Legions of Anti-Christ Demonic Spirits Sent to the Pit!

Dear Friends of Jesus,

It’s been a very interesting day for me!

Earlier today, while outside playing with my kids I noticed someone parked across the street, from our home, acting very erratic. Minutes later two Dallas police cars approach the driver of the vehicle (I proceeded to walk in front of the home to listen into the conversation) and DPD actually placed him in handcuffs for questioning…it was determined he was a threat (he claimed to have a shotgun in his vehicle). Moreover, he attempted to gain entry into a nearby home. I truly believe the blood of Christ prevented him from entering our land. I also believe the fence and such was a deterrent too. Remember he was parked directly in front of our home! From listening into the conversation with the police officers it was very evident that this man was demonized! Makes one wonder what was truly being plotted knowing our history.

Fast forward 7 hours. I try to keep in shape (with all the intensive travel and ministry I’m involved in) by doing my power walk, up the hills, late in the evenings, and after the hour and half walk I work on some free weights. Well, I never got to the weights tonight. God had other plans!

While checking my emails on my phone before getting into the house….an urgent email came in from New York City, from a 60 year old lady, by the name of Linda, who requested urgent help. In her words she was emailing a “911” emergency email! For years this dear woman had been tormented and constricted by satanic powers. In fact, these spirits literally physically assaulted her earlier in the evening hence her urgent request for spiritual help. God immediately prompted me to call her. I did. This was nearly midnight.

Mind you, it was nearly midnight, still outside and yet when the Holy Spirit speaks –you obey! I call and she picks up the phone. Linda heads up a prayer ministry and has been serving Jesus for more then 40 years! She was so thankful I called.

While she was sharing with me on the phone….the Holy Spirit spoke to me about two main things that needed to be addressed –there was some form of satanism in the background and her heart was terribly broken and was in need of deep healing!

I interrupted her and shared with her, she simply broke down in tears! The Holy Spirit is always spot on!

I began to pray and immediately a demonic spirit named, “Anti-Christ,” surfaced and spoke to me in a different voice.

“She belongs to us, we are too many for you, there’s Legions of us, we have special powers!” the demons boasted to me.

I confronted the spirits, “The blood of Jesus drains your special powers right now!”

“Ok, Ok, Ok, you can have her,” the spirits conceded after being confronted with the blood of Jesus.

I proceeded to find out if these legions of demonic spirits had any rights to her.

“No, no, no, no, we came in because her ancestors practiced vile things,” the demons informed me, “we came in 4 generations ago.”

I find out that these demons had entered Linda’s mother’s and father’s ancestors because of their participation in the occult, black magic, witchcraft, and Satanism. Linda testified there was Freemasonry, Jehovah Witnesses, and sorcery in her background. I led Linda in a prayer to renounce these curses and sins in the name of Jesus which she readily did!

“We hold her heart, her WHOLE heart,” the demons confessed as I called for legions of holy angels to descend upon these evil spirits that had been afflicting this dear woman and her husband for years. Linda had shared that her husband, under control of demon powers, gave her a ultimatum recently: Either follow me or follow your God. Linda chose to follow God but obviously her heart has been shattered with all the pain and rejection!

I commanded the demons to let go of the heart and they did!

“You can have her, Jesus will set her free,” the demons now inform me!

Remember I’m outside of my home, around midnight, confronting these spirits and all of a sudden a man comes around my fence and stops and looks at me for several minutes. I simply ignore him. Again I trust Jesus! This was no doubt an attempt by the enemy to stall the deliverance.

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ I told these many thousands of Anti-Christ spirits to leave and they immediately left! They repeated after me and they were sent to that PIT!!!

Linda was amazed how good she actually felt! She testified of feeling all of these demons leave her body at once when I was commanding them to go. She said she never been through anything like this before. She was so happy to be delivered! She testified that recently the spirits had been speaking into her mind: “You really curse Jesus” and being a Godly woman she rebuked the spirits: “I do not curse Jesus, I love Him.” She just didn’t know how to rid herself of these blasphemous spirits as for forty years, as a believer, she never experienced anything of that nature before!

In God’s providence, I was made available by Him to help my dear sister to find freedom! She exclaimed: “I now know how to help others and will now! I just didn’t know how to.” I also prayed for her heart to be healed and she was completely surprised how good her heart felt! God in His love healed and liberated this woman!

To top off the night, this precious 60 year old saint spoke encouraging words to me that were no doubt from the Lord as there were some things I was recently going through and I needed the encouragement! Thank you Jesus for LOVING ME!

It’ nearly 2am here and I’m going to sleep in the peace of Jesus! Amen!

My friends –He loves you! He is not angry with you. He is abounding in love, slow to anger and does not treat us as our sins deserve so says Psalm 103. He desires to use you for His Kingdom. This is His heart!

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