precious family that assisted me. After partaking of the Holy Communion we proceeded to confront the demons within her and almost immediately the demons manifested and were forced out in the name of Jesus. While they were leaving her they were causing her to vomit a number of times and Jesus set her FREE! Her face just glowed the releasing power of the Holy Spirit. We also prayed for her heart and as a result of some tremendous hurt earlier in her life she was deeply wounded. In his obvious distress God poured out His beautiful love upon her in waves and brought much needed healing into her life! All praise to our healing Jesus!

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