Satan Attacks: Car Crashes through Church of the Cross but Jesus Wins

Dear Friends of Jesus,

Where do I begin?

After a week ministering in more then 20 meetings (5 large open air meetings and 15 small group meetings) in South America and the Caribbean I made preparations to travel onward to Central America. I faced one obstacle after another. First I ran out of cash to pay the airport taxes and couldn’t find any ATM machine to take my credit card. Thankfully a taxi driver offered to assist and paid my taxes. Then my flight out of Guyana was cancelled. I ended up stranded at the airport for more then 7 hours. Then the new flight was delayed, then a rough flight over to Barbados (second journey to the island nation in a week). I arrive to the Bridgetown airport and guess what?


I ended up at the hotel in the middle of the night and just when I was about to lie down to sleep I get a call from the front desk. My luggage finally arrives. Then a few hours later I’m back to the airport to catch a flight to the US then onward to Guatemala for the formal church dedication service. Again with a few hours a sleep I am back at another airport to journey onward to Guatemala City.

So, here I am in my hotel room meeting with pastor Adolfo and his wife when suddenly we get a urgent call from the church requesting our immediate assistance as someone had just crashed into the church!!! We quickly arrive and find broken glass and a demolished car in front of the church. It turns out that a freak accident occurred where two vehicles collided forcing one car to end up hitting our window. Now, mind you the church’s windows are floor to ceiling and wrap around the front of the church therefore someone could have been easily seriously injured (as the seating area is but a few steps from the windows) however God graciously protected everyone. Though Diego, one of the ministers at the church, was nearby and literally had to run out of the way.

Incidentally, this crash occurred at the same time our dedication service was about to begin. Coincidental? I hardly think so.

I believe this was a direct satanic attack upon our new church as the enemy is furious with the powerful work we are accomplishing thus he attempted to instill fear, to destroy, and to disrupt our service.

Satan lost!

This dedication meeting was one of the most powerful services I have been a part of. The church was packed. All of the seats were taken. We had people standing along the wall, outside, and sitting along the window. There was an sense of expectancy in the air and God did not disappoint. I led the service and preached the gospel. When I called for an salvation invitation more then 20 newcomers came quickly to the front and prayed to receive Jesus Christ as Lord. We also led prayers for healing and deliverance.

This new church has not been together for a year and yet we are seeing miracles like this all the time! TWENTY SOULS WON TO JESUS. Many churches would love to see one saved. God is pleased to perform great wonders in our midst. No wonder the devil is furious.

Then to top it off, recall that earlier crash…well one of the drivers of one of the vehicles attended the service and was bent over in great pain as a result of the accident. I prayed over her and she was immediately healed! What a mighty God we serve!

I also led everyone in Holy Communion and a formal dedication of the new Church of the Cross in Guatemala! God’s presence and peace was upon us! It’s a beautiful place and already people are coming in from all over the city to attend our more then 7 services. Moreover, the church is now holding two special services daily! Amazing!

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