Leg Grows During Deliverance Meeting!

Just earlier today we witnessed more miracles as pastor James Beason and I ministered to a lady bound by the spirits of infirmity, arthritis, rebellion, greed, rejection and many other evil spirits. Not only were these demons driven out in Jesus name but we also discovered that this dear lady had been experiencing all kinds of pain in her body as one of her legs was shorter then the other so we commanded her shorter leg to grow and before our EYES it grew until they were the same length. She testified of feeling the power of God flowing through her leg! Furthermore, the arthritis curse was expelled out and three parts of her broken heart (ages of 3, 7, 9) that surfaced during our meeting were healed by Jesus (these precious parts even saw Jesus) and these demon powers driven out in Jesus name!

She was so happy! She was so joyful in Jesus! She was so wanting to be used by the Lord in ministry! This is something we are seeing ALL the time as a result of the miracles –people wanting to enter the ministry to serve Jesus because what He has done in their lives!

Praise the Living Jesus!

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