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IN NEBRASKA: Woman SEES Jesus During Deliverance Meeting

Monday, January 30th, 2012

Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus,

It was another very cold night here in North Platte, Nebraska, where I am driving out demons in the name of Jesus. It’s been an remarkable time here in this small town as we have seen the mighty works of God in freeing souls, healing the afflicted and the brokenhearted. A number of people have shared with me they have never seen anything like this –seeing souls set free in a public setting. This has been my heart –to bring the ministry of exorcism out in the public for all to see– to see how great our God is.

My first night was quite eventful. Our small meeting room was jammed packed with those hungering for liberation and healing. Every seat was taken. I shared a brief teaching on the subject of spiritual warfare and ministered to a 12 year old boy and his mother who were present. Within seconds of praying for the young man a demon viciously manifested and terribly shook the boy’s body. With the assistance of his mother we commanded the demonic spirits to release him and to come out of his body. Almost immediately the spirits reacted to the commands and fought to stay within his body as his body continued to go into convulsions. However they were no match for King Jesus who swiftly brought deliverance to the young boy! Ah! The big smile on the boy’s face said it all. He said he felt so “much better.” He told me he could feel the demons leave his boy as they were commanded to go. What a loving Savior we serve! He rescues!

Not only was the boy delivered from evil spirits so was the mother on this night! Within seconds of praying over her an evil spirit manifested.

“I’m Anxiety.” revealed the demon, “there’s three of us and we came in through her mother.”

After this dear lady renounced the generational curse these anxiety spirits were driven out! It was truly beautiful to see a mother and son together FREE and they both cried after experiencing their new-found deliverance from demonic powers.

Yesterday we held a 6 hour training seminar that was well attended and the group was quite attentive (in fact one lady traveled more then 7 hours to attend the meetings). Unfortunately, it was not enough time to go through all of the material I had set up to discuss. We spent the equipping session sharing about the various spiritual weapons at our disposal. I wanted to go through more then 20 weapons at our disposal and by the end of the training we had only gone through 3 or 4! The questions, the interest, was such that we spent easily an hour on each weapon. The people of god were greatly encouraged and are ready to move to the next level –to actually cast out demons from others! What really excited me was the deep desire these dear disciples had to reach others and to be properly equipped. God was gracious to provide me strength as teaching, nearly non-stop, for this long can be taxing. Then after a very brief break we held the public deliverance in the meeting hall.

Once again God was pleased to display His power over the evil one. I would estimate 80% of those attended were demonized (and many were dissociative also). Some of the ministry that took place included:

Seeing some newlyweds find freedom from demonic spirits. The young wife due to some horrific sexual abuse she had endured, a number of demons took advantage of her pain and entered within her including a spirit named Hatred who revealed there were three broken pieces of her heart that were being held captive. I commanded the demons to release them and I was able to communicate with them including a very young 6 year old girl who was deeply hurt and scared. During the time I was ministering to the little one, not only did the holy angels appear to her but more importantly Jesus appeared to her (and even the core saw the Lord too) and held her as a little lamb. Again the smile, the comfort that she experienced, the deep healing, was beautiful to behold. It’s astounding to see this in the ministry where the risen Jesus appears to precious people. (People seeing Jesus in our meetings is a common occurrence!)

During the mass deliverance service, while went through a list of doorways, (incidentally, we were only able to go through several doorways out of more then 30 I wanted to discuss) many evil spirits would surface including a spirit of mockery that manifested in two different individuals at the same time –the spirits laughed and mocked openly. There were other spirits in a 58 year old woman that were telling her to murder me, to strangle me! Suffice to say, God protected me from any harm.
Another lady in her 40’s was delivered from 8 evil spirits that had been tormenting her for years.

During these meetings a few children were present and they experienced great deliverance also including a a child that was being crippled in his hand by a demonic entity. As he held the Holy Communion cup the spirit began to loosen their satanic grip over his hand and he said, “Jay, look my hand is straightening out” where before the hand was terribly contorted.
Many physical afflictions that many people were experiencing vanished upon command in Jesus name.
A grandmother was delivered from spirits of unforgiveness and bitterness. In her tears she testified of being released of these vile spirits.
Many generational curses were broken in the name of Jesus and many generational spirits were expelled!
Many believers were equipped to cast out demons, heal the sick, and heal the brokenhearted during our equipping session. We need to multiply the workers so more can be reached!

