Australia Mission: Fire of the Holy Spirit Falls–Demons Scream–People Set FREE!

Dear Friends of Jesus,

Here it is again another late night in Dallas after arriving safely from Australia (via Georgia and California) and wanted to share this report on my most recent mission. Jesus is indeed LORD!

The impact was immediate and will be telling for generations to come, as many hundreds (and many thousands from the broadcasts that were aired) will share how these past few weeks have changed their life. The marriages & families that were restored, the souls that were saved, lives that were set free, the hearts that were healed, the bodies that were repaired will be heard from these saints resulting in multitudes that will ultimately hear of God’s great power!

It’s been an supernaturally remarkable few weeks in Australia where we ministered in more then 50 private and public meetings in Sydney, Melbourne, Cullen Bullen, Hallam, and Lithgow. There were countless signs and wonders witnessed in these cities spread out through New South Wales and Victoria, Australia. Some of the highlights included:

-In Nearly Every Public Meeting Souls Won to the Lord Jesus Christ!

-More then 50 Meetings were Conducted in 7 Cities, in 2 States, on the Continent of Australia

-Thousands of Evil Spirits Expelled, Numerous Hearts Healed, Bodies Healed by the Power of God

-The Former Church of Satan Chief’s Daugther Attends the Services, Hears the Gospel

-WEBCAST: Many Thousands, in More 25 Nations of the World, Watch the Deliverance Services

-Many Screamed, Convulsed, and Contorted as Demons Departed in Meetings

-Crowds Increase in Size Every Night in Meetings in Hallam, One Night an Overflow Room was Filled!

-Bastard Spirits Expelled from 60 Year Old in Public Service

-Former Muslims Trained to Evangelize and Cast Out Demons

-Numerous Souls Experience the POWER of God While Partaking Holy Communion

-Souls FREED from Demons while Watching the Webcast of the Services

-Small Meeting in Sydney was Filled to Capacity as there were Wall to Wall People Listening In!

-Holy Angels Minister Alongside Us During Exorcisms

-Numerous Souls Testify of Seeing Jesus & Holy Angels in Meetings

-Numerous Souls Report Being Renewed, Equipped, Encouraged, and Inspired During Public Meetings

-Cursed Objects Burned in the Name of Jesus!

-Buddhist Surrenders to Jesus in Service!

-Numerous Pains Healed During Deliverance Sessions

-Spirits of Blindness Cast Out, Saints Can NOW Read Bible!

-Ancestral Dissociative Identities, Human Interjects, Dissociative Identities Encountered in Meetings

-Saint HEALED of Tens of Thousands of Dissociative Identities in Sydney

-2 Precious Children whom were Victims of Satanic Ritual Abuse Healed by Jesus!

-Many Instantaneous Deliverances while Joining Me in Liberation Prayers!

-Public Exorcism of a 10 Year Old Sudanese Girl, Delivered from Spirits of Terror

-Armies of Demonic Forces Attack One Night, Attempting to Suffocate Me

-Fire of the Holy Spirit Falls in Meeting Resulting in Many Being Delivered

I have been receiving emails from those touched by the power of God in our meetings in Australia that truly inspire me:

“Thank God for you Pastor Jay Bartlett and the team and other members for this ministry …your message of the redemptive plan and power and the purpose of our Father was demonstrated in your meetings in Melbourne..You have by the power of Gods love open my eyes to the deeper reverence for the precious blood of Jesus Christ our Lord and the Holy Scriptures…but most of all….your labour in the body of Christ…I am honored to have you as my brother in the Lord…the message of the Church should be radically altered to serve the living God in the true power of the Holy Spirit…to have meetings after meetings…and yet like Lord Jesus…you gave everything…and more..”

“PRAISE GOD for you and your precious family, sacrificing time apart for the ministry of the Gospel. I know that we will continue in victory as we stand up, under and for the Name of Jesus! Michael was upset when he heard you had to go back. I explained you had children who missed you and needed their Dad – he said – can’t they just move to Evanville?? (That’s where we live). He said he wanted to be like you, so we had a conversation about the Spirit of Christ in you, is the same Spirit of Christ in Michael and just as you helped him – he can learn to help others the same way!”

“Hi brother Jay, Thank you again for coming and serving our family and friends over the past week. I am still hearing of the tremendous things God has done and continues to do in the lives of those who came!”

I would absolutely LOVE to retell you everything that occurred in these past few weeks it will not be possible to do so –first, it would literally take me a day or two to write down record all of the miracles (there was that many miracles) and secondly, I can’t recall all of the miraculous wonders of God (again there was that many). Suffice to say, we were humbled by the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ in the midst of every private and public meeting –and there were many of them I can assure you!

