THE Spiritual Weapon ~ the Blood of Jesus!

Sir your messages have been a blessing to me. Please help to thank God  for delivering my family and I from armed robbery attack. On 2/4/2012 we returned from an all night prayer program organised by my church-Open-Doors Christian Centre Ada-Geroge Road Port Harcourt Nigeria at 5 am local time.

When we got to our gate ,I parked the car outside the compound. As I came out of the car I saw a man pointing a gun on my forehead. Suddenly Supernatural boldness came and I sceamed -The blood of Jesus. Miraclously I saw myself behind the robber- a few meters away from him. I continued to shout -The blood of Jesus but incidently no one but God came to our rescue.

My wife and kids came out of the car and started shouting- Our Defence is of God and the robbers ran away. I shared the testimony in my church and everyone stood still. God is real and the name of Jesus is mightier than atomic bomb or even the most devastating weapon you can think of. Praise God

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