Casting Demons Out in South Florida!

I’m currently in beautiful sunny Naples ministering to the brokenhearted and demonized. Pastor James Beason and I just completed a ministry session with a family suffering greatly under demonic bondage. As a result of this family purchasing and reading several of my books (More then a dozen countries are distributing our books in their bookstores, etc that are impacting thousands. Our volumes located on iBooks are becoming increasingly popular also) they came to grips with the reality of the attacks they were facing and were ready to undergo some ministry to be loosed from these demonic afflictions.

One dear lady in her 50’s was liberated from hundreds of evil spirits and healed from a broken-heart. Some of the demons we dealt with included a unholy spirit that had entered her Serbian ancestors in the early part of the 17th Century in Europe whom abused alcohol thus allowing large groups of evil spirits to enter within the blood line of the family. The spirit identified itself as Anansis and confessed to holding three broken parts of her heart. The demons were commanded to release the parts of her heart and we were able to reach out to a 2 year old, a 4 year old, and a 8 year old. The little 8 year old part referred to herself as Mary and she mentioned that she had been terribly frightened by the “dark.”

In God’s great love and power these three parts decided to integrate and experience the healing of Jesus and we drove out many “Anansis” demonic spirits that had been tormenting the little parts. Even the remaining spirits confessed that a great healing had taken place within her heart. The joy seen on her face was priceless!

Another spirit that surfaced as demon named, “Barbasbel,” who had entered the family blood line through the ancestral sins of sexual immorality from her grandmother. These sins were renounced and the demons behind these sins were also cast out in Jesus name! Yet another demon manifested by the name of “Alkai,” who had revealed that he had taken advantage of the lady when she was but only a few years old because her mother and father did not exercise spiritual authority in the home. Incidentally, this is a reminder to everyone: we need to ensure we are praying over our children and grandchildren and trusting in the blood of Jesus to protect! One other demonic force we confronted was named “Gilead,” numbering more then 32, revealed that they had gained access to the little girl as a result of her participation in the occult –playing with the Ouija board– which allowed a group of spirits to enter because the occult game brought terror into her tender heart. All of these demons –numbering in the many hundreds were expelled in Jesus name!

Immediately, the lady testified of feeling great peace, relief, and release! God to be praised!

During the deliverance another lady surfaced demons that shared that the spirits within her were desiring to harm me. At one point, a group of Jezebel spirits within this lady were attempting to communicate and draw strength from one another. This was dealt with accordingly in the name of Jesus!

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