POWERFUL Exorcism in Miami!

Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus,

Earlier today, here in South Florida, I concluded yet another public deliverance service where God was pleased to display His power over the enemy. As often with our public meetings we met with those enslaved to demonic powers until deep into the night.

For nearly 7 hours we battled thousands of evil spirits within those who attended this service. Nearly every seat was taken in this small conference room and everyone was determined to find freedom in Jesus name! In fact, I could have easily gone through the night until this morning as there were that many souls needing freedom, however I have some private meetings scheduled today and wanted to get some sleep!

After the conclusion of the meeting I spoke with my wife and prayed with her and while talking with her I shared how frustrated I am with the spiritual condition of God’s people. I’m seeing mass numbers of believers, in every meeting I’m conducting, who are severely demonized and struggling to find liberation. We believe the primary reason for this is that, in the Western Church, there is an absence of a strong deliverance ministry whereby the ministry of casting out of demons is regularly practiced. Since the church is not ministering in this area demons are free to roam in precious people (and often transmitting down through the generations) for they are not being confronted, spiritually arrested and expelled in the name of Jesus.

I’m coming across thousands of demons within people who reveal they are in people because nobody has come along to cast them out! So generation after generation demons are traveling through the bloodline and causing great havoc in families. The church of the Living God has the authority to drive out demonic spirits and WE MUST exercise this authority thus freeing precious souls for whom Christ died for. We must stop the generational curses and spirits in the name of Jesus!

In this most recent meeting in Miami I was determined to stand firm in Jesus and assist those tormented by demons. After a brief teaching from God’s Word we began with the mass deliverance. As often with the case, I was only able to get through 4 or 5 doorways to demons that people need to close in their lives. I have a list of about 20 doorways to demons that I lead people to close but as often with the case I was only able to deal with a handful in nearly 7 hours! Think about that for a moment. The reason is because demons immediately started manifesting within those attending the meeting.

One young Cuban lady was being chocked by demons, another lady in her 50’s was also being chocked, yet another Cuban woman, in her 50’s, was being chocked, others testified of feeling great physical pain and strange sensations in their body. Some felt sick, others extreme unfounded emotions (such as wanting to kill me), and others felt this bizarre desire to laugh while I spoke on the blood of Jesus. This was within the first few minutes of praying!

The Holy Spirit directed me to a 51 year old woman who was manifesting demons almost from the beginning of the night. This dear woman was horribly abused as a child, deeply involved in the occult, and harbored hatred for those who hurt her. The demons laughed hysterically and mocked the things of God. Within seconds of consecrating some water to be the blood of Christ the demons went berserk.

“We have destroying her all her life, we will fight to stay within!” the demons confessed as they were speaking out of her body.

I began to call down the fire of the Holy Spirit upon the spirits and immediately the evil demons groaned in agony and were greatly weakened. The spirits then with utter rage and murderous intent loudly declared, “We are going to F#*&$#* kill you tonight!”

As often with the case if a minister reaches deep enough and really threatens the demon’s survival within a soul –the demons then have nothing else to resort to but murderous threats as was seen in this case! I had the spirits drink the blood of Jesus, called upon the fire of the Holy Spirit, asked for the holy angels of God to restrain, as at one point, the demons who were holding unto a glass of blessed water angrily told me, “We would love to throw this glass at you and break your face with it and F*&#&*% kill you with it!”

Suffice to say it did not happen. Jesus conquered these spirits and the holy angels restrained which would explain why they KNEW they couldn’t touch me though they so desperately wanted to.

I was recently on the phone with my Australian ministry partner, Steve, and we discussed this very truth. If it was not for the mercy, grace, and power of God all of us would instantly be ravished by these satanic forces as they abhor us that much. However, there is a bloodline that separates us from them and they know it!

“We are numbering thousands and we will not leave.”

I demanded to know if any of the demons were holding unto broken pieces of her heart.

“Yes! We hold onto her entire heart!”

Knowing God wanted to heal her heart I commanded the demons to release her heart!

For at least an hour I battled this demon(s) that went by the name of, “Duty,” to release the heart! I also led this dear woman into many prayers of repentance and closing many doorways she had opened to demons. With the backing of the prayers of many, the demons finally released the heart and then I had them finally confess they had been defeated! These spirits were so angry, their rage was incredible. They hated me for intervening and a number of times attempted to bite me and hit me with a closed fist. They even bit into her body several times. These are ugly vile beings who seek to destroy. By the power of the Lord Jesus Christ, the demons pronounced their own doom by repeating with me those words: “We release this woman in the name of Jesus and we now go to the pit.” Thousands of them flew out of her mouth with loud shrieks and into the pit!

Immediately a 3 year old part surfaced who loved Jesus and wanted to be healed. Not only was the little part released but also many thousands of other parts of her broken heart! By the power of God, this little 3 year old, in agreement with the thousands of others readily agreed to join the core and instantly her heart was healed! You should have seen the beautiful smile, the peace, the inner joy she displayed after this powerful miraculous healing and deliverance!

“Jay, I really feel light and peaceful!” she shared with everyone in the meeting hall!

This is the reason I travel great distances, away from my precious family, throughout the globe, is to see this!

Not only was this precious 51 year old free but others were also! Several were free from many spirits of the occult, satanism, and witchcraft! One 25 year old Cuban lady, who was heavily involved in satanic music –listening to the likes of Deicide, Cannibal Corpse, Marilyn Manson and other Death Metal and Black Metal bands– experienced liberation. The satanic music though led her into a slippery slope of deep darkness, leading to the culmination of even slicing her own body and immersing herself in blood rituals with an ex boyfriend. For a long time, I led her in prayers where she renounced blood pacts, participation in the Cuban witchcraft, the casting of spells, involvement in the occult, and such much more. This allowed us to drive out demons from her!

The Word tells me in Isaiah 63:7, “I will tell of the kindnesses of the Lord, the deeds for which he is to be praised…”

These reports are to share with you the kindnesses of the Lord in Him freeing His people from great spiritual pain and bondage. His deeds are wonderful, awesome, and loving! He is to be praised!

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