Mass Deliverance in Southeast Asia!

Dear Friends of the Lord Jesus,

Incredibly I’m still awake after being up more then 55 hours traveling from Manila, Philippines to Tamuning, Guam, then from Guam to Honolulu, Hawaii, then from the Island of Hawaii to Chicago then from Chicago to Dallas. God is truly providing supernatural strength. Reminds me of the time when I ministered in a series of deliverance meetings that lasted for more then 27 hours STRAIGHT! Furthermore, in less then 48 hours I will back on the road again for some ministry. Appreciate your prayers that sustain me by God’s power.

Our time in the Philippines was extraordinary in that God did some wonderful things in our midst in each and every meeting. The gospel was proclaimed resulting in souls finding salvation in Jesus, many evil spirits were driven out resulting in many freed individuals and many were healed of various afflictions (often the healing was instantaneously). About a month or so ago the Holy Spirit spoke to me about traveling to Southeast Asia to conduct meetings as I was invited to minister by a dear pastor friend of mine –Orlando Sacman of the United Family of God Church in Manila. Orlando had been listening to my global radio broadcast “Deliverance with Jay Bartlett”–for some time and was desiring to extend his ministry into the deliverance work. Orlando started a church some years ago in the Manila area and felt a need to conduct some meetings. The call to GO was very strong upon my heart and it was evident on our first day that the Spirit of God wanted us to be there.

My Australian ministry partner, Steve and his family, shortly arrived before I did and when we reunited in a parking lot of the international airport we tried to create a plan to locate our host pastor in the midst of the many thousands that were present at the airport. I ended up calling out his name out loud a few times before he turned around, perhaps, 20 feet from me. What are the chances of me finding Orlando in such a manner? With God all things possible!

Manila is one of the largest cities in Asia and for that matter one of the largest in the entire world with some estimates ranging from ten to twenty million of souls. A heavily populated city that desperately needs Jesus the Savior! The streets were congested, there was great poverty, but alot of good hearts –as these dear people were very receptive to the message concerning the Messiah. I was astonished by their generosity and compassion towards me and my ministry partners of the gospel.

We held more then 6 public meetings –training seminars, public deliverance services and church services–in three different churches. Steve and I worked as a tag team as we would train and equip the saints, conduct the public deliverance meetings and preaching in the Sunday services. At the following churches God blessed our efforts:

United Family Church of God pastored by Orlando Sacman~ On Sunday morning and evening we were honored to worship Jesus with this precious church. Each service was jammed packed. In fact, souls were gathering outside the building to hear the gospel we proclaimed in power from above! On Sunday morning souls were saved by the blood of Jesus, souls were liberated from the power of God, and bodies were supernaturally healed. During the public evening deliverance meeting many testified of being healed and delivered as we led the Body in mass deliverance prayers.

(Interestingly, prior to the first meeting in Manila –I was electrocuted– in my hotel room as I attempted to figure out which converter I had would work in the Philippines. I was tired and wasn’t thinking clearly when I inserted the converter in a wrong fashion and immediately was struck with mighty jolts of electricity. Moreover, during the night, I felt the jolts exit via my right foot and was fighting all kinds of strange pains in my body as a result of being electrocuted. In the middle of the night I called upon Jesus as I could feel some strange vibes in the same area as my heart. I drank the blood of Jesus and He sustained me. God to be praised I was spared. Just earlier this evening while in prayer I felt more of those vibes and I continue to rebuke them in Jesus name. Thanks for praying!)

Full Gospel Christian Church pastored by Ernest Jimenez~Steve and I along with Orlando traveled more then 3 hours to reach this church and to conduct a training seminar and public deliverance service (see pictures of the church in attachment–with me and pastor Ernest and his wife). Again God was pleased to display His awesome power by defeating the powers of the evil one! With loud cries evil spirits came out of many. Some convulsed, some vomited out demons, others yawned out spirits. Within minutes of me praying during the deliverance service demons manifested and Steve and I were busy driving out evil spirits in the name of Jesus. A precious 10 year old girl Steve and Virginia ministered to was miraculously healed and delivered though much follow up needs to take place. What truly brought us great joy was the number of pastors and laypeople that joined in the ministry (after the training sessions that Steve led) and assisted us as they too were casting out demons and praying for the sick!

Jesus Christ the Redeemer Foursquare Church pastored by Jesse~After a very late night Steve (and his wife, son, and family friend Virginia) and I were honored to equip the saints and conduct a public deliverance meeting. Be sure to check out the pictures of the church below and of Steve and his wife (and son) from the balacony of the church building). Again the meeting hall was filled with capacity–from what I could tell every seat was taken and many saints were lined up against the back of the church listening attentively to the teachings we brought from God’s Word! Many more were healed and liberated from the powers of darkness! As with the previous night more souls were captivated by the love of God! Some convulsed as we commanded demons to leave in Jesus name! The altar was filled with people needing assistance –perhaps 20 or more crowded up front during invitation time for ministry in the areas of healing and exorcism. Many of them were instantly ( or perhaps a few minutes into prayer) healed and deliverance. It gave Steve and I incredible strength as we see the open hearts of the people who assembled for the series of meetings.

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