Deliverance Mission Houston & San Antonio

Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus,

Earlier this morning (nearly 2am) I arrived home, after driving many hours, from our latest mission which took pastor James Beason and I to two of the largest cities in the US –Houston and San Antonio– where we held more then 6 public and private meetings ministering to those enslaved to demons and disease. God was pleased to display His holy power!

Deliverance Mission Houston & San Antonio

In Houston: Small Meeting Room Filled to Capacity Where Souls were Desirous of Deliverance

Many Pains, Afflictions, Evil Spirits, Diseases, and Sicknesses Cast Out in Jesus Name!

Hercules, Zeus, Aphrodite, and a Many Other Devils Driven Out in Jesus Name!

Saints See Jesus and Holy Angels in Ministry Sessions

Afro-Cuban Brother in the Lord FREED from Generational Curses and Healed of Dissociation (See Video Testimony Here)

Jesus Sustains as the Spiritual Enemies Attack

Powerful Words of Knowledge Given in Meetings Resulting in FREEDOM of Souls

In San Antonio: Instantaneous Healing from Demonic Afflictions!

Many Broken Hearts Healed by the Savior

Lady Receives Healing and Liberation then Ministers FREEDOM to Others!


What an honor to serve King Jesus! For the past several days James and I have been non-stop ministering with very little time to do anything else (like even getting any time to eat) to those in spiritual torment. Obviously, the devil is not pleased so while I was ministering far from home the enemy attacked my family. 

We had just flown into San Antonio from Houston (more on the Houston meetings in a moment) and were just about to meet a family that needed some ministry of healing and deliverance when suddenly my wife notified me that my little boy Ford had a freak accident while playing with Ranger where he fell off the bed and his head hitting a sharp corner of a nearby nightstand. The injury was such where he was taken to the emergency room and his head wound was stapled. Again this was just before ministering to a family.

Coincidence? Hardly!

This was a satanic attack upon my family. We have noticed often the enemy likes to attack a home when the spiritual head of the home is away on a trip. Obviously, I prayed over little Ford –over the phone and commanded healing to take place within him and for all the evil spirits to leave the family. Ford shared he felt much better that the pain had left and he was happy. 

Moments later we ministered to a dear brother who was terribly tormented by demons. It was difficult to minister knowing what happened to the family but I pressed on in Jesus name and this brother in the Lord was instantaneously delivered from numerous pains, afflictions and demonic curses that he had been battling for months. In fact, he made a number of visits to his family doctor to get her opinion of his condition and she even suggested that he needed to see an exorcist. For you must understand, on his mother’s side there was years of participation in Santeria resulting in powerful demonic curses traveling down through the bloodline affecting his entire family. These dark witchcraft spirits were destroying his life and he was desperate for some kind of spiritual intervention and we intervened and many demons were driven out in Jesus name as was many physical afflictions –constant ringing of the ears, numbness in the arm, severe back pains, and much more. God healed him quickly and he testified to the mercy and goodness of God to heal him from all of these demonic torments.

James and I marveled at the wonderful work of the Holy Spirit on this mission. While in Houston, we held some private meetings but we also conducted a public meeting where souls traveled great distances to be present. In fact, nearly 2 hours before the meeting people were showing up to be delivered and healed in Jesus name! Think about that for a moment! Once again our small meeting hall was filled with capacity as every seat was taken and there was an anticipation for miracles to occur!

After nearly three hours of teaching from the Holy Scriptures (instructing the saints on the hidden life in Christ, our authority in Christ, and the reality of dissociation) and leading the people assembled in Holy Communion we began to close the doorways to the demons (again we were only able to close only 2 doorways out of more then 20 doorways that I like to deal with). The first doorway I dealt with was –trauma and abuse– and this brought an immediate demonic response from the evil spirits within the dear people who had assembled. The first lady we dealt with was a 72 year old saint who traveled with her husband for freedom! As the spirits surfaced they made here very rigid and convulsed her body horribly. These demons were commanded to leave and they departed! 

Her husband also manifested spirits that were quite demonstrative and angry. Spirits of generational murder, violence, pornography, lust, anger, quickly surfaced and SCREAMED!


I said, “YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!”

The demons within this man knew where they were going to be sent –to the PIT and YES they were sent to the PIT in Jesus name! 

There were a number of dissociative identities that also surfaced within him including some babies that were deeply hurt and wounded. We spoke to the broken parts of the heart and communicated God’s love and they experienced deep healing in Jesus name! The heart was healed supernaturally and God performed great inner wonders within our dear brother! 

During this public exorcism we also discovered there was also a spiritual noose around his neck that the demons had placed around his neck –thus causing him to have sleep apnea and other sleep disorders– this noose was placed by the demons with the hopes of killing him. I commanded the demons to lift off the noose. They fought me as they did NOT want to remove the very thing that was restricting his breathing! However, the demons, with the use of his hands, lifted off the noose and our dear brother was finally able to breathe MUCH better! Amen!

(Note: these spiritual nooses are quite real and many in our day suffer greatly as a result. Often those with generational Freemasonry will have respiratory problems because of this noose around the neck. We have led live audiences around the globe in taking off the nooses with great success in Jesus name resulting in many souls bring healed)

In one of our private meetings, we ministered to a dear Afro-Cuban brother in the Lord, who had been suffering greatly under demonic torment. He had visited many ministries and churches with no success and was desperate for spiritual help. He found us and we met up with him. A demon surfaced from within him named “Curse,” who had been traveling down through the bloodline for many generations. There were 12 of them. The generational curse was broken and parts of his heart was released –a 7 year old, a baby part, and others– Jesus in His great love appeared to these parts and I asked the parts to go to Him which they did. What was truly touching was that one of the older parts carried one of the baby parts to JESUS! Isn’t that beautiful! These little parts were there to help my brother and each other! Indeed: the Lord heals the brokenhearted!

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