You may read the ministry report written by one of the host pastors (Dr. Daniel Nalliah of Catch the Fire Apostolic Center) that will give you a glimpse of the unbelievable ministry that took place:

Some of the public deliverance services were aired on webcast, in more then 25 nations, resulting in untold numbers who watched the services. Furthermore, read these amazing reports from one of those who watched the webcast:

“I was watching the webcast live on my computer on Sunday evening 12th Feb., 2012 in Wollongong NSW. After Ps Jay Bartlett prayed over the people who went forward for prayer about word curses, I also “went forward” so to speak and before God, I prayed about any bad words said over me as either a child or an adult. I have also repented and renounced any word curses that I have said to anyone too, including those said to my husband, children and family etc. As I was praying in tongues during the webcast, suddenly these ugly loud hissing noises came out of my mouth and my body slightly contorted (shook). I then I felt some evil things being “lifted” away from my body. I knew that unknown demons were being driven out of me, in the name of Jesus and through His precious blood. PTL!!!”

“Thank you for the privilege of being able to witness firsthand (through your webcast ) the incredible meeting on Sunday night. I have a desire to learn more about how to cast out demons. Satan obviously is having his way with the majority of people.”

The mission to Australia started in the city of Sydney where we had some private and public meetings scheduled. We literally had a jammed packed meeting on that Saturday afternoon where we met with those hungering for deliverance. During the service demons manifested and I was led to deal with a young Persian lady who had been involved in the occult. In fact, in one instance she found herself in a blood ceremony that allowed powerful spirits of black magick to invade her life. Those satanic spirits were driven out in Jesus name. Many others were delivered by the power of God and equipped to do the ministry. This was a reoccurring theme in our mission –to cast out demons and to equip others to do so.

We also ministered to young lady (along with her husband’s dear family) who has become a dear friend in the Lord (her husband, a fellow apostle, recently passed on to be with the Lord a few months ago) for some time as we dealt with numerous parts of her broken heart– numbering in the tens of thousands– and some evil spirits that had invaded her life. These spirits were driven out and tens of thousands of pieces of her heart was healed by the power of Jesus. What was astounding in this time of ministry was the opportunity this dear sister in the Lord had to actually see the risen Savior and talk with him. She was given a glimpse of her husband (smiling peacefully, he looked slightly younger and was strong) and was even able to hold him. Jesus spoke powerfully comforting words to her and brought deep healing. Moreover, the Lord Jesus spoke to each family member that was present in our meeting so that they might be healed from the pain of losing their son, their brother. The tears flowed and beautiful inner healing took place! (This has been an amazing aspect of the ministry for many years –precious souls seeing the ascended Jesus in all of His glory).

While in the Blue Mountain region of Australia we ministered in a few villages and held a public meeting at the Cullen Bullen Public Hall, in Cullen Bullen hosted by the Hosanna Christian Fellowship, which is led by a dear brother of mine, Pastor Joe. Although we were small in number we were mighty in the power of God as in our first service three souls were won to Jesus! Many demons were cast out and hearts healed! You can view the testimony of the lady healed of more then 10,000 dissociative identities here (she was testifying at the Hosanna Christian Fellowship):

One deliverance that stood out during our time as Cullen Bullen was towards the end of the two day public deliverance services we held. Present in all of the meetings was a precious lady, perhaps 60 years of age, who listened attentively to what was being preached. During one of my talks I had shared about the reality of the Bastard curse that could extend 10 generations or more as seen in Holy Scripture. This word was used of the Holy Spirit to speak to her heart about her need for deliverance as she was born out of wedlock thus opening her life to demons. She approached me on the second night as we were concluding and inquired for prayer in this regard.

Within seconds of praying with her an evil spirit surfaced named, Bastard, who angrily informed me that she belonged to him.

“Yes, we are Bastard but we are not going to let her go,” the demon of Bastard informed me, “we will kill her before then.”

As always with Jesus –He prevailed!

This vile Bastard spirit was cast to the pit!

It also should be noted that in our second deliverance service many souls were instantly liberated from various kinds and forms of demonic afflictions! POWER of God in action!

In another Blue Mountain village, in Lithgow, we held numerous private meetings with those who traveled from all over the area to attend the deliverance meetings. For hours I had the honor to train young former Muslims, who recently surrendered to Jesus, in the art of spiritual warfare and evangelism. They absorbed the teaching like I have seen very few absorb. It was truly beautiful to behold. What an honor to train precious Persians who desire to reach their people with the message of the gospel. In fact, I’m hoping to travel at some point with them to Iran to conduct meetings. After the training I proceeded to deal with some powerful spirits of death within the former Muslim sister. This demon was literally before my very eyes trying to kill her and she looked like she was nearly dead (over the years I would estimate I have dealt with more then 100 of such cases where people were near death and we had to breath life into then in Jesus name). These spirits of death greatly weakened as we applied the Holy Communion –the body and the blood of the Lord upon them. Actually our precious sister was so strengthened by the Holy Communion that it literally jolted her with new found life to fight these death forces. These spirits of death were expelled and my precious Persian sister was finally FREED from these vile spirits. Pray for these precious Persians as God will be raising them up to do much more for the kingdom of God!

