Open Air Preaching, Exorcising and Healing in Jesus Name!

Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus,

I have finally arrived back to my room after a full day of ministry here in rainy Guatemala City, Guatemala. I’m joined on this trip with my pastor friends, Gene Smith of Ohio and John Crable of Arizona. We are also joined by a dear sister in the Lord, Sharon, from Houston, who served in the deliverance ministry with me back in Houston many years ago. An older sister who powerfully intercedes for those tormented by demons. All three are deeply involved in the deliverance and healing ministry and have seen incredible miracles over the years!

Earlier today, we were at Central Park, Guatemala City, conducting open air evangelistic meetings, preaching the good news of the Lord Jesus Christ, healing the sick, and driving out demons! Many hundreds were gathered around, in the park, when I stood before them and proclaimed God’s Word! Many were listening in attentively and with a heart open for the gospel. Interestingly, just prior to the open air meeting, people in the park were approaching me desirous of liberation from demon powers. One older gentleman came to me and immediately after commanding the demons of alcoholism to leave– collapsed to the ground as the demons departed. Another man was afflicted with numerous infirmities was also healed and delivered from demonic spirits. A young woman who had been bound to prostitution was freed from those vile sex spirits that had been tormenting her for so long! She even experienced a healing of her broken and sad heart. John ministered to many demonized individuals also commanding many demons to leave in Jesus name including one young man who had been bound with spirits of death and suicide. In fact, he had been contemplating about committing suicide this very day but God had other plans and rescued him –one of the evangelists within the Church of the Cross here in Guatemala actually handed him a flyer that led him to John which gave John the opportunity to lead the young man to Jesus and expel many spirits from out of him!

So even while the praise band was leading worship –people were being delivered of demons and healed of sicknesses. Then when I preached I could tell many were very interested in the gospel presentation and only God knows how many turned to Him, but many could be heard and seen praying to receive Christ as I led everyone in mass salvation prayers. I also led everyone in mass deliverance and simply commanded demons to leave those in listening to leave in Jesus name –again only God knows how many but I could really sense many were freed.

Speaking of mass deliverance. After the meeting while back at the church we were in conversation and one brother mentioned that when I was last in Guatemala preaching and conducting open air deliverance meetings, in one of the unreached Mayan villages, he had a vision, after the event, where he saw legions of demons marching out of his village as a result of the mass deliverance. I believe this occurred here at the park. Legions of demons had no chance as Jesus was being forcefully proclaimed as LORD so they marched on out out of the square. We claim Guatemala for Jesus!

Numerous miracle stories could be retold. I could be up all night retelling each and every one but suffice to say God has been good to us. It’s been rainy here but God granted us favor by giving us beautiful sunshine while we conducted this open air meeting! Moreover, we were able to purchase more then 10,000 gospel tracts for the evangelists that we have in the church and have them evangelize –perhaps more then a few thousands tracts distributed just today alone reaching thousands with the gospel message. Many New Testaments were also purchased. All of this possible by the small group of disciples who dare to serve the King with their resources and as a result thousands were reached…tens of thousands have been reached here in Guatemala since the church was birthed some 8 months ago. Amazing indeed, all praise to the King!

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