Slaying the Dragon in London

Dear Friends of Jesus,

I have safely arrived back home from Europe and rejoicing in the victories Jesus brought into the lives of so many while on our most recent mission to Europe. It was wonderful to meet some old friends and meet some new ones too! That is a special aspect of this ministry is meeting my friends who love Jesus. Appreciate all your prayers and love. Those sustained me on this trip as I was threatened by demonic forces prior to this European mission. Demons, within someone in London, was furious when they discovered my mission plans. So, they placed this person in a demonic trance and wrote these emails threats to me:

“We rule this place! We have nailed people to the floor and cut off their toes with bolt cutters!!! Do you want to end up the same way??”

“And I’m warning you what will happen to you in OUR city!! Walk into our place and expect punishment!”

 “You are going to meet torture and destruction and that will be your downfall.”

“I’m going to kill you in a car crash when you step into London!!!”

 “You dare enter our city and we WILL destroy you! Go somewhere else this is OUR city!!”

Obviously, I take these threats seriously. I am on guard and place myself under the protective care of the holy blood of Jesus. However, I will not allow a demon to keep me from the work of the gospel around the world. By God’s grace I traveled to London and JESUS was declared as LORD in the city that they claim to have. They did not kill me and I was able to stand for Jesus and proclaim His victory!

Moreover, many tens of thousands of evil spirits were sent to the PIT! Also, in one of my private meetings I even encountered a dragon spirit. In the Holy Scriptures we see that the dragon is Satan. Those spirits who have the right to claim this name have obviously risen to lofty levels in the kingdom of darkness due to their work for their master, the devil. Dragon spirits are generally stronger spirits but they too are defeated! Irregardless of the name or title or position a demon might have in their kingdom the truth remains– Jesus is STILL LORD and they must bow before Him.

In Scripture we read about this dragon where he fought against Michael and the holy angels of God. He even at one point followed the blessed virgin Mary after she gave birth to the Lord. The apostle John writes that she was “pursed” by the dragon as he was “enraged” by her obedience to God. Furthermore, it is recorded that the dragon makes “war” with us –those who “those who obey God’s commandments and hold to the testimony of Jesus.” In the end though we see though that this dragon is “thrown into the lake of burning sulfur” forever and forever. 

One of these spirits of the dragon, within a person we were ministering to, confronted me on this trip and fought me.

I responded by taking out my spiritual sword (the Scriptures) which is living and active and sharper then any doubled edged sword and placed it at the dragon’s head. He looked at me like I wouldn’t dare to do such a thing.

He was wrong.

We placed our swords on the dragon’s throat and told him to cooperate. He didn’t.

You know what happens next…don’t you?

I began to slay the dragon with the sword –completing the task I started– and it was cast out in the name of Jesus and this precious person, who had been indwelt with is dragon demon was liberated from this vile being.

While battling the dragon I recalled the threats I was under and with holy anger towards evil I ensured the dragon was slain in the power of Jesus!

I am humbled by our great God and Savior the Lord Jesus Christ for all praise is due to Him. 

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