While traveling to the airport to catch another flight –after our many meetings in the Blue Mountains– (I think I caught more then a 8 flights on this mission alone) from Sydney to Melbourne demons manifested from within a friend of mine in the back seat of the car I was traveling in. It was discovered that a demon transferred into him from another demonized man while in our meetings. Because the demons were attempting to choke him. We ended up getting him out of the vehicle and conducting a roadside deliverance (conducted a few of these over the years). A spirit called, Kill, surfaced that boasted he entered within my friend as a result of the demonic transference that occurred earlier in the day in Lithgow. This vicious spirit being was driven out in Jesus name and my friend was able to complete the trip without further incident.

Our ministry in Melbourne was intense to say the least!

From the start I was attacked. While sleeping one night in some friend’s home I was visited by armies of evil spirits that sought to kill me. Throughout the night I was told I would be dead. I could hear the spirits walking up and down the hallway. The spirits made all kinds of strange noises through the night. The spirits were even swirling around in the room. They were even bold enough to hinder my breathing and attempted to suffocate me. I was literally having great difficulty breathing as the armies of demons viciously assaulted me through the night and left a number of spiritual arrows in my body (I have since removed them through commanding prayers). Obviously, since the attacks were relentless I was emotionally, physically and spiritual drained from the numerous battles I had to fight prior to the multi-day public deliverance meetings planned at the Catch the Fire Apostolic Centre in Hallam, Australia. I became sick and bedridden. I had amazing difficulty even getting out of bed. I was that physically drained. God gradually restored my health and healed me!

So why did Satan attack me so terribly at the beginning? Because he knew for the past several weeks the people of God at Hallam had been fasting and praying for the meetings that were to take place and that people were going to be set FREE in Jesus name. We know the enemy does not want to see that occur so he attacked me hoping I would simply fade away. Jesus healed me and sustained me. I taught all day and preached all night! The numbers of people that attended the training was astounding –it was filled with hungry hearts, wanting to learn more about deliverance ministry! In one 6 hour session I was to teach on more then 30 different spiritual weapons at our disposal. I was only able to get through 4 or 5. Can you believe that?

During our public deliverance services which were filled with capacity I was only able to get through, perhaps 10 out of the 30 doorways to demons that I wanted to speak on. The numbers grew as the meetings went on. It should be noted that on each night souls numbering well over 150 would still be present after midnight desirous of deliverance from the demons that tormented them.

One night those desperate for deliverance rushed the stage in attempt to get me to pray for them. I have never seen that in a First World nation before. The hunger was beyond anything I had seen in the First World. People would literally throw themselves up to the front begging for prayer and ministry –even into the early hours of the morning. The demonic manifestations were so intense (like I have never seen in the First World) that numerous people were going into convulsions, contortions, demonic violent episodes, screaming, loud cries, and going unconscious as we commanded demons to leave people in Jesus name! Hundreds of people were in need of DELIVERANCE! While teaching on various doorways sometimes 30-40 people would stand being attacked in need of prayer! Dozens and dozens were liberated from demon powers in the name of Jesus (untold numbers were healed and delivered while watching the webcast). In every service souls were won to Jesus too as I not only ministered deliverance to the captives but I also preached the Word of God and ensure the gospel was communicated so that precious souls might be saved. In one service, a Buddhist lady, surrendered to the Lord Jesus in public. This after her precious son was liberated from demonic powers. Think of that for a moment. It takes alot for someone with that background to openly confess before many hundreds that Jesus is indeed the ONLY Lord!

There were even a few cases of precious people confessing they could not read the Bible, literally could not read the Bible! In both cases there were spirits of blindness within their eyes and both were healed from their blindness and delivered from powerful demonic spirits. Too prove that in fact they were delivered I had them read the Bible before everyone and for the first time in a long time they were able to read the Scripture out loud for all to hear! You should have seen their faces of great joy! Jesus heals!

People traveled in from all over Australia to attend the meetings, even as far as New Zealand and Tasmania to receive deliverance. Families and precious souls literally traveled long distances in planes and cars to get to the meetings. The mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit was such that word of mouth of the meetings spread like wildfire and people came!

Many were healed from dissociation in public! Many were healed of various afflictions! Many were exorcised from demons! Many were equipped to cast out demons! Many lives were restored!

There’s so much to report. Allow me to send this off and send off another report in a few days!

Thank you for praying and believing. Your intercession allowed for souls to be FREE!

We send our love in Jesus name!

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