Miracles in Miami!

Many hundreds of thousands of evil spirits were cast out of those who attended the meeting tonight in Miami! For nearly 6 hours James and I battled these wicked spirits and many of them were quite aggressive and violent. There were demons of:

Self Destruction
The Devourer
Legion (more then 2,000 sets of these spirits)
Self Hatred
The Animal

Within minutes of starting the meeting demons were surfacing in a couple believers instantaneously –very aggressive and violent– however the holy angels assisted greatly! In fact, one dear sister in the Lord who was attending the meeting mentioned she could see one holy angel standing right next to me! I need my spiritual bodyguards as I have many enemies who desire to murder me. God is faithful. One demonized believer was manifesting such powerful spirits that they were literally thrashing him about, twisting his body in very unusual contortions. I truly abhor what demons do to precious saints.

“He doesn’t understand his position in Jesus,” the demons revealed to me, speaking out him, “that is why we have been able to stay.”

This is something we come across often. Because believers are ignorant on the “Hidden Life with Christ,” demons are able to lead so many astray and cause so many to be ineffective! That is why I have created a website that is geared to teaching believers on the reality of being hidden in Christ. Understanding who you are in Jesus Christ will allow you to prosper in your service to Him, as He does desire to use you to carry out the works of the Kingdom! Join the many hundreds around the globe who are reading our training manual and thus being equipped to fight the good fight!

So, in the public meeting, I went to the Scriptures and taught on our position in Jesus Christ –thus giving strength to my demonized brother in Christ and weakening the demonic powers within his life. More then 500 evil spirits were cast out from him! Another demonized saint was manifesting spirits and a spirit called, The Animal surfaced. This spirit was quite animalistic. He even attempted to bite into my chest and arm! The demon wanted to eat my flesh. Since I’m covered with the blood of Jesus the spirits were never able to bite into me however they did spit in my direction, howling, growling and screaming! The insane look in the eyes revealed everything!

“We have been in her ancestors since 1853, because they raped their children, they beat people, they hurt people, they kicked people, they were blasphemers and they hated people.”

All of these sins obviously will open doors to demons and since her ancestors carried on this evil for so long many evil demons entered within their bodies and passed on to future generations. Sadly, not one believer intervened thus ensuring hundreds of years of family demonic domination!

“We have buried the truth from her people!” the demons boasted to me as they laughed how they kept all of her ancestors in spiritual darkness and from the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ!

What a need for a strong evangelistic and deliverance ministry in our day! We need more proclaimers of the good news of Jesus and more exorcists casting out demons! Are you dedicated to preaching Jesus and casting out demons? We are and we need your prayers!

There were so many miracles! Holy Angels assisted us –protecting us, restraining demons, ministering. The Holy Communion cup –the blood of Jesus defeated many demons. The healing of broken hearts. The power of Jesus delivering. The words of knowledge. The power of God’s Word. So much more! For many hours we exorcised literally hundreds of thousands of demonic spirits from precious souls and Jesus was glorified!

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