Signs and Wonders in Jamaica

Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus,

There’s much to report in regards to the phenomenal ministry that is occurring here in the congested, dirty, impoverished capital city of Kingston, here on the island nation of Jamaica. This third world nation is in need of the gospel. I have traveled to this island nation several times over the years however this was my first trip in more then 20 years and have seen firsthand the need for the Body of Christ to evangelize. To be honest I was stunned to lead so many Jamaicans to Jesus in a very short period of time. Souls were ready to respond to the call of salvation –all they need is someone to come along and lead them to the King!

Obviously the enemy did not want to enter this land to preach the gospel. From the very start we encountered difficulties including some problems with the immigration officials here. God has been faithful though and has allowed us to proclaim the gospel with great freedom and amazing fruit is being birthed from our open air mission work.

Some of the beautiful signs and wonders we have witnessed include seeing a partially blind lady healed, many with various afflictions healed, a number of souls freed from demons, wounded hearts healed, saints strengthened and many precious souls won to Jesus. We proclaimed this afternoon the good news of Jesus in the marketplace, on the streets, at bus stops, in front of stores, and everywhere God has guided us.

As we embarked on this mission in downtown Kingston we were warned by the locals not to go as it was a “dangerous” area. We though, by God’s grace, specialize in visiting dangerous areas as these difficult areas are in need of the love of God! We discovered the people to be quite receptive to the message of the gospel in these “dangerous” areas.

The first person that we came across our path was in the middle of the downtown area of Kingston a young lady prostituting herself with her pimp watching nearby. She admitted she had never been born again and was in need of deliverance as she was terribly tormented by evil spirits at night while she slept. We led her to Jesus even though her pimp wasn’t happy and commanded the demons to leave her in Jesus name. Immediately she felt the satanic spirits leave and a precious smile was seen on her face that truly touched our hearts. We also had a number of precious Jamaicans that approached us while we were ministering in the open air that desired to commit their lives to Jesus. We led them to Christ! Within an hour or so perhaps more then 12 souls were won to Jesus! Seeing the tears, hearing them testify of finally possessing peace, and seeing the smiles make this truly an enjoyable ministry journey.

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