Insane Man Free in South America

My brothers and sisters in Jesus who is LORD,

It’s been quite a day thus far here in very hot and humid Georgetown, Guyana, South America. I have been verbally assaulted by a militant Muslim, preached Jesus in a Hindu Temple, preformed a public exorcism on an insane man whom the Holy Spirit set free, conducted a large open air meeting in the city marketplace, ministering to the members of the Jehovah Witnesses, spent more then 5 hours evangelizing on the streets leading many to Jesus, casting out demons, and praying for the sick! This is just the beginning as more open air meetings are planned this evening.

After a quick breakfast I left for the streets to share the good news of Jesus! Within minutes the Holy Spirit led me to a small group of Jehovah Witnesses who were on streets proselytizing with their literature. As soon as I started to present the gospel with them, specifically when I was defending the deity of Jesus, a militant Muslim disrupts and shouts, “Leave my people alone, you are preaching a lie, Jesus is not God!”

I again defended the fact that Jesus is indeed very God, as He is LORD!

That truth spoken created a demonic rage within the Muslim and he shouted again:

“Jesus is NOT Lord, Jesus is dead, your God is dead!”

About this time a small crowd of people gathered around wondering what the commotion was about. This allowed me the opportunity to again defend the truth about Jesus. Sadly the Muslim wouldn’t have anything to do with it and walked off.

Then he turned around and cursed me, “Listen to me,” he shouted, “You are a devil and cursed.”

“Jesus loves you!” I responded!

I break off this Islamic curse he tried to place upon my life in the name of Jesus!

This is how I started off my day.

The devil tried to discourage me but I kept pressing onward and many souls were won to Jesus Christ in public!

My friends, it’s beautiful to hear precious lost people verbally calling upon the name of Jesus to be saved in PUBLIC! I wasn’t ministering in the privacy of a home or in a building. I was calling people to Jesus, in public, to declare with their lips those precious words: JESUS IS LORD!

Have you ever confessed Jesus as LORD in public? Be mindful there will be opposition to those words being declared in public for the devil does not want those words to be uttered as those most powerful words sets souls free!

There were groups of children joining with me in loudly declaring Jesus is LORD in public, these were young men and women calling upon Jesus and there were the elderly calling upon the name of Jesus! Jesus is LORD!

After many hours preaching on the streets I proceeded to the city marketplace where many hundreds would be gathered. The Holy Spirit then brought to my attention a man vexed with insanity. Interestingly enough he was in front of a large church. It was obvious he was a mad man, insane. His behavior was out of this world! He was yelling, shaking his body, contorting his limbs, with a crazed disposition. Barely clothed and dirty, he looked like a dangerous man. He was. He was possessed with many demons but this is the kind of person whom Jesus seeks after!

I stopped to talk with him and he begged me to sit with him, to pray with him. I immediately performed a public deliverance upon him as I laid my hands upon his head expelling the evil spirits from him. The demons bowed at the name of Jesus. In the name of Jesus I commanded the spirits of insanity to leave him. They quickly departed! All of his insane behavior ceased and he said he felt very restful and peaceful. He could feel the demons leave his body. What a miracle!!! From crazed demonically controlled behavior to a restful and peaceful disposition.

This is what Jesus is able to do!

As you can imagine I was very much excited to preach in the marketplace after this beautiful and powerful miracle. The large open air meeting in the city marketplace, this afternoon, allowed for many hundreds to hear the gospel many no doubt for the very first time!

There is no denying Jesus is LORD!

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