Deliverance in China Springs

My brothers and sisters in Jesus the Lord,

One often finds much demonic activity in those small out of sight hidden places on earth –China Springs was such a place–James Beason and I were in the small town on China Springs

We are seeing tremendous fruit being birthed as a result of the evangelistic, deliverance and healing work we are accomplishing globally by the power of the Lord Jesus Christ. In recent days I have been receiving amazing reports, too many to recount all of them so I’ll just highlight a few to encourage you my friends.

Dad Casting Demons Out of Son in Texas: “Jay, I am trying to take a more active role in casting out the demons as you advised me at the deliverance session on Saturday.  Yesterday evening I called up more than 60 different demons such as Satan, snake, homosexuality, etc. and asked each demon if it had legal rights. If it had no legal rights, I would bind all  spirits as one in Jesus’ name. Then I would say all Satan spirits be cast out and go to the pit in Jesus name.”

Son Sharing with Dad About Miraculous Healing in Australia: “Jay, my dad is visiting us and helping us prepare for the move. We were able to share last night my incredible healing through your visit at the meeting at the house a few weeks ago. Dad, who is a traditional Anglican & 79 yrs of age, was so excited & open to hear the healing I experienced. (he was previously, many years ago, involved in Masonry.) We explained how this was broken off many people during the meeting & he was very open to what we shared.”

3 Souls Saved and Delivered from Demons in Guatemala: “Awesome news! Friday and Sunday Services we had fiesta, three people that came for the first time accepted Jesus as they were deliver from demons in the name of Jesus. The Devil is mad like hell, he´s trying to infiltrate this congregation they came to investigate us here and said atrocities about my wife and myself.

Brother in Christ Responding to Ministry Call in Chicago: “I will go into the ministry and I will be doing what you are doing (you beloved man) and I will do everything I saw you do. And I will raise up a church where my ministry will be to teach others how to do it.  People who are willing to live the life also. I cant wait!  My time is coming really soon.  Help is coming my friend. JESUS CHRIST will come back to a supernatural church, if its the last thing I do, with my last dying breath I will work hard on making that true! GOD bless you.  Keep up the good work!  Hurt Satan in every way! All glory to GOD ALMIGHTY!”

Pastor Friend Reports Deliverance from Demons: “Jay, I was blessed by your two friends who came over and prayed with me resulting in me being delivered of two strongmen – Worried and Anxiety, along with their companions – panicking, stress and ‘out of control’. The generational entity of ‘wild anger’ was the key that led to the expulsion of the lot. It was quite a process. I praise God for this new found freedom and continue to seek for his power and love to be manifest among his people and those he is calling to himself. Praise God for your ministry and your kindness in coming to us.”

Multiple Deliverance Sessions: Thousands of Evil Spirits Driven Out!

Town of China Springs: Battled Germanic and Hebraic Speaking Spirits

Bellmead Exorcisms: Sodomy, Death, Molestation, Occult, Illuminati, Mind Control and 1000’s of Others to the PIT

Houston Meeting: Psychic Medium Hears and Sees the Power of God over Satan

Haunted Home in Houston is Exorcised from Hundreds of Demons, Cursed Objects Destroyed

Houston Woman HEALED Immediately CURED from Intense Pain by the Sword of the Spirit

65 Year Old Saint Healed from Pain During Deliverance Session

God is concerned for every single soul on this planet. He desires to capture every single heart. He loves the world and will seek lost souls. Furthermore, He will lead His ambassadors to those whom are lost. Two weeks ago, a lady in China Springs, dreamt of a “traveling evangelist and exorcist” visiting her hometown to help her. God led her to my website while I was ministering in an neighboring town. Unknown to her she contacted me while I was minutes from her. Within hours pastor James and I connected with her after reading the below email from her:

“Hi –my name is Gabrielle from China Springs. I am a born again believer with serious demonic oppression. I pray myself all the time and have been aware of my condition for at least 5 yrs. I was saved in 2004 and have been under terrible attack since, i strayed away from. God but have turned my will back, i know that not everything is a demon but the nagging thoughts and self destructive behavior i know that they are. I have studied and researched this intently and love God so very much but and being hindered by these monsters causing much confusion and disasters in my case, literally my entire family and life have been ripped apart. Devastated really. I have been disappointed with some ministries already who either don’t think God works like that anymore or who is only doing it for show and is not serious. I can’t take anymore of that. I feel like this is a life or death battle and i don’t want to lose, i have been tormented, tested, pushed to the limit in every way you could imagine and almost given up at times but . God never lets that happen though i feel like death would be better than this, something inside keeps me afloat barely. I am desperate for help and worried sick all the time and almost have been driven insane, i am a Christian though the Lord never let’s me forget that. Thanks.

We met with Gabrielle and for many hours we battled thousands of Germanic and Hebraic demonic spirits that spoke in a demonic tongue and in German and Hebrew. It was very interesting in that these spirits had great difficulty speaking English (Gabrielle has never studied these languages) and largely spoke in these tongues, however, there were times the Holy Spirit forced these spirits to speak English so that we might be able to deal with them appropriately.

One demon named, Legion, surfaced and spoke to me through her vocal cords.

“Legion. We are many. Send us to animals,” Legion said with a great amount of difficulty as he was not very fluent in the English language.

“Where are you from and how did you enter her,” I wanted to know.

“Gerasenes. Gerasenes. Gerasenes, her sin, her compromise” as he twisted her body.

This Legion spirit had traveled from the Middle East within that small area that the  other Legion spirit had been in that confronted Jesus those thousands of years ago as recorded in Mark 5.

As we led our sister in the Lord in repentance, Legion surfaced again and he was driven out in Jesus name! This precious lady has experienced a new found joy and meaning to live so that others might be reached with the power of the Holy Spirit.

James and I led many in Holy Communion and witnessed the power of God in many lives. We are appreciative of your prayers and kind emails. These emails would be much longer if I retold all of the miracles stories so I will end here but know God touched so many others and I’m grateful.

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