Once again I’m very concerned in that precious church going people are not receiving help in their local churches –generation and generation, curses are being passed down, spirits are traveling through the bloodline, without anyone intervening and stopping it in Jesus name! I’m quite concerned. Nearly everyone who was demonized shared that no one in their churches had intervened. This is a spiritual crime. We must act in the love of Jesus and conduct exorcisms. For remember, an exorcism is a labor of love to free a soul from demonic spirits.

So here I am in my room writing and listening to some great uplifting Hillsong praise music –worshiping Jesus and feeling a great burden to reach more souls and asking God am I doing enough? Should I extend myself to reach more? Jesus is telling me to rest in Him, to continue to serve Him as He guides. I appreciate your support and prayers that encourage me in this war for souls!

Chicago and Toronto Mission: Extraordinary Miraculous Works of the Holy Spirit

Monday, January 30th, 2012

Chicago and Toronto Mission: Extraordinary Miraculous Works of the Holy Spirit

Jesus Mission: 8 Private and Public Meetings in 2 States and 2 Nations
16 Hour Ministry Day Resulting in Many Souls FREE and HEALED by Jesus!
Legion Expelled from Jamaican Woman
St. Lucian Woman Liberated from VERY Violent Spirit
Spirits of Animal and Human Sacrifice Confronted by King Jesus!
Islamic Spirits Confess Jesus is Indeed God!
Teaching on the Hidden Life in Christ Causes Saint to Cry for Joy!
Young Man Set Free from Vicious Czechoslovakian Spirit
Demonic Spirits of Apollonian, Bestiality, Murder, Incest, Mind Control and Thousands of Others Driven Out
Instantaneous Healings in Chicago and Toronto
16 Year Old Experiences the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and Testifies of Feeling Fire!
Numerous Saints Healed of Dissociation
Confronted Human Interjects, Ancestral Dissociation, and Satanic Objects in Meetings
Holy Communion Defeats Generational Spirit from Gambia, West Africa
Numerous Encounters with Holy Angels in Ministry Sessions
Jesus Appears to Saints in Meetings
Dear Friends of Jesus,

As you can see from above ministry highlights we have been quite involved in our most recent mission which involved traveling to Missouri, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, and into the Ontario province of Canada. Some of these meetings have been extraordinary as we have seen amazing angelic interventions, powerful healings, and mighty deliverances from evil spirits. I first ministered in a small Dutch town in Michigan where we saw a family touched by Jesus. The wife was instantaneously delivered from evil spirits and her 16 year old son was delivered therefore paving the way for him to experience the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Upon laying hands upon him he immediately started to speak in other tongues and started to feel within himself extreme fire that he said felt very peaceful and comforting. The power of God fell upon him in such a manner that he was declaring to his parents, to his siblings, and to me that he was ready to serve Jesus as he felt this inner pull to work in His kingdom. Thus he was surrendering to the call of God upon his life –he testified of wanting to preach the gospel, cast out demons, and heal the sick!

Obviously, this only inspired his father even more so. During this mission his father attended the meetings as he wanted to absorb as much as he could. For you must be mindful that this precious brother attended one of our meetings in Chicago last year and experienced such liberation and healing that he is now ready to serve Jesus with everything he has! In fact, he desires to enter ministry and to assist in the proclamation of the good news of Jesus throughout the globe!

These are beautiful moves of the Spirit of the Living God!

In Chicago we held a number of private meetings, many of them lasting many hours, was visited upon by the power of the Holy Spirit. With loud shrieks and with violent convulsions many demonic spirits were driven out in the name of Jesus! In each private meeting countless spirits were expelled. I recall in one meeting, a family who traveled many hours to be present to receive prayer, experienced the powerful move of the Holy Spirit as nearly the entire family received deliverance and deep healing. The son-in-law, in one session manifested very violent Eastern European demonic spirits named –Mila. They slammed him up against his chair when they surfaced and spoke out of him in rage.

“We’re here to destroy, to torment,” the spirits confessed.

We discovered that back 4 generations ago this particular spirit entered on the father’s side because of the ancestors sexual sins and murder. Under the power of the Holy Spirit I commanded the demons to leave and they left with loud shrieks and cries! The noise was such that we were reported and hotel security arrived outside the room. However, God was gracious and we were able to complete the deliverance before the security team could interrupt the exorcism. Interestingly enough, after the deliverance, I wondered out-loud what the name Mila (the name of the spirit) meant.

“Jay, it means, my love,” he confidently told me.

The family sat there stunned. We quickly got out a iPad and googled the name Mila and sure enough it is seen that Mila is a Czechoslovakian name meaning “my love.”

Now, mind you this man has never studied any Eastern European language however since the spirit had traveled from his wife, who has Eastern European roots, into him, the spirit had revealed itself to him while it was within him. The spirit also revealed he was holding onto many parts of her heart including one ancestral dissociative identity that was more then 300 years old. These parts were released by the power of God!

In our public evening meeting, held in a large conference room, as I confronted the spirits, there were immediate manifestations. The spirits that had enslaved these precious people surfaced and attempted to choke and strangle several people in the conference room upon ministering to them. No doubt the demons were attempting to kill their victims with the hopes of them never receiving freedom. They failed, Jesus prevailed! The demons that were strangling their victims were commanded to loosen their hold and were sent out.

One young 22 year old girl that manifested such a destructive spirit had been terribly traumatized as a young girl and a little part of her broken heart surfaced and was healed by Jesus. The little girl broken part even got to see our risen Jesus and experience His deep healing power (many other parts were healed during the meeting too). During our public ministry, to this young lady, after expelling many demons, it was interesting to note that while she was heading back to her seat see literally froze under the power of God (it wasn’t the demons as the demons hoped she would go back to her seat without being dealt with). Though many demons had already came out the Holy Spirit was wanting us to deal with more thus freezing her to where she could not walk. Then we dealt with the demons that were appointed for judgement and they were cast out also! She then was able to walk freely and with great strength!

Many more souls were delivered from demons, hearts were healed, bodies restored, and saints equipped. Not only was there ministry involved to set the captives free there was also many hours of training offered to equip the saints on how to cast out demons for example. This is our heart to raise up other soldiers so that they might go forth in the power of the Spirit to carry out works of the kingdom.

What is frustrating about these email updates is that there are so many miracle stories to share and I am not able to as I want to limit these updates to a readable length! Perhaps that is why you need to attend one of our meetings so you can experience it yourself and see the love of God in action!

From Chicago, with very little sleep, I traveled onward to Toronto, Canada to conduct a small deliverance meeting. We were small in number but we were truly multicultural in our representation as not only were there Canadians, there were also saints from India, St. Lucia, Jamaica, and Nigeria. Many traveled many hours to be present for the small meeting. One brother shared that he had been inspired to work in the deliverance ministry as a result of reading one of my books I had written many years ago (books have a life in themselves).

Traveling to Ontario brought back many memories –as a little boy I traveled into Ontario from New York often with my grandparents and even have some family still in the upper reaches of Ontario. I have traveled through many of the provinces of Canada over the years but have not been back in some time so it was nice to visit once again a nation that needs deliverance!

Just before partaking of the Holy Communion the meeting was interrupted by a man who was attending the meeting.

“That’s not the blood and the body of Jesus,” he declared while sitting a few feet from the Holy Communion table.

A spirit of confusion rose up from within him and angrily told everyone that the miracle of the Holy Communion does not occur. The saints present were astonished (it was interesting in that all the saints were unified yet this man attempted to bring division) that this interruption would occur just moments from partaking of the body and the blood of Jesus. But, we ought not be surprised though, the enemies of the cross abhor the holy things of God and will surface when confronted with the power of the blood and body of Jesus! I eventually ordered the man out of the meeting in the name of Jesus since he could not contain himself and exhibit self control. The last thing we need in a deliverance service is diversions that would keep precious souls from getting free.

When the man left the room immediately the Spirit of the Lord was able to move powerfully in our midst. As been in the case in many of our recent meetings I could not finish my teaching as so many demons surfaced and manifested from those in the meeting room. In this Canadian deliverance service many violent spirits surfaced causing horrific convulsions. Many Islamic spirits were cast out (including one human interject) along with many spirits named Legion. Spirits of the Occult also surfaced and were driven out in Jesus name.

One man from the Middle East surfaced Hindu and Astrology demons. They were driven out in Jesus name. He was also healed of dissociation. Another lady from Jamaica was set free from demon powers. Yet another one from Caribbean was liberated by the power of the Holy Spirit and healed of a broken heart. A Nigerian brother who attended the meeting received powerful words from a prophetess that was present which I confirmed which will prepare him for a future deliverance as the evil spirits within him were quite strong since his family in involved in fetish worship and outright Satan worship involving human and animal sacrifice back in West Africa.

Needless to say, Jesus prevailed in each instance. Jesus and His presence was felt by many and we rejoice in the goodness of our God. He alone deserve the praise!

For Jesus is LORD!

Lady Set Free from 3,000 Baal Spirits by the Power of Jesus

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

San Antonio and Houston Mission

Six Meetings in Four Cities: Mighty New Birth, Powerful Deliverance, Healing and Miracles!
Lady Set Free from 3,000 Baal Spirits by the Power of Jesus

God Sustains for Ministry Sessions Lasting Until 6am
Victim of Torture Healed of Dissociation
Spirits of Witchcraft, Sodomy, Occult, Idolatry, Pornography, and Thousands of Other Spirits Cast Out!
Generational Demonic Spirits of Human and Animal Sacrifice Defeated by the Crucifix
58 Year Old Man Saved by the Blood of Jesus
Satanic Curses of Homosexuality, Premature Death, Premature Birth, Heart Attacks Broken in Jesus Name!
30 Year Old Saint SEES Jesus During Public Meeting in San Antonio
IN HOUSTON: Victim of Voodoo Healed of Physical Afflictions

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Jesus,

It was well after 1am outside of Houston, Texas where pastor James Beason and I were waiting to begin another deliverance meeting (a precious saint is traveling more then 12 hours across North America to receive ministry–think about that for a moment). While waiting I decided to email an update to everyone of the incredible supernatural acts of the Holy Spirit we have witnessed and been fortunate to be a part of. (I am now safely back in Dallas finishing up this email update)

Thus far we have traveled to more then four different cities conducting more then 6 private and public meetings to pray for those whom are infirm and afflicted by evil spirits. Not only did we see many thousands of demonic spirits expelled from precious souls, precious souls healed from dissociation and other physical afflictions, we also witnessed other beautiful miracles such as a 30 year old man testifying of seeing Jesus in our ministry time with him (this is a miraculous event that many have been a part of through our years of ministry which is an astounding event in itself if you think of it)!

One dear lady who attended one of our meetings was accompanied with her 80 year old father. This precious sister shared with James and I, of her harrowing experience, as a young teenager, being sent to a “Christian” care facility, here in the US, for troubled young girls and being systematically tortured on a nearly daily basis for 6 months. It was reported that some of the girls even threw themselves out of the windows of the facility in an attempt to commit suicide to escape the near daily satanic abuse. This care facility was in a reality a demonic concentration camp to torture, imprison and program young minds. Please be mindful this kind of facility is not unique in that there are quite a few of these around the world where the powers of Satan are using these facilities to imprison, demoralize, degrade and demonize young people. Many of them believers in Christ who are being persecuted for their faith.

The torture included beatings for not memorizing the assigned Scripture, constant verbal abuse (constantly telling the girls they were “bad” and “evil”), and violent whippings. Moreover, the leaders of the facility would often tell the young ladies, “You have devils in you and therefore we’re going to beat those devils out of you.” This is sadistic and satanic at it’s core. This isn’t the first time I have heard from someone who escaped these kinds of demonic hellholes. I would estimate I have spoken to a few hundred people over the years, from around the world, who report of similar camps. Should we be surprise? Were there not such places in the former Soviet Union, communist Cuba, and in Nazi Germany? My father and I were taken by force (by a group of armed soldiers into a armed vehicle) in 1997 in Western Africa, as a result of mission work, to a jail. So, I know from personal experience these things can happen and do! Christians are being persecuted throughout the world in various kinds of facilities, some under the guise of Christianity.

As you can imagine this dear sister was terribly demonized and traumatized by the horrors of the constant torture. Her heart broke and we discovered during the deliverance meeting more then 12 dissociative identities were formed to carry the abuse, the extreme pain, and the ghastly memories. These parts of her broken heart were miraculously healed and merged! We had to battle more then 3,000 evil spirits named Baal though to ensure those precious parts were released from their enslavement. We captured some video footage of the exorcism.

Also, there was another precious believer who was present who was not only set free from the following demons but also healed from a broken heart:
Fear of Failure
Pornography (Hundreds of these spirits)
2312 Idolatry demons (gained access to the family more then 13 generations ago as a result of his ancestors worshipping a Sun god)
Sansa (the leader of the demonic network within his life from 13 generations ago)
Murder (from 5 generations ago as a result of ritualistic murder)
Loss of Sanity
Mutilation (from 6 generations ago)
Starvation (more then 7 generations ago in Mexico when his ancestors believed the lies of a Virgin Mary apparition that appeared to them in the farmlands)
Self Glory
Occult (prior generations sacrificing animals and humans in South American lands)
Secret Knowledge (involvement in witchcraft)
Destruction (boasted about bringing diseases into his body, these demons were forced to take their diseases with them when expelled)
Self Preservation

All of these demonic spirits were cast out in the name of Jesus and more then 10 dissociative identities surfaced and were healed supernaturally by the power of the Holy Spirit. The power and presence of the Lord was with us to heal and to deliver.

Again all of this begs the question: Where is the Church Militant in prior generations to stop the furtherance of the curses through the family bloodline? Were there believers available to intervene to bring deliverance to his ancestors so that future generations could have been spared of satanic bondage and suffering? We must act. We have no choice. We must not be bystanders in this spiritual war as families depend on the Church Militant to intervene!

By 5am this morning we finally concluded our ministry and we rejoice in our Savior’s goodness to us, HE delivered, healed, and saved precious souls! Many other miracles took place and we are grateful to serve the King!

Satan Attacks: Car Crashes through Church of the Cross but Jesus Wins

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

Dear Friends of Jesus,

Where do I begin?

After a week ministering in more then 20 meetings (5 large open air meetings and 15 small group meetings) in South America and the Caribbean I made preparations to travel onward to Central America. I faced one obstacle after another. First I ran out of cash to pay the airport taxes and couldn’t find any ATM machine to take my credit card. Thankfully a taxi driver offered to assist and paid my taxes. Then my flight out of Guyana was cancelled. I ended up stranded at the airport for more then 7 hours. Then the new flight was delayed, then a rough flight over to Barbados (second journey to the island nation in a week). I arrive to the Bridgetown airport and guess what?


I ended up at the hotel in the middle of the night and just when I was about to lie down to sleep I get a call from the front desk. My luggage finally arrives. Then a few hours later I’m back to the airport to catch a flight to the US then onward to Guatemala for the formal church dedication service. Again with a few hours a sleep I am back at another airport to journey onward to Guatemala City.

So, here I am in my hotel room meeting with pastor Adolfo and his wife when suddenly we get a urgent call from the church requesting our immediate assistance as someone had just crashed into the church!!! We quickly arrive and find broken glass and a demolished car in front of the church. It turns out that a freak accident occurred where two vehicles collided forcing one car to end up hitting our window. Now, mind you the church’s windows are floor to ceiling and wrap around the front of the church therefore someone could have been easily seriously injured (as the seating area is but a few steps from the windows) however God graciously protected everyone. Though Diego, one of the ministers at the church, was nearby and literally had to run out of the way.

Incidentally, this crash occurred at the same time our dedication service was about to begin. Coincidental? I hardly think so.

I believe this was a direct satanic attack upon our new church as the enemy is furious with the powerful work we are accomplishing thus he attempted to instill fear, to destroy, and to disrupt our service.

Satan lost!

This dedication meeting was one of the most powerful services I have been a part of. The church was packed. All of the seats were taken. We had people standing along the wall, outside, and sitting along the window. There was an sense of expectancy in the air and God did not disappoint. I led the service and preached the gospel. When I called for an salvation invitation more then 20 newcomers came quickly to the front and prayed to receive Jesus Christ as Lord. We also led prayers for healing and deliverance.

This new church has not been together for a year and yet we are seeing miracles like this all the time! TWENTY SOULS WON TO JESUS. Many churches would love to see one saved. God is pleased to perform great wonders in our midst. No wonder the devil is furious.

Then to top it off, recall that earlier crash…well one of the drivers of one of the vehicles attended the service and was bent over in great pain as a result of the accident. I prayed over her and she was immediately healed! What a mighty God we serve!

I also led everyone in Holy Communion and a formal dedication of the new Church of the Cross in Guatemala! God’s presence and peace was upon us! It’s a beautiful place and already people are coming in from all over the city to attend our more then 7 services. Moreover, the church is now holding two special services daily! Amazing!

Insane Man Free in South America

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

My brothers and sisters in Jesus who is LORD,

It’s been quite a day thus far here in very hot and humid Georgetown, Guyana, South America. I have been verbally assaulted by a militant Muslim, preached Jesus in a Hindu Temple, preformed a public exorcism on an insane man whom the Holy Spirit set free, conducted a large open air meeting in the city marketplace, ministering to the members of the Jehovah Witnesses, spent more then 5 hours evangelizing on the streets leading many to Jesus, casting out demons, and praying for the sick! This is just the beginning as more open air meetings are planned this evening.

After a quick breakfast I left for the streets to share the good news of Jesus! Within minutes the Holy Spirit led me to a small group of Jehovah Witnesses who were on streets proselytizing with their literature. As soon as I started to present the gospel with them, specifically when I was defending the deity of Jesus, a militant Muslim disrupts and shouts, “Leave my people alone, you are preaching a lie, Jesus is not God!”

I again defended the fact that Jesus is indeed very God, as He is LORD!

That truth spoken created a demonic rage within the Muslim and he shouted again:

“Jesus is NOT Lord, Jesus is dead, your God is dead!”

About this time a small crowd of people gathered around wondering what the commotion was about. This allowed me the opportunity to again defend the truth about Jesus. Sadly the Muslim wouldn’t have anything to do with it and walked off.

Then he turned around and cursed me, “Listen to me,” he shouted, “You are a devil and cursed.”

“Jesus loves you!” I responded!

I break off this Islamic curse he tried to place upon my life in the name of Jesus!

This is how I started off my day.

The devil tried to discourage me but I kept pressing onward and many souls were won to Jesus Christ in public!

My friends, it’s beautiful to hear precious lost people verbally calling upon the name of Jesus to be saved in PUBLIC! I wasn’t ministering in the privacy of a home or in a building. I was calling people to Jesus, in public, to declare with their lips those precious words: JESUS IS LORD!

Have you ever confessed Jesus as LORD in public? Be mindful there will be opposition to those words being declared in public for the devil does not want those words to be uttered as those most powerful words sets souls free!

There were groups of children joining with me in loudly declaring Jesus is LORD in public, these were young men and women calling upon Jesus and there were the elderly calling upon the name of Jesus! Jesus is LORD!

After many hours preaching on the streets I proceeded to the city marketplace where many hundreds would be gathered. The Holy Spirit then brought to my attention a man vexed with insanity. Interestingly enough he was in front of a large church. It was obvious he was a mad man, insane. His behavior was out of this world! He was yelling, shaking his body, contorting his limbs, with a crazed disposition. Barely clothed and dirty, he looked like a dangerous man. He was. He was possessed with many demons but this is the kind of person whom Jesus seeks after!

I stopped to talk with him and he begged me to sit with him, to pray with him. I immediately performed a public deliverance upon him as I laid my hands upon his head expelling the evil spirits from him. The demons bowed at the name of Jesus. In the name of Jesus I commanded the spirits of insanity to leave him. They quickly departed! All of his insane behavior ceased and he said he felt very restful and peaceful. He could feel the demons leave his body. What a miracle!!! From crazed demonically controlled behavior to a restful and peaceful disposition.

This is what Jesus is able to do!

As you can imagine I was very much excited to preach in the marketplace after this beautiful and powerful miracle. The large open air meeting in the city marketplace, this afternoon, allowed for many hundreds to hear the gospel many no doubt for the very first time!

There is no denying Jesus is LORD!

Demons Driven Out & Hundreds Hear the Gospel in Barbados

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

My brothers and sisters in the love of Jesus,

I am currently in the small island nation of Barbados conducting open air evangelistic meetings in the capital city of Bridgetown. It’s been raining here every day however the amazing miracles that are occurring here are quite encouraging.

This most recent mission started off with some problems though. Should we be surprised? We expect some warfare.

First, my flight to the Caribbean was delayed because of some mechanical problems that the jet was experiencing. Pretty routine problem, right? But, then there was unusual delay when I finally boarded another plane. We were stuck on the runaway because the airport security personnel contacted the pilot and said there were some “security risk” baggage that needed to removed immediately. Oh great. More delays and now the plane is carrying who knows what.

Finally, we were cleared and I traveled onward to Barbados to proclaim the gospel in outdoor evangelistic meetings. Within the first hour I arrived to this beautiful island nation I had the wonderful opportunity to lead a 56 year old man by the name of Ezra to the Lord Jesus Christ. He had shared with me that nobody had taken the time to share the gospel with him and what it meant to be born again.

Isn’t that amazing my friends? There are precious souls (billions I might add) in our world that have NEVER been told about the good news–that Jesus saves! That is why God sent me here to Barbados to introduce lost humanity to the loving Savior. Ezra opened his heart to Jesus and the smile said it all!

Earlier today with the support of a few precious local believers (including a 85 year old Methodist minister) from the Methodist Church and the Adventist Church I set up my audio equipment and preached in three open air meetings throughout Bridgeport including Independence Square, Chamberlain Square and the Main Bridge. Many hundreds were reached with the gospel and in each meeting souls were won to Jesus Christ! In fact, it was beautiful to behold precious people literally shouting for me and chasing me down, after these meetings for personal prayer and ministry. That is something I do NOT see in America, Canada, Europe, or Australia. In those western nations I usually get viciously attacked and Jesus is blasphemed when I preach in public but outside these nations people are quite receptive and souls are brought into the kingdom of God!

One lady (and her male friend) that shouted me down, after a open air meeting, was a precious women that was deeply distressed. Originally from Guyana, South America, this lady was deeply bound by evil spirits and was begging for prayer as she was being forced into human trafficking by a criminal syndicate here in Barbados and wanted to escape. I offered her the escape –the Lord Jesus. Obviously, I gave her some tips on some practical means to escape the human traffickers but her soul was needing to be saved and she desperately needed to be delivered. While in this public area I led her to Jesus and commanded the demonic spirits that had been tormenting her to leave her body. Immediately she felt the satanic spirits leave and felt a spiritual release that she had never experienced before. She was so happy my friends! Many others were like her following after me at the conclusion of the open air meetings requesting spiritual help.

I also conducted some street evangelistic work –preaching in bars (a man was delivered from demons after sharing the gospel in one bar), in front of gaming halls, on the ocean side and many other places and many souls were saved by the power of God. Perhaps close to 15 souls were captured by the salvation message of Jesus in these efforts. God to be praised!

God even gave me a beautiful opportunity to speak with an government official from the Prime Minister’s Office here in Barbados and he surrendered to Jesus!

This is LIFE my friends, serving Jesus. I feel more peace, spiritual satisfaction, fulfillment, and power when ministering to lost humanity. This is what I was born to do—preach the gospel and drive out demons!

Salvation, Deliverance and Healing in Guyana

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

Dear Friends of Jesus,

I have safely arrived on the Northern Coast of South America in the small nation of Guyana earlier today. Upon my arrival to this country I was immediately struck by it’s poverty, it’s numerous pagan temples and the receptiveness of the people to the gospel.

Like the nearby island nation of Trinidad (a nation I have visited and ministered at) Guyana has a significant Hindu population and a number of prominent Hindu Temples which would explain the significant spiritual oppression I have felt since being here. In fact, while in the taxi driving, from the airport to the capitol city of Georgetown, where I am currently based, I was astonished to see the many Islamic Mosques and Hindu Temples alongside the main road. One resident even had a life sized Hindu goddess in their front yard. They had even gone to great lengths to build a shelter for this life-sized idol. I have traveled to a number of Hindu dominated lands and their idols will place a lasting impression on you –of how grotesque they truly are.

It is in this land God has sent me to proclaim Jesus as the only way to the Father!

Since my arrival I have ministered on the streets leading many Indians, Africans and others to the Lord Jesus Christ. This nation has a significant youth population and God has granted me favor with them as many are desirous to hear the gospel presentation and are RESPONDING!

Armed with my audio equipment I also set up a open air gospel meeting in the heart of Georgetown and preached to more then 500 who had assembled nearby. As I preached I was amazed at their attentiveness and eagerness to the message. Only God knows how many opened their lives to Jesus after my more then 25 minute gospel presentation. I also prayed for the large group for healing and deliverance from evil spirits.

The city streets are congested and dirty but the souls responding to Jesus make it all the worthwhile. Amazingly, it is quite expensive here in Guyana, my old, dirty, hot, bug-infested room is costing me $100-$150 (USD) a night!!! And this is considered a nicer motel too (it’s a old house turned into a small motel). Thankfully the internet is somewhat reliable here.

A number of people here have begged me to stay longer here, to teach, to preach, to minister. The needs are quite immense, as the city streets are filled with hungry hearts! I need to take a small team with me next time as there are so many people ready for Jesus here, it’s just a matter of reaching them!