India: 700 Delivered from Demons in One Meeting

Phenomenal Mission to South India

~Over 25 Public and Private Meetings Conducted in Various Venues in South India

~Thousands Attended Public Evangelistic and Deliverance Festivals

~Many Hundreds Called Upon Jesus in Meetings for Salvation!

~On Saturday’s Second Teaching Session: More then 700 Delivered from Ancestral Demons!

~In Every Public Meeting Hundreds Streamed Forward for Salvation, Healing and Deliverance!

~Faith Home Prayer Hall Service: More then 400 Crowded into Small Sanctuary, Another Several Hundred Outside!

~Thousands Equipped to Cast Out Demons as 4 Teaching Sessions were Conducted

~Pastors, Evangelists, Missionaries, Teachers and Other Ministers Traveled Great Distances to Attend Festivals

~Many Believers Testified of Seeing Visions of Jesus and Holy Angels During Services

~Many Believers Testifying of Experiencing Miraculous Healing During Festival

~In Every Public Service Masses of People Surround Me for the Laying Upon of Hands

~Many Hindus Come to Jesus Christ as Savior (in one private meeting I led three Hindu men to Jesus)

On our first night –Thursday evening– we were at the large outdoor venue called the Karishima Gardens, in the city of Station Ghanpur, in Warangal, which was filled with capacity, perhaps 400-500 attended this service. Many surrendered to Jesus as Savior on this night as I preached from God’s Word. During the invitation masses of people streamed forward for prayers of healing and deliverance. One Indian terribly vexed by demons was literally lifted up by the people and placed on the stage to receive deliverance. As he was vomiting blood and foaming at the mouth –we battled in the name of Jesus! Many other souls were also desperate for deliverance and as I laid my hands upon the people many demons were departing. Many souls were saved, healed and delivered!

On Friday and Saturday– we were at the large Maa Garden Function Hall, also in the city of Station Ghanpur, in Warangal, which again was filled with capacity on each teaching session and evening service. Thousands attended the series of meetings over the course of two days. In the afternoon we taught the precious people from God’s Word and in the evening we held mass deliverance. It pleased God to bestow His power upon us in each and every service.

On Friday evening after preaching from 1 Corinthians 15 –on the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ– I called people to repent and place their faith in Jesus. Many called upon the Savior. Then during the invitation hundreds streamed forward for prayer. I was nearly crushed by the people as so many surrounded me for prayer (many who were begging for me to consecrate their water and oil)! The souls were that desperate. One lady that the crowd forced on stage was manifesting strong demons that shouted, “”We are going to kill her.” We fought back and as I placed holy oil upon the demons the demons shrieked and were able to expel many demonic spirits from her. I also had the privilege to leading her to Jesus in front of the massive crowd. She praised God for her deliverance!

On Saturday’s Second Session– while teaching at the Maa Garden Function Hall something extraordinary occurred that I had never experienced before in 25 years of ministry. After preaching a message from Ezekiel 8 God’s manifested glory in the form of a heavenly cloud descended upon the hall and captured all of us –numbering well over 1,000 souls. As we praised the Lord Jesus I commanded generational spirits of idol worship to depart. Many hundreds –I would estimate 70% of the crowd– was experiencing great deliverance from demons as you could see the people being set free as evil spirits left so many! The Holy Spirit descended upon me so powerfully on the stage I fell down to my knees crying out to Jesus as LORD!

On Sunday– I was honored to preach at the Faith Prayer Hall service where it was filled with overflowing crowds desperate for the touch of Jesus! More then 400 crowded within the small sanctuary and several hundred more were outside waiting to hear from God”s Word! I preached and encouraged the saints from Romans 12 and more then 22 souls were saved during the service that largely made up of strong followers of Christ! Then we were honored to hear some beautiful testimonies of precious saints who experienced miraculous healing during our time of ministry. One lady testified of seeing in a vision, during one of the teaching sessions, of a object surgically being removed from the body of her husband. Upon the arrival to her home she found her husband healed of his infirmity. Others testified of being healed of various pains in their bodies. Many testifying of heavenly visions and being encouraged by the teachings.

We are believing this is just the beginning of a wonderful ministry partnership with the dear people on India. As many of you know India is a Hindu dominated land filled with idols of all sorts. The shrines, the temples, the free standing idols and various Hindu rituals were seen daily during our time there. It is an haunting place of epic proportions as so many hundreds of millions are enslaved to Hindu demon deities. One never gets over the ghastly images of the grotesque Hindu idols such as Kali, Krishna, and so many others. They are disgusting to look at and even more oppressive to be around. In one private pastors meeting, which was located in an office building, in the downtown area, I was escorted past a Hindu ritual that was taking place. I looked into devotees eyes as they offered up sacrifices and saw the gods that they worshipped. The demon was present. It broke my heart! However India is just but one nation of the world needing Jesus! Join me in praying for a global awakening to the love of God through His Son the Lord Jesus!

For the gospel to the ends of the earth,

Jay Bartlett

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