Miracles of Deliverance and Healing at the Church of the Cross Deliverance Service

Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus,

Miracles of Deliverance and Healing at the Church of the Cross Deliverance Service

Conducted 1 Public and 3 Private Meetings where Thousands of Demons were Driven Out!

Many Jezebel Spirits Confronted and Expelled in Jesus Name!

Saint See Jesus and Angels

Spirits of Incubus, Rape, Witchcraft, Lust, Greed, Sodomy, and Many Others Defeated by the Cross of Jesus

Holy Communion, the Scriptures, the Commands of Jesus were Too Much for the Powers of Hell

Saints Experienced FREEDOM while Conducting Mass Deliverance Prayers

Satanic Jewelry and Objects Destroyed During Meeting

Generational Spirits of Eastern Mysticism Cast OUT!

Skeptic Surrenders Anew to Jesus, Gets Delivered and Baptized by the Holy Spirit


I’m currently in Waco, Texas, conducting public and private meetings with those tormented by evil spirits. I was finally able to get to sleep around 3:30am as even after the conclusion of our service there were souls waiting for ministry. At our Church of the Cross deliverance service last night we were honored with the presence of the Holy Spirit and thus souls were healed and liberated from thousands of evil spirits in the name of Jesus! Pastor James Beason and I –for more then 9 hours– ministered to those who traveled great distances to be equipped and to receive prayer. In fact, one precious believer traveled from New Jersey to be present at the meeting. Again, this is a common occurrence for our public deliverance meetings where precious souls will travel from all over the continent just to receive spiritual intervention. As always I heard one testimony after another from those who assembled in our small meeting hall who revealed that they had been having great difficulty finding anyone within the church who would help and believe. I’m extremely baffled by this as we the Body of Christ have the spiritual answers to those enslaved to demon powers! This just reveals how spiritual blindness and apathy had gripped the church at large. 

We are determined to intervene and not standby as Satan’s atrocities continue. We will fight in the power of the Holy Spirit and declare: Jesus is Lord!

One believer who showed up to the meeting was a believer in his early 30’s named Dave. For as long as he can recall he had been tormented by demonic powers and with uncontrollable rage, anger and lust. It was destroying him, his wife, his marriage and his life. In a sense we were his last hope as he tried everything to get relief and freedom. He was repentant and humbled as he had no where to turn. After nearly several hours of teaching from the Holy Scriptures and leading those assembled in Holy Communion we began to minister to those in need. We ministered to the demonized and many demons were cast out in Jesus name. Within seconds of praying over Dave an evil spirit surfaced –spirit of anger– it was furious that it had been exposed to the light of Jesus Christ. I demanded the spirit to tell me if he had any more rights to stay within his body.

“NOOOOO!” the demon screamed loudly at me, “We are trying to KILL him, his wife, and their marriage.”

Because they in submission to the Lord Jesus, their torment was quite obvious.

I then asked the demons where they wanted to go as they obviously didn’t want to stay within a body that was now sold out for God (and being tormented by ministers of the gospel). 

“We want to go home!”

“Where’s your home?”

“HELL” the demons screamed again.

Because Dave was repentant, humbling himself before God, he was no longer an appealing home for demons. So, they were literally begging to leave.

Then in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ we commanded the demons to depart and to enter that PIT!

Dave then collapsed to the ground FREED from all of the evil that had been haunting him. Moreover, while praying over him he instantly began to speak in new tongues as he experienced a filling of the Holy Spirit. 

Now, allow me to share something about Dave. All of this was completely a surprise to him as he came to this meeting as a skeptic. That’s right a skeptic. After experiencing the liberation power of Jesus he shared a testimony to everyone in the meeting that clearly touched all. He first thought that all of this deliverance ministry was completely fake but then he gradually realized it wasn’t fake but quite real as he came under attack during the meeting, which he didn’t previously thought was possible, since he was believer. Knowing that demons were manifesting from within him he asked that we would help him and we did. Dave is now free in Jesus!

The tears of joy, the smile, the relief, the inner peace, the release was beautiful to behold! 

Many other miracles took place in our small meeting –of demons being forced to release parts of broken hearts, saints seeing Jesus and angels, cursed objects destroyed, exorcising demons and other signs and wonders. God truly blessed our meeting however even after more then 9-10 hours of ministry there were others needing help. In one private session, early this morning, we were were able by the power of God to call up the “core” of an individual that had been locked up by demons for more then 6 months. Think about that for a moment. This dear man was so terribly demonized that the demons were basically in control of his daily life and were up, so to speak, every moment of his existence for the past 6 months. So whenever someone spoke to him at his workplace, his home, or any other places they were not speaking to him but rather an evil spirit. Since he was a victim of horrific abuse and evil at the hands of various sadistic cults he was opened up to ghastly demonic forces that ravaged his entire being. It was these beings we forced down and were able to call up the core. The core was happy, peaceful and extremely grateful to be up after for so long in a inner dungeon. 

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