Exorcism in Los Angeles

Dear Friends of Jesus,

This has been an supernatural filled day filled with intense warfare with the spiritual enemies of Jesus. I have been kicked, spat upon, cursed, beaten, mocked, and threatened with brutal death. My Holy Communion set was desecrated, my Bible was ripped and thrown across the room, and was told repeatedly that I would be killed. These animalistic spiritual forces growled and stood face to face with me but could not stand the fact that I was covered with the holy blood of Jesus.

Our enemies are hateful, murderous, and cunning. We must be on guard for these enemies seek the blood of the disciples of Jesus. However, in the midst of it all God sustained me…even my friend here was really concerned as he told me wondered how much more of the beating I could have sustained without breaking. I explained to my brother in Christ that He has always been faithful and that I actually feel pretty good despite the physical assaults.

For over 10 hours we battled numerous evil spirits –Suicide, Freemasonry, Rape, Panic Attack, Witchcraft, Spells, Fear, Hate, and many others. In our first meeting that last more then 8 hours, two twin sisters, from the Los Angeles area, immediately manifested strong satanic spirits after taking Holy Communion (note: all of the demons we confronted were noticeably weaker upon taking the blood and body of the Lord).

The spirit caused her to stand right up to me with unusual strength and spat on me and screamed, “We are going to kill you Jay, we will throw you out this glass window,” as the demons, with their claw like hands, attempted to strangle me. For hours the murderous threats against me, my wife, and children were voiced with great intensity. My children have not been threatened in a such manner in awhile so I was a little taken back by these threats (what father would like to hear such filth). In the name of Jesus these demons were forced to bow to the blood stained cross –they submitted yet they fought furiously.

“My name is Suicide and we entered her ancestors some 11 generations ago because they killed themselves, murdered, and committed self injury,” the demons revealed.

While Suicide was surfaced he would often to resort to some very violent behavior such as tearing handful of hair from her scalp (ouch!), bang her head up against the wall, claw at her own skin, and other self injury type of behavior. I had to constantly command the demons to stop harming her. God also sent some mighty holy angels that greatly assisted us in these all day meetings.

What made this so interesting is that this precious lady (and her twin sister) are Bible School students, in the Los Angeles area, whose parents were multi-millionaires who simply sent their two daughters to the school to get them out of their lives (they lived in another part of the country). It is truly a despairing story –two sisters rejected by their own parents whom they had not seen in many years which resulted in one of the sisters rebelling and delvingĀ  heavily into the occult and witchcraft thus opening many doors to demonic spirits –which we encountered.

Despite all of the rejection and hurt Jesus intervened and rescued Ann as she renounced the suicide and we then commanded 67 Suicide spirits, that had identified themselves, to leave and they departed with loud shrieks and cries. To the pit they went in Jesus name!

We continued to express our deep holy love and care for her and sister and our commitment to see them free in Jesus name! This was very foreign to them.

This dear lady, Ann, even yelled at me at one point during our meeting, “You are not a minister of the gospel, you are too nice!”

Because she had been so traumatized by pastors and ministers, who abused her, while growing up, she harbored great resentment to those in leadership in churches. Because she never truly experienced any genuine love and compassion in churches she was so confused by our compassion as it was very strange to her. Now, that is horrible. Churches should be places of renewal and comfort not places of hurt and abuse. However, we are seeing more and more of this –where precious saints are being deeply wounded in the church and no offer for healing is available to those in deep pain and since there is an absence of healing, the demons, of course, readily take advantage of the suffering saint and exploit the problems.

Lily, Ann’s sister also manifested strong demonic spirits named: Panic attacks, Fear, Hate, Mason Curse, Spells, and strong witchcraft demon powers, including some Illuminati spirits that had placed into her some mind controlling mechanisms that kept her blinded to the activities of the secret societies that her family had been immersed in.

Immediately upon surfacing the spirits glared at me with utter hatred and murder in their eyes.

“I’m Hate and I’m here to stay as Lily holds unto a lot of hate,” the demons informed me, speaking through her vocal cords.

Lily admitted that she harbored hate and resentment towards a youth pastor she knew growing up, in the church she attended. This particular pastor horribly abused her and belittled her in front of other young people which only furthered her inner pain. We encouraged her to let go of the hate and anger –the demons were expelled and she quickly felt better as if a huge weight had been lifted off her. So much peace! Beautiful Jesus!

Others were miraculously cured from various pains, diseases, and the dark powers of Satan, including a young Korean man who came to our meeting, who had been horrifically afflicted by blasphemous voices and strange infirmities that even the doctors could not identify and assist with. Jesus is always available if we would just simply turn to Him as a little boy or girl would turn to Him. This dear brother was miraculously healed and delivered after some brief ministry.

It is well after midnight and I’m rejoicing in what King Jesus hath done in these meetings! More ministry later today. Thank you again for your powerful effective prayers as they sustain me and my family!

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