Jesus Visited Me After Mass Deliverance Service in the UK

Dear Friends of Jesus who is King,

I’m currently in a small, dirty, cramped cubicle in an Internet cafe, in the city of London, writing to you. I am stunned, amazed and grateful to God for the mighty works He did in our midst in our public meeting last night. As many of you know I have been reluctant to travel to Europe as my ministry experiences on this continent in the past have not been positive. From Scandinavia to Southern Italy I have traversed throughout Europe, in multiple nations, to proclaim the gospel. Please do not get me wrong, I have seen incredible miracles on this continent such as in Germany where many souls have been saved, healed and delivered from evil spirits. However, in places such as Holland, Belgium, France, Italy and many other countries I have experienced spiritual apathy. 

God has definitely changed my heart as a new door to Europe by the power of the Holy Spirit has been opened to this mission. Our meeting last night confirmed this. Hours before the public service people had arrived. Precious desperate souls arrived from afar. Families and individuals arrived from Germany, Italy, and Sweden. The meeting hall was completely packed with spiritually hungry souls like I have never seen before in our ministry throughout Europe. In fact, many chairs had to be brought in as we ran out of seating for everyone. Even then people had to stand up against the wall as we could not even fit any more chairs in the meeting hall. Those who had to stand gladly did so that they might be delivered from demonic spirits, sicknesses, and diseases. There was great anticipation which I have rarely seen. 

I have been travelling in and out of Europe for nearly twenty years and I have never been as overjoyed as I am now about the opportunities for the gospel! I believe this is the beginning of new phase of ministry in this region of the globe.

Within seconds of people gathering in the hall there were manifestations. 

“Brother Jay, I am holding back, as these things want to attack you and destroy the meeting hall. They want to throw things. These are violent spirits inside me,” a man confessed to me on the onset of the meeting. 

This man had travelled from Milan, Italy, to be present. He was getting physically sick as he was holding the demons back for fear of what they might do to everyone. The spirits convulsed his body during the meeting to where he had to quickly leave the meeting for he felt the destruction rising up from within. 

The power of the Lord Jesus Christ was with me and everyone felt the tangible presence of the Holy Spirit the entire time!

The miracles were many and varied:

Scandinavian Lady Delivered from 10,000 Beelzebub and Baal Spirits

British Minister Freed from Very Violent Spirits

Couple Delivered from Freemasonry and Death Demons

Many Souls Healed, Refreshed, and Delivered by Partaking of the Holy Communion

Numerous Souls Liberated from Spirits of Mind Control

Lady with Paralysis in her Arm Completely Healed

Many Supernaturally Healed of Various Pains, Afflictions, and Sicknesses

Miraculous Meetings in the UK: 4 Public and Private Meetings Resulting in Many FREED Souls

5 Year Old Dissociative Identity Freed from a Satanic Cage and Healed of Deafness

Precious Believers Testify of Seeing Jesus and Holy Angels

The meeting was incidental held right in the very front of the hotel lobby in one of their conference meeting rooms and a large wedding and reception was taking place at the same as our deliverance service. It seems to me God wanted us there as I even requested to move to another conference hall but the hotel rejected my inquiry. So for many hours -deep into the night- we battled very violent, loud, screaming, vicious evil spirits within dozens of people that manifested demons during the meeting. I though for sure we would be asked to leave the premises as these demons were manifesting in large numbers with loud screams and yells. At no time though did the staff hinder. Jesus prevailed throughout the evening and so many were testifying of incredible inner healing, physical healing and deliverance from satanic spirits. I was stunned as I expected a low turnout and coldness. Jesus showed me a new door has been opened. 

Even during Holy Communion there was this silent holy awe. After partaking of the body and blood of Jesus precious souls were testifying of being liberated from demonic forces and experiencing deep healing. One precious minister even said to me afterwards that he believed that many of the miracles would not have occurred if we had not taken the Holy Communion as it caused everyone to focus their attention on –JESUS! 

This is where it begins: with the love and life of Jesus. Because I focused on this in my teaching, in the Holy Communion, in our ministry, God was pleased to confirm His word with signs and wonders like I had never experienced in Europe before.

As often in our public deliverance meetings we start off teaching from the Scriptures and for several hours I taught the people. People started to cry even during the teaching! God was moving powerfully in our midst. I was deeply moved and at one point I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes. Waves of the unfathomable love of God came upon all of us in the meeting hall. We were refreshed, equipped, delivered and healed by this amazing love!

On the onset we attempted to get through 25 doorways that lead to demons. In the many hours we were in the hall we only got to 2 doorways when demons started manifesting everywhere…. specifically when I dealt with the doorway of generational curses. 

I would estimate as I was standing in front of everyone, leading in prayer, that more then 15 people (perhaps closer to 20) started manifesting almost instantly. Violent coughing, vomiting, shaking, screams, and yells were heard from so many! 

I was ministering to all of them at once. Commanding many devils to leave the precious people. Countless evil spirits departed and entered that pit! 

One lady, who travelled in from Sweden, standing near to me up at the front of hall, manifested spirits that strained her neck like I have rarely seen and they spoke to me. They twisted her body horribly.

“I am Beelzebub, her mother cursed her and there are 10,000 of us and we are not leaving,” the spirits notified of me.

We battled the 10,000 devils in the name of Jesus. I called forth legions of holy angels and almost immediately they came to serve. I asked the angels to strike the demons and they did as the demons screamed in agony. The holy angels did everything we asked them to do –to restrain, to battle, and so much more. We then led our Swedish friend in renouncing the curses. We then called up the 10,000 strong Beelzebub spirits and had them confess these words: We now go to the pit!

To the pit they went screaming….

There are so many stories to share. A precious lady who travelled in from Germany was healed and delivered from many demons and during the time of ministry to her she was honoured to see our risen Saviour. Her testimony really touched everyone’s heart. I felt the Lord Jesus in a very tangible sense. It was beautiful to behold. During the service another man was given the precious opportunity to see the Lord Jesus too and the Lord even told this man to speak His WORDS. He obeyed and all of us were blessed to hear from our holy Saviour –words of assurance, of His great love for us, to not worry, and not to look back. To obey Him as the days are VERY near!

Many were crying and deeply moved. This should draw all of us to realization that the gospel must be preachedwith urgency as the days are drawing to the end. This is something this mission is constantly aware of. We must proclaim the full gospel –we must preach Jesus, we must cast out demons, heal hearts and pray for the sick. Make sure you are supporting only these kinds of ministries. This is the will (and heart) of God.

The ones that:

preach the death, burial and resurrection of the Lord Jesus

drive out evil spirits

heal broken hearts

healing the sick

Another time as we dealt with the curse of death numerous spirits surfaced including in those in a husband and wife that came to the meeting that were standing along a wall. Both manifested spirits simultaneously. Quite violent and aggressive. My heart ached for this couple as I could tell they love the Lord but were suffering greatly under demonic attacks. With the aid of the holy angels of God they restrained the violent spirits which allowed me to ministry to this couple. Both of them were delivered and healed.

Another disciple –a woman who appeared to be in her 40’s– testified of being supernaturally healed of paralysis. She shared with everyone that she was unable to move her left arm upright for a long time however during the meeting God healed her and she raised her arm to prove she was indeed healed. Another believer who had been experiencing horrific pains in their head for a long time was also healed. There were many others miraculously healed.

I need someone to help me videotape these meetings so that world can know Jesus delivers! Many dozens of miraculous encounters took place and it would have been awesome to have them on video. This mission is seeing and witnessing many people encountering the Lord Jesus. They are actually seeing Jesus in our meetings. Think about that for a moment. This is becoming a more common miracle in our many meetings. I am deeply humbled by this.

After many hours of delivering souls from demonic bondage I had stop the meeting as I only had the meeting hall for a specified amount of time. Everyone asked that we continue. So, we did for another two hours! Again everyone wanted to continue but I did not want to overextend the grace that the hotel displayed. There is an hunger from the people here in the UK and other European nations that were represented at this public gathering. By God’s grace I will return soon. 

Earlier today, while spending some time resting, I had a powerful experience with Jesus. He visited with me in my small room in a very tangible means. He came into my room and told me over and over again how much He loved me. I understand Jesus is God and thus He is omnipresent and within my very being however there are times where He visits us in a more tangible sense like when I saw the Lord Jesus with my eyes in Pakistan. Here in cold London this evening I was visited by Jesus and it brought me to tears of joy and repentance. I desire to obey Him. 

He loves YOU